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The good news? Bill Brough only has $157,000 left. He spent a whopping $72,000 from 1-1-2019 thru 6-30-2019.

Bill Brough just got back from another junket to Ireland. He’s taken three of them – one of which was the subject of a prior post detailing how he added a trip to Boston to see a Red Sox Game on to one of them.

While the Junkets to Ireland (at an average cost of $15K a piece) are “legal”, a lot of what we’ve chronicled on the Right on Daily Blog may well be violations of campaign finance law… and could potentially be criminal.

Note – Bill Brough is his own treasurer. We’ve written about that in the past and the current filing shows it as such. It would not surprise your intrepid blogger if Mr. Brough has had to retain an attorney both because of the harassment victims having the courage to step up and the public scrutiny of his behavior with his campaign account.

His donors include $500 from Businesses for a Better San Clemente. Also listed are several individual donors from San Clemente as well. More on “them” soon – but, suffice to say, I have to ask if this was a payoff for Bill’s attempts to run legislation against the Toll Road. Remember, some of the knuckleheads in Orange County thought that your intrepid blogger was sent after Bill Brough by people angry with him over his sudden opposition to the toll road. I don’t even know that issue that well (save for my bashing Brian Maryott over it when I got his ads on my facebook 450 miles away), but I do understand timing.

Since your intrepid blogger is in to research, we’re going to follow up on that toll road stuff shortly. Why not, it seems like my Orange County audience is interested.

Bill Brough has another problem, $9400 of his money is earmarked for the 2020 General Election. This now puts him below $150K in available cash. (Two of his donors “Double Maxed”)

Bill Brough had a “Spring Training Event”… did you know that? The event started on 3-15 according to the reports but not before an entry to Brough’s favorite spot that same day – Brio Tuscany Grille for $47.

$859 to a limo company. $4,063.84 to a Resort and three other entries totaling $945. (Baseball Game Tickets and food don’t you know) I will give Mr. Brough credit for using a limo instead of driving a rental car…

Interestingly enough, there are pernicious rumors in the insider community that said Spring Training Event was the scene of yet another Bill Brough Drunk + Hitting on Someone Else’s Wife/Girlfriend incident. It is alleged that while on this junket funded by his political donors that Brough nearly got in a physical altercation with the Husband/Boyfriend of the latest target of Brough’s amorous drunken behavior.

By the way, there was no fundraiser in the midst of this “Spring Training Event”. Perhaps the FPPC should look at receipts closely from everything 3-15-2019 thru 3-17-2019.

I am not 100% sure the FPPC regulations surrounding Air Travel, I know a certain portion of Bill Brough’s junkets to Ireland is a-ok under the vacuous campaign finance law. That said, it is debatable if the children are allowed to be financed with campaign funds. If you assume that taking the entire family to Ireland once a year for an “Irish Caucus” vacation is ok, then we get to 2019’s version of Donor-Funded vacation: 2 Notations to Aer Lingus – one for $4992 and another for $9716. That’s $14,700ish for 4 people’s flights to and from Ireland. Business class funded by his business donors, eh? Brough could have flown his family around the world on a regular ticket for that price. If this abuse of donor funds is indeed legal (BTW, there are established standards for limits on types of expenses such as $200 per person on a food event), it is still unethical and is completely hypocritical for a so-called fiscal conservative.

Let’s take a look at a slice of the $72,000 in “expenses” as a screenshot from the Secretary of State’s website.

Stacy Davis is Bill Brough’s Fundraiser. I am not sure if she still is – I am not sure she could continue in that role given what is coming out about Brough’s conduct and the disposition of his campaign money.

Hopefully the VFW in Dana Point gave Brough a receipt because the FPPC will ask for one.

Now – look at this snippet, it covers 8 days. 4 Times he went to a restaurant in Sacramento within 3 days for “Campaign Meetings”. If Republican candidates for partisan office were truly this active in an off year, the GOP would never lose seats in California ever again. Note that all four notations were 2 person meetings, quite odd. There is a 5th meeting on 4-11, again two people racking up a $180 bill.

There are several references to Safeway dotted throughout Mr. Brough’s reports including this “Office Expense” for $111.11. It is the opinion of this blogger based on other incidences (see also paying his entire family Verizon Bill out of his campaign) that Brough was likely buying groceries with campaign money. Again, receipts that the FPPC could ask for would show the truth.

Then you see world-famous Brio Tuscany Grille pop up. Brio is owned by a good buddy of Bill and Mr. Brough was recently in Catalina with the owner, that by itself is not illegal. However, it appears that the frequent use of Brio may be well beyond anything political and could very well be Bill Brough paying personal bar tabs out of his campaign.

Brio appears 7 times on Brough’s 1-1-2019 thru 6-30-2019 report. It appears 3-10 times in any other given 6 month period going back to the beginning.

What was Bill Brough doing? Who did he meet with? A Girlfriend? Another member of the legislature? (Remember, one of the harassment episodes happened when Brough was getting wasted in a bar with another Assembly member) If he met with a Staffer, did they know this was paid by the campaign? Did they report these meetings on their form 700?

Another notation caught my eye:


Briar Patch went out of business due to Sacramento’s Social Justice Warrior City Council banning flavored tobacco (but weed is ok, got that?) – but Bill Brough bought $600 worth of Cigars from them before their 5-24-2019 closure. Brough lists costs of $2400 for the event itself, but $600 for Cigars? I am sure most of those ended up in the humidor he bought as an “Office Expense” (remember that one?)

Then there is this:

This is rich, isn’t it. The Assemblyman that is trying to kill Toll Roads is a frequent user of toll roads. That is just special. At least the clueless Brian Maryott in CA-49 has yet to list any Fastrak expenses on his Congressional Campaign ledger. (Make a note Brian)

There is so much to find in these reports, but this last one (at least for THIS post) is just hysterically funny. (At least I think it is)

Looks like Mr. Brough ran up a big fat bar tab at Senator Bates’ event. How ironic that Pat Bates is about the only Female elected in Orange County that is still defending Mr. Brough. As written previously, the handoff in SD36 was supposed to be Bates to Brough. Bottom’s up guys.

To be continued…

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