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Remember the Moon Case? There is a solid reference in there to Mr. Stanhope admitting Meth Use. May 2008

We got copies of more court documents and they are replete with references to Rodney’s Meth Use and alcohol abuse.

Dated March 21, 2006 from ex-girlfriend Regina K, who arguably got Rodney’s wrath worse than any of the other women documented here. “I truly believe he’s using drugs again… the meth that he’s admitted to using before“.

As we continued through the court documents with regard to the Alcohol Abuse again:

“He drank at least one drink every day. Most days he drank multiple beers, or glasses of wine, or shots of vodka or tequilla…” (The details as they continue are of graphic sexual nature and are too strong to even be posted here.)

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Can you see the Headlines in the media? we sure can.

If you read the details of the harassment case in 2012 – The thing that set Rodney off against the petitioner was that she suggested that he get help for his drinking problem.

We have heard reports of Rodney reeking of alcohol at public appearances as recently as a few weeks ago.

People, including one of the authors of this blog have gotten text messages at 2AM as recently as a few weeks ago – the court documents are replete with F-Bomb laced tirades.

The court documents also show that on December 23, 2005 Rodney called Regina at 3am and threatened to kill himself if she did not give the relationship another chance.

The future Vice-Chair of the California GOP?

All we have heard are excuses, the court documents have been altered, she lied, they lied, never a shred of responsibility for anything documented. Even worse, we’ve heard conflicting stories told to different people about the same event… more on that, soon…

Regarding Regina K – the victim here… we have found out that despite the drama in the middle of her education, that she did indeed finish college. In fact, she got a masters’ degree and Is married with two children.

We would like to apologize to Mrs. K for the characterization of her as a stripper. We, like many got our information about her from Rodney and through second hand political gossip. And we have more to say about the smearing of Regina Karsh by Mr. Stanhope …

… to be continued…

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