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Get to know David Stafford Reade he is the man behind the curtain. Based on 6 leaks of information from 6 sources inside the leadership of the CAGOP we can give you some updates.

The California Republican Party has $1,000,000 in its’ State Account. Before Celebrating too much, about half of that is new money. The Democrats have about $12 Million. One of the top issues used against Travis Allen and Steve Frank was fundraising, it appears that Jessica is doing about as good as Travis Allen would have done. To her credit, she has had dozens of meetings – at least 15 of which I have been briefed on in detail.

The CAGOP has only 98K in net cash in its’ Federal Account. The CADEMS have a ton and more coming in daily. The Fall Convention will be used (completely legally and ethically by the way) as a vehicle to boost the terrible Federal number. Remember, the CAGOP needs about 1 federal dollar per 2-3 state dollars spent with which to operate.

Grade: C- with room for improvement – Jessica Patterson has raised money. (She has had a lot of help doing so, but the only metric to judge by are the results) The people helping Jessica were also committed to making sure Steve Frank or Travis Allen failed should one of them have upset Jessica for Chair of the CAGOP. They may yet fail even though they imposed their will on the Feb 2019 elections of CAGOP officers. (I was told by three people “Leadership” was texting people to elect Peter Kuo over Corrin Rankin on the convention floor)

Platform Drafting Committee: It is clear that David Stafford Reade was in total control of the process. He attempted to choke off the flow of information, but your intrepid blogger knew about three weeks ago that the outcome was being orchestrated and how it was being orchestrated. David Reade is phenomenal at creating proxies, fake groups or controlled groups within micro-universes in order to produce an outcome. I’ve seen him control county parties, volunteer groups and the like for years. He applied this skill to near perfection in the platform drill.

It is clear that Reade (who is Jessica Patterson’s political and campaign manager) directed Patterson to steer clear of taking a public position on the outcome of the platform as the would-be platform destroyers clearly outnumbered the conservatives on the committee. At the end of the day, fealty to their paychecks kept the platform committee from making anything other than minor changes to the CAGOP Platform. (See also consultants and staffers – a subset of the oligarchy of controlled failure)

I Give David Stafford Reade a Grade of A on the Platform Drill – from a pure operative / paid political hack paradigm, he did exactly what he needed to do. He controlled an outcome, kept his client out of the line of fire and helped prevent an all-out war at the coming convention. While I know David Reade to be a Conservative at his core, I am not so naive to believe his intervention in keeping people like Deborah Wilder from pulling the Pro-Life and Pro-Family planks from the platform was rooted in anything other than the political calculation of keeping the peace. He still gets credit for doing the right thing ideologically even if for political, not moral reasons.

I give Jessica Patterson an D on the Platform Drill. She failed to take a public stand. We deserve leadership and similar to her avoiding the AD-73 and CA-50 Issues, she missed the boat on the platform drill. She gets a D instead of an F because she hired David Stafford Reade who made sure a war was avoided over the disposition of the platform.

Jessica Patterson announced her committee appointments. I will post the list at a time that suits me if challenged, and may yet do a full expose’ on the lists. 90% of the people on the lists are not conservative activists. A Conservative Activist is defined by your intrepid blogger as an ideological conservative whose opinions and stances on things CAGOP are not controlled or influenced by a paycheck. Over half the committee members are outright moderate-liberal GOP-ers and an additional 35ish % are staffers/consultants. An additional 10% are people I know to be conservative but are under the sway or influence of the oligarchy of controlled failure.

One of the sharpest criticisms I leveled at Mrs. Patterson pre-CAGOP Chair election was that she’d hand over total control of the CAGOP to the shrinking coven of consultants and electeds. She has done just that, and it appears when these people controlled who the delegates to the party were this was the expected outcome. Travis Allen was right, Steve Frank was right, period.

It has been made clear to me repeatedly that David Stafford Reade was involved heavily in the outcome of the committee assignments. This is consistent with a paradigm of control and use only your own people. This is a classic 1990’s era consultant move. It also ensures more of the same outcomes as new blood is shunned in favor of familiar names and faces.

David Stafford Reade: Grade A – from the pure Consultant’s Paradigm, again he did his job and the bidding of those paying him. For that he deserves credit.

Jessica Patterson: Grade F – The composition of the committees is homogeneously dominated by moderates/consultants. This is not healthy for any organization at all, but this is what “leadership” wanted because they are incapable of pivoting off of failure. Patterson is a by-product of them. It is what it is.

The results of the last two days of the CAGOP’s meetings is the definition of the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure. You can expect more of the same in 2020. I wish I was having to walk back more than my previous criticism of the fundraising, and was making more positive comments about the direction and leadership – but I can’t at this time.

I can’t even celebrate that the 2019 Platform is going to be a good platform. It really means nothing as those in charge appear to have doubled down on failure.

Your intrepid blogger will continue getting leaks and will continue filtering them to protect the brave people talking to me despite fears of retaliation. The goal here is to keep the Travis Allen and Steve Frank supporters informed as we get attacked in the media by people like Mike Murphy and Mike Madrid and then shunned by David Reade and Jessica Patterson.

The Oligarchy of Controlled Failure is in complete control and there are no conservative straw men left (they ran them all out) to blame for what’s coming in 2020.

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  1. Anytime Reade is involved, conservatism will lose.

    Ready is pure RINO who, if he gets his way, will change the CAGOP forever & remove every Christian conservative element of the platform as soon as he can. The CA GOP is going the way of the NV GOP.

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