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Some may be wondering why your intrepid blogger is making a big deal out of Platform Committee Membership for the CAGOP. Take a look at this manifesto called “Reframing the Message“. This was the result of a reputed $250,000 expenditure and this document was produced some time pre-2018 elections.

If you are a conservative that cares about the party. Download the document from the link. It is disturbing and the talking points of “New Way California” are taken completely out of that. This was also the basis for the rampage of Chad Mayes. This is a warmed over version of the we have to squish out to win message I’ve seen since my first day in the CAGOP in 1997.

It is the opinion of this blogger that “Reframing the Message” is the goal of several people suddenly popping up to run for Platform Committee. Many are known to your intrepid blogger.

Anyone with institutional knowledge within the CAGOP remembers that Deborah Wilder is from the Bay Area originally. Wilder ran at least 4 times for Assembly out there and was reliable to appoint delegates to the CAGOP that were avowed liberal GOP-ers. (see also Luis Buhler and co) I was able to find proof of at least two assembly campaigns and allusions to two more from internet searches. She also held a local office for several years.

As of right now, I am unsure of who her opponent is. I’ve been told Joseph Turner from Lassen County or Mark Wright from Placer County are going to step up and provide conservative opposition to Wilder.

The issues with Deborah Wilder are simple. I do know her, I have met her and I am not going to discuss the personal angle. Let’s focus on her lousy internal party politics and poor decisions:

She was an aggressive and outspoken defender of Chad Mayes, basically leading an unsuccessful attempt to stop the CRP Board from calling on Chad Mayes to Resign.

Wilder has voted against Conservatives 80% of the time in her two terms as CRP Secretary.

Wilder also spoke on the floor against Harmeet Dhillon’s By-Law Amendment to modify the proxy rules of the California Republican Party. Wilder was joined by liberal Republican overlord Luis Buhler in said opposition on the floor.

On the CAGOP platform committee, it is almost guaranteed that Wilder will advocate for the watered down party platform espoused in the document linked above. This is why your Intrepid Blogger is taking the time and space to identify players. Knowledge is power.


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  One Response to “2019 CAGOP Platform Committee Update: AD01 Alert! Deborah Wilder Running for Platform Committee”

  1. Isn’t Wilder a regional vice chairman after the last convention? Unless the rules have changed, regional vice chairmen are automatically members of the Platform Committee and shouldn’t need to run for an Assembly district elected position.

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