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I am going to once again preface this post to say that I believe Jessica Patterson is NOT involved in this effort to shred the California Republican Party Platform. I have also spoken to one of her close associates, a Congressional Chief of Staff, a CRP Board Member and an Assembly Chief of Staff and none are aware of an organized effort within their own ranks.

However – your intrepid blogger, with the help of several confidential informants has determined there is an organized effort the shred the CAGOP Platform. This is not the way Jessica Patterson needs to start her tenure as CAGOP Chair. It is the opinion of this blogger that Madam Chairman needs to step on these people and tell them to knock it off.

Some may be wondering why your intrepid blogger is making a big deal out of Platform Committee Membership for the CAGOP. Take a look at this manifesto called “Reframing the Message“. This was the result of a reputed $250,000 expenditure and this document was produced some time pre-2018 elections. (I am now being told it could have been $350K)

Mr. Buhler has gotten Sue Caro Involved as well

The Platform Committee is made up of roughly 220 people, of which 80 are elected. The key is when the committee meets and selects a “Drafting Committee” – if you read my expose’ on the 2011 effort, the real damage was done by the Platform Drafting Committee.

Your intrepid blogger has received emails from three of the establishment candidates for CAGOP Platform committee. It is clear from the presentation and formatting that there is coordination and a template they are operating off of. The effort to shred the CAGOP Platform is organized and systematic.

Sue Caro has made calls and gotten a long time staffer (good dude by the way, just really moderate) Jonathan Madison in AD15. Dan “Platform Destroyer” Trimble is running in AD20. Given that there are so few delegates in those districts, neither race will be much of a contest. The extreme left-wing Republican Catherine Baker is making calls for Dominic Pruitt in AD16. (I do not know Dominic at all)

Caro’s pitch has been refreshingly transparent – “We Really Need to Change the Platform”. I will tip my cap to her for her honesty, the others in her crew should follow her lead.

In AD01 – when we wrote our post lambasting Deborah Wilder for her allegiance to the far-left of the GOP, including her public and aggressive defense of Chad Mayes and her loud opposition to anything that enables the rank and file delegate – we were 100% aware that Wilder was already on the Platform Committee by virtue of her installation as Northern Region Vice Chair. The criticism stands, Wilder is a product of all the staff and consultants that live in the Northern Region (see also Southern Placer County about 20 miles from the capitol), and is way to the left of the real Republicans in the region. It is the opinion of this blogger that Wilder was telling people she was running until she could find someone acceptable to the liberal GOP drill.

To that end, it appears that Wilder and someone who may or may not be David Stafford Reade have recruited an ally from Shasta County named Cathy Kneer to oppose Lassen GOP Chairman Joseph Turner.

It is clear based on intel that Luis Buhler, David Stafford Reade, Sue Caro, Deborah Wilder and others are working together to elect a slate of establishment candidates to re-write the CAGOP Platform.

To see the minutes of the 2011 Platform Drafting Committee Meeting Click on this Hyperlink.

To see the votes of the actual entire platform committee when they overrode the drafting committee click on this hyperlink.

Just what are they trying to do in 2019? In addition to the disaster known as “Reframing the Message” that is linked above and again here… this is an analysis of the 2011 platform they attempted to adopt.

I’m going to conclude this post with a warning to everyone. When you try to get someone to buy something, you usually have something to give them as a reason to buy your product. While I was thrilled to see the new GOP leadership doing voter registration seminars, the literature I was handed copies of was so milquetoast and watered down I’ve been wondering how I can use it to convince someone to register GOP. That is not hyperbole it is legitimately and honestly how I see it.

Secondly, Those that say the platform is a piece of paper no one reads are a lot of the same people recruiting moderates and RINOS for the committee to draw up a new platform. I thought it didn’t matter to them?

It does matter and it matters a lot. I’ve written before and I will write it again, people like Kevin Krick, Dan Trimble and Luis Buhler have been obsessed with pulling the pro-life plank and others out of the platform for years. There are a dedicated group of liberals that are making a play again in 2019.

Blogger’s Note: I am not accusing anyone of doing anything illegal or unethical. This is a mini campaign within the California Republican Party. Either the Conservatives mobilize or the liberals will win. 100% of my gripe is that this whole thing is an unnecessary fight especially leading up to the MARCH 2020 Primary.

This time it is the liberals picking the fight, not the conservatives, and they are doing exactly what your intrepid blogger predicted pre-convention. Running people off of Central Committees, preparing assaults on Central Committees and attempting to gut the CAGOP Platform. Who needs democrats?

Your intrepid blogger is wondering if newly minted CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson is going to have to intervene, just like Jim Brulte did in 2015?

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