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Over the years, I have done a ton of research on Rodney Stanhope. He is one of the biggest disasters in politics I have ever seen. He seemed to be able to reinvent himself to hitch on with various campaigns. It seemed to stop after the 2014 election when he worked for the last-place finisher in AD73.

Stanhope really came on to my radar screen in 2006 during the Bill Jones for Senate Campaign and his erratic pattern, that I’d later recognize as drug addiction was in full effect.

Yup. A felony warrant for domestic violence and skipping out on his court date. What a coward.

In 2015 – Stanhope was arrested for Felony Domestic Violence and a Judge actually granted a restraining order. Several women had tried previously and none succeeded until 2015. The 2015 Felony case went nowhere. Then in 12/9/2018, Rodney got caught beating up another woman.

Rodney Stanhope also did work for Beth Gaines. He seemed to fit right in with Sssssteve Davey who was fired for some graphic and grotesque behavior towards female staff. Stanhope appears to prefer to just beat them up rather than Davey whose filthy mouth was the issue.

INEXPLICABLY, Stanhope got 227 votes for Vice Chair of the CAGOP in 2013. I know more than one person who got attacked for not supporting this “True Conservative” by some of the fringe elements within the CAGOP (aka Tea Party). Part of my disdain for the Tea Party is their affinity for frauds like Rodney Stanhope, Tim Donnelly, Chuck DeVore and others. It was never ideological.

According to my research, Stanhope has had well over 20 addresses in the last 20 years. It appears he could have as many as 9 children by 8 Women. I know 100% of 7 by 6 different women and have stories about others – including Rodney posting on Facebook about his 14 year old daughter at the time that he’d never met.

He has had several delinquencies of Child Support, most would be claimants have just given up. He had a misdemeanor assault conviction that preceded his felony arrests.

Stanhope stuck to cash jobs for years in order to avoid wage garnishments and tax liens. In fact, he had as many as 6 tax liens at the time he ran for CAGOP Vice Chair (and got 227 votes). He also had a judgement against him for writing bad checks to a contractor.

He was known to drink heavily and use Methamphetamine. The stories about his substance abuse are legion. You can see time and again, court documents referring to it.

The moral to the Rodney Stanhope story, beyond the political stupidity of people hiring this guy or voting for this guy is clear. He is the face of Drug and Alcohol addiction mixed in with having no conscience or shame. (Aka a Sociopath)

Stanhope is 51, and has left a trail of destruction in his life. People in CAGOP Politics have enabled this guy because they lacked the discernment or they willfully chose to ignore his behavior. In 22 years in CAGOP politics I have seen this behavior repeat.

It is my opinion that Stanhope is a hopeless alcoholic-addict. Unless Rodney admits he has a problem, no one can do a thing. Incarceration is the appropriate end for him as he will continue his trail of destruction if he remains a free man.

The people that voted for this guy for CAGOP Chairman or who hired this guy repeatedly in campaigns really need to learn something from their part in the whole saga of more and more conmen will ply their trade within our ranks.

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  4 Responses to “Rodney Stanhope Arrested (again) for a Felony. This Time it Looks Like It Will Stick.”

  1. Mentioning Chuck DeVore in this column about Rodney, even tangentially, is out of line. Heck, most of his time in the Assembly took place before there even was a “Tea Party.”

  2. I could write a whole series on what a slimeball DeVore is. I have not yet because he is in Texas

  3. Bite your tongue, Parkski…Referring to that lowlife DeVore as a “Slimeball” is an insult to many a fine upstanding slimball in the CRP…

  4. its about time stanhope went to jail.Hope he gets done to him what he did to so many women.

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