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Blogger’s Note – the Tea Party Express PAC is controlled by Career Political Consultant Sal Russo, as such, their endorsement of Jessica Patterson is nothing more than the same consultants protecting fellow consultants.

I had something leaked to me that when I read it, it gave me perspective for the seemingly suicidal and insane behavior I have been seeing from many in CAGOP Leadership. It appears that the State Party and their friends in the legislature spent hundreds of thousands on polling and focus groups.

When I saw this as the cover page, It got my immediate attention and not in a good way

Their goal was solid – try to find the way out of the morass for the CAGOP. I knew, based on my 20+ years of experience dealing with the arch-type of Republican leaders that the solutions were going to be a disaster.

All throughout the document, you will see positions taken by those that have endorsed Jessica Patterson that are consistent with the Democrat Party. This document also explains why Chad Mayes and Kristen Olsen went the rest of the way (the #NEWWAYCA) off the deep end on Cap and Trade. They, like so many others in the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure saw this is their way to the holy land politically.

Recently, Jessica Patterson had San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer record a robotic phone call for her. Kevin Faulconer is a Key Speaker at the upcoming #NEWWAYCA convention as they work toward splitting the shrinking CAGOP. Given that Jessica Patterson’s connections to Chad Mayes and her paid work for Kristen Olsen are well-documented, it should come as no surprise that she is looking to #NEWWAYCA for support for her Chairman Campaign.

Jessica, our March 5th, 2019 Summit is just around the corner and we have an exciting lineup of speakers. See below for details.
The New Way Summit is an opportunity for policymakers to discuss ideas outside of the confines of the Capitol. By bringing together stakeholders of all ideologies to focus on the issues impacting everyday individuals, we can craft policy solutions that put people first. Our hope is to change the divisive dialogue that plagues politics and reignite the California Dream.
I hope you can join us!
Keynote Address:

Bill Kristol
Director, Defending Democracy Together and Republicans for the Rule of Law
With Special Guest Speakers:

Arnold Schwarzenegger
California’s 38th Governor
Kevin Faulconer
Mayor of San Diego
Samuel Rodriguez
President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Founder and Lead Pastor of New Season Christian Worship Center
Roundtable Discussion Topics:

Healthcare Reform, Cost Containment

The Future of Work

Low-Cost, Clean Energy

Note the platform of #WRONGWAYCA – free stuff and going greener than a gourd.

Since there are usually no original ideas in politics, have a look at the key pages of the report (that was commissioned under Mayes’ leadership):

Is this what you voted for?

It hit me like a ton of bricks why I suddenly started thinking I had walked in to a time-warp. I was recalling the 1990’s when Pete Wilson’s crew were in open warfare against Republicans. In the late 1990’s I came in to Republican politics when people like Luis Buhler and Jeff Randle were undermining Dan Lungren’s trainwreck Governor Campaign.

The stuff in this report looks almost 100% like what I had been told 20 years ago – Conservatives are the problem and we need to move left to win.

It also 100% explained Chad Mayes and Kristen Olsen’s narcissistic rage, and the subsequent rampage after Mayes’ actions ignited a political cyclone.

This time as versus 1998, the packaging of the whole argument was re-done to look compelling. This includes frequent featuring of Brian Maienschein who was supposed to join Chad Mayes and one other Assemblymember in leaving the GOP to form a third party:

Get it? Sorta Socialized Medicine is supposed to be the #NEWWAYCA. Go Green, get government in to healthcare and of course support Amnesty for Illegal Aliens:

Note that every single Republican featured here lost in 2018 and are all endorsing Jessica Patterson. People voted for the real thing versus democrat lite.

Now, think it through. This is the mainfesto of the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure. These are the talking points they used in 2018, and Jessica Patterson was training candidates (who got shellacked in 2018) using these talking points.

This also explains why all of them think President Trump is the problem and absolve themselves of failure. They truly believe this absurdity.

This is what they are defending – failure. This is what they want you to reward – failure. It is beyond Jessica Patterson, but she is their designee to take the reins of the titanic.

If the content of this blog is as disturbing to you as it is to me. If it offends your sensibilities like it does mine – the choice is clear, Travis Allen for Chairman.

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  One Response to “Jessica Patterson for CAGOP Chair Update: For the First Time in Public, the Manifesto of Controlled Failure. Leaked Internal Polling Data Explains Everything”

  1. This isn’t reframing the message, it’s completely re-writing the message.

    This is a total abandonment of Republican principles and sound public policy. These so-called Republican leaders are selling out the Republican Party and Republican voters.

    This strategy hasn’t worked in the past and it won’t work now. It’s a recipe for electoral disaster.

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