May 122019

In the North State, the results were as mixed as they were all over the state. The drama, however is just starting.

At least in the North State the pitch to people was “We need to keep the platform the same”, we can’t have people stirring up drama… etc etc etc. I found that rather fascinating as the people that were out of favor and being campaigned against by the establishment were all known conservatives. (as in, they support the current platform)

With few exceptions on my end of the state, the favored candidates were staffers, and in the case of AD-08 Candidate Besty Mahan, the Chair of the Sac GOP, a reputed liberal Republican.

In AD-01, Lassen GOP Chairman Joseph Turner beat out the candidate endorsed by every Republican elected in the north state. (Except for Kevin Kiley and Tom McClintock – McClintock could not be bothered and Kiley will only endorse with a gun to his head)

In AD-03, James Gallagher / Jim Nielsen acolyte Ryan Edson beat Butte CIR President Colleen Waugh. Edson was one of the few County Chairs in the North to endorse Jessica Patterson. The same consultant that worked for Jessica recruited most all the opponents for the known conservatives in the North State. I know Edson is not a liberal, but he is not independent and will follow orders.

In AD-06 (my home district) Staffer Landon Wolf who worked for Jim Nielsen before his current job with my Supervisor Bonnie Gore beat Ken Campbell (who I voted for). Landon is a good kid and is a conservative, but I am not sure how independent he will be.

In other districts in the north the results are equally as murky, AD-09 will Ray Livengood be an advocate for Conservative Republican Values, or will he follow the consultants trying to elect his wife to CA-10? Livengood defeated CRA Vice President Carl Brickey, a known Conservative. In AD-11, Jim McCully who loudly opposed the CAGOP board slamming Chad Mayes (when he was North Coast CAGOP Vice Chair) is the member there. Will he find an excuse to support shredding the CAGOP Platform, or will he stand up for Republican values?

Speaking of CA-10, it appears to be a confusing mess. Charles Dossett appears to have been abandoned by those allegedly supporting him. Ted Howze appears to be flat-lining and local conservatives are starting to take a long look at Marla Livengood, can Livengood consolidate support? (CA-10 is the Jeff Denham seat in Congress) It makes for a fascinating backdrop and problem for Ray Livengood on the platform committee as a lot of people will be watching him. In AD-12, the former home of Drucilla Kristen Olsen, Susan Vander Schaaf, a known Conservative is on the platform committee as well. What will she do in the upcoming platform war? (Some think she is an acolyte of the establishment, others think she is a solid conservative) That said, don’t look now, but Drucilla herself may jump in to the CA-10 race, the typical actions of someone who has an out of control ego and no shame whatsoever.

The next step on the platform committee is that the 200 or so members will pick a “Drafting Committee” of 1/4 of the members. This smaller subset is where the real damage will be done. This is where the platform the left wants will be ratified, forcing the committee at large to either do a substitute motion or spend hours amending it. The “Run Out The Clock” strategy has been employed by Mr. Buhler and his minions many times, as they have usually been in the minority in party fights. This time around, with so many electeds picking controllable delegates specifically for their CAGOP Chair Vote, the mix of people is about dead even.

This is why Conservatives need to watch the platform process closely at each step and track who is doing what. Similar to 2011, when we narrowly stopped the establishment from decimating our platform, we are right back in the middle of the same drama in 2019.

Why are Luis Buhler and other paid consultants working so hard to shred the CAGOP Platform?

  1. As I’ve written before, there are a crew of people that believe in “Reframing the Message“. This is not some paid sell-out, just accept that as a fact. 22 years later, I’ve seen both good, ethical, moral people and bad unethical, amoral people use the same talking points on me in discussions. It is a flawed belief system that violates one of the primary principles of marketing – that is you need something unique not the same as the other guy to sell. It is also in my opinion a very lazy solution to the problem of losing elections, in trying to reduce the issue set you are giving your opponents less ground to defend. This is why liberals like Catherine Baker got hammered as bad as Conservatives like Matthew Harper in 2018. The direction of the CAGOP Caucus allowed the dems to focus their massive resources on a smaller ideological battlefield. In the case of some of the consultants pushing to shred the platform is some good old fashioned hatred of conservative values, there are only a handful I put in that category.
  2. Stick it in President Trump’s Eye. Do not discount the chatter from establishment Republicans and Never-Trumpers in California (about the only place never-trumpers still exist in any significant numbers). Similar to the intellectually vacuous and morally bankrupt belief that Conservative Values are a problem at the ballot box is an equally as strong belief that President Trump is the biggest problem the CAGOP faces. Make bank that if these paid consultants succeed in their efforts to shred the platform, it will be spun by them (and their willing whores in the media) as a Repudiation of President Trump by the largest Republican Party in America. Do not think for a second that these well-connected people have not been talking to John Kasich, William Weld, Mitt Romney and others – most of them worked for Romney or Kasich at one time. (BTW – Jessica Patterson never worked for Mitt Romney, let’s correct that assertion from a previous post here) It is rumored and fairly well known that at least two top GOP Consultants have inked deals with the campaigns of Trump primary opponents.
  3. Arnold, Chad Mayes and Kristen Olsen’s Ego. Never, EVER underestimate the bombastic egos of people in public office. Ever. Anyone observing California Republican politics when Chad Mayes became public enemy #1 in the GOP should know that he has been on a rampage to prove how right he was over Cap and Trade ever since. Mayes and Olsen were once Christian Conservatives, but beyond their highly publicized affair (with each other) have supplanted their faith with their ego (my opinion based on their behavior). In doing so, their behavior has been consistent with a megalomaniac whose life goal is to prove how right they are (which is what happens when you take the place of God in your own life). Perhaps this nexus is part of why several insiders believe that it is Arnold’s money and donor connections facilitated by people who may or may not be Chad Mayes, Kristin Olsen and others financing the effort to decimate the platform. Think it through, the players spending hours on the effort to annihilate Conservative Republican Values do nothing for free. Regardless of the psychological angle, money is flowing freely in to this effort.

It appears that #NEWWAYCA thinks their convention attended by 80 people casts a compelling vision for the future of the CAGOP.

I will conclude with this message for everyone reading.

Control is an illusion. The harder you try, the worse the results get. There is zero doubt who is in control of all facets of the CAGOP and they will own the consequences of what happens in the CAGOP Platform drill and the fallout from it. They will also own the impending 2020 election results regardless of President Trump. Meantime, to the Conservatives forced out who are looking in – fight for what is right because this 2019 platform battle is far from over. Despite their efforts to eliminate your voice and influence, you still have a voice and influence.

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  3 Responses to “CAGOP Platform Committee Update: What’s Next and Why the Squishes Are Fighting So Hard to Shred the Platform…”

  1. So much time invested for such bad results. CA isn’t going to provide ANY electoral votes in 2020, the legislature is hopeless, and no message compatible with the national message will work.
    FIRST — DO NOT GIVE MONEY TO THE PARTY on any level. Fund only candidates who have a shot at winning.
    SECOND — Focus resources on current GOP Congressional seats, and any we could win back.
    THIRD — Republicans who can should move to purple ststes where they can make a difference.

  2. Please attend the July 19-20. I am in charge of fun (!) walkaway types will Be There also and we will address this

  3. I don’t know that California even has the largest Republican Party in America anymore. In 2016, Trump received more raw votes from Texas than from California.

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