Feb 222013

Rodney Stanhope has a lot of history.

One part of his history that he has never attempted to explain are his tax liens. SIX of them.

The period of time is staggering: 1999 – 2006.

It is extremely difficult to explain when they span this length of time.

Let’s break down the attached documents

The first and Second tax liens are State Tax Liens from 1999 and 2001 for $1544.83. You don’t get liened for making payments on that small of an amount. Since the lien was filed 8/18/2003 – it appears that it was filed for a deliberate intent not to pay.

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Please note that around that time in 2003, Mr. Stanhope was sued for bad checks by Action HVAC.

Case Number: 03SC08506
Filing Date: 09/29/2003
Case Type: Bad Checks
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From the 2004 and 2006 tax years comes Lien 3 and 4. The total was $1,668.73 when the lien was first filed on 10/03/2008 and then it was filed again 06/11/2010 for $1,806.63.

It also appears that Rodney Stanhope has had some 20! addresses in the last 20 years. This is highly unusual. Note that the liens have several different addresses on them.

Again – two separate filings 22 months apart for the same lien with nothing paid on it.

And, finally the IRS jumps in with Liens 5 and 6 totalling $28,886.59. These were filed on 3/2/2009.

… and the pattern continues. Is this the sort of behavior one wants from a prospective California Republican Party Vice-Chairman?

With the CRP $500-$800k in debt, we need candidates that know how to pay their bills.


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