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Recently, your intrepid blogger saw a rant about the RNHA. I took a swipe at them earlier, insofar as they are a small organization that primarily exists on paper. William Del Pilar (a contributor to this blog and note, he is not supporting Travis Allen for Chairman) had the following to say:

The Republican National Hispanic Assembly has endorsed Jessica Patterson for CRP Chairman.

PLEASE, the RNHA has been stagnant and inactive… well, I won’t say inactive but flaccid and impotent for years. There are probably less than 100 members (I’d speculate about 30 at the National level) trying to get this back up and going.

To the establishment regime, California Republican Party, being pushed and bullied or helping House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, stop the lies.

The RNHA doesn’t represent this conservative Latino. Their numbers because they’ve failed to do their jobs are decrepit! Hell, Elizabeth Warren has more Native American in her than the RNHA has in members!

This is the crap that I despise in trying to create a perception versus reality. Many delegates will believe Patterson has large Latinos backing her. NO SHE DOESN’T!

I’ll tell you this much. This Latino’s seen two dictators in action in the country I was born in and I see a lot of what happened in Panama as happening here with the takeover of socialist Democrats. In return I’ve seen our once proud conservative party go completely south with those left trying to keep power merely to have it for themselves. I’m tired of it.


The California College Republicans are in a tailspin. In October of 2017, I drove down to the CAGOP Anaheim Convention with two members of the CCR Convention in my car. They filled me in on a lot of background surrounding the meltdown of the CCR.

There was a hotly contested election for leadership within the CCR. Arianna Rowands ultimately prevailed after calling Shawn Steel in to the meeting at the CAGOP Convention. Steel out lawyered the college kids and basically imposed his will on the group. (My friends were on the losing side)

After this, Rowands basically started purging everyone from leadership in the group that opposed her.

Co-Chair Kimo Grandall sent out an email trumpeting a CCR endorsement of Jessica Patterson. It was devoid of some key details, but the call within the letter to “Avoid the circular firing squad” is laughable.

Please also note that your Intrepid Blogger is aware that Channel Islands and UC Berkeley College Republicans have also disassociated with the CCR.

It was put to me that just hours before the “Near Unanimous” endorsement of Jessica Patterson, 10 more chapters of the CCR disassociated with the CCR. For those of you scoring at home, that is over half the organization. Gone.

From a former officer in the California College Republicans (CCR):

Honestly I think the Republicans in CA would be interested in this if they knew about how the CAGOP and oligarchy of controlled failure, to borrow your term, let the well dry up on college volunteers and future staff members right as the 2018 election was looming

Organizations don’t lose 75% of their membership when they are doing an awesome job

Travis knows that we have to change direction on this and actually offer our college kids support, internships, mentorship, opportunities, and just a number to call when things get bad. This is just another example of the party ignoring the grassroots and the numbers prove how bad that has gone

The fact that the group clinging to power against the will of their membership just endorsed Jessica feels eerily similar to what is going on in the party

Anyway, I think this could be a winning issue for Travis and a loser for the consultant class. I suggest digging into this. Could make for a few really interesting articles

When the CAGOP sits by and tosses out two really productive chapters because Ariana called one of their presidents a “bitch” and then the other one heard about it, that is real, clear neglect

(That last paragraph doesn’t seem like it makes sense, but the incident didn’t make any sense. Yet SDSU got axed anyway)No Davis and Berkeley are the leaders of the new org, and they are fascinating because Berkeley is extremely conservative, Travis Allen fans, and Davis are the moderates, yet both have united around this failure of the establishment

Anyway if anyone can dig and write a good story on this it’s you. I think it’s worth people learning something about Delegates might want to know about the chaos the oligarchy of controlled failure left those that are our future in

Profiting off of the demolition of CAGOP Volunteer Groups? The RNHA is a shell by all accounts (not just mine) and the Ca College Republicans are shattering in to a million pieces. It seems to suit the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure just fine.


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