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It has been clear to your intrepid blogger that the crew supporting Jessica Patterson are starting to sweat. A goal of this blog has been to simply educate people as to who the players are, their entanglements and why they are so freaked out over the results of the upcoming CAGOP Chairman’s Race.

A possible explanation for why Tyler Diep Betrayed Travis Allen?

In between two of Jessica Patterson’s monthly Salary Checks (which your intrepid blogger already included in the previous expose’ of the finances of CA Trailblazers), is an interesting notation of $2953.11 in “Debt Retirement” for Tyler Diep.

Is that all it took to get Diep, whose candidacy for AD72 was practically launched by Travis Allen, to flip on him?

It gets more curious as your intrepid blogger has been told three times (without concrete proof) that Jessica Patterson’s crew have been reaching out to failed GOP Candidates offering them “Debt Retirement” if they endorse. Note – if true, I am giving her crew credit for doing it in a manner that is not a violation of the law, I am merely simplifying the description sans legal nuance for the benefit of the readers.

With the revelation of Diep’s payoff (my opinion of it) by CA #Trailfailures, it certainly suggests a pattern, and gives some credence to the rumors. Anyone with any further knowledge is encouraged to reach out to [email protected] with more information, you can remain anonymous.

Your intrepid blogger received a link to a story on RedState.com that was an expose’ on the activity in the LAGOP Campaign Finance accounts. While the article has errors in it, the numbers and the destinations of the money are correct. It suggests that in 2018, the same pattern from earlier years was re-set with Counties appearing to function as conduits for campaign money to various Republican candidates. Those with institutional memory will recall that when Tom Del Becarro was chairman, a string of County Central Committees were used to direct large amounts of campaign money around the state.

That operation known as the Golden State Leadership fund, was led by legislative leaders as a work-around of the State Party. It was not done correctly and several large fines for violations were handed out.

I am not alleging illegal activity by the LAGOP. However, I am highlighting the growing chaos. Please note the LAGOP Feb Meeting was cancelled due to several members of their leadership not being able to attend, thus it prevented the executive board from making quorum. There was not a plot to rip off Travis Allen. There is, however the undertone of a war in the AD66 Central Committee that is spilling over…

Also, Andy Garakhani is being accused of directing the money from the LAGOP’s accounts, this is simply not true. While Mr. Garakhani is a career operative, working with Jessica Patterson on convention drills and is the LA County Executive Director for the New Majority, there is simply no proof he was involved in the LAGOP’s campaign activities. The nature of the activities suggests that there may have been no one other than the county’s treasurer involved in the activity.

Garakhani is indeed a kingmaker and is alleged to be in full operation attempting to forestall an LAGOP endorsement of Travis Allen. He is alleged to have led efforts to move, cancel, postpone, etc. meetings in the 2018 election cycle specifically to thwart an endorsement of Omar Navarro, who raised $1,000,000 against Maxine Waters.

However, Garakhani is alleged to be threatening individuals in an attempt to cower them in to silence. Your intrepid blogger has received credible information in other parts of the state related to direct and implied threats and at this time are waiting on the sources to go public before I get specific. I have no direct evidence of Garakhani making threats himself in 2019.

Some of Jessica Patterson’s endorsers are requiring any potentially appointed delegates to pledge allegiance to Patterson. Some long time delegates are being denied appointments, we’ve written about that for weeks, this is nothing new.

Garakhani, called Andy Gimmecandy by Arthur Schaper (who coined the nickname), is also alleged to have led the effort to smash the charter of the Beach Cities Republican Club. It appears from my recollection that the LAGOP was near unanimous in revoking their charter, thus making Garakhani part of the operation but not solely responsible. This does not, however speak to the merits of de-chartering that group.

It has also been alleged that Garakhani is one of the operatives attempting to negotiate campaign debt retirements on Jessica Patterson’s behalf. As of yet, no one has gone on the record to prove the efficacy of this charge.

It would appear that Andy Gimmecandy is a political operative doing his job for the New Majority and Jessica Patterson. Andy appears to be a convenient boogeyman at this point. If someone wants to come forward with better proof about what is going on in the LAGOP, my email is [email protected]

I do believe there is a lot of truth to the above, and there is chaos in many parts of the GOP in the State of California. 2019 is not like past party officer elections in the 20 years I have been around.

Regardless of the nuance of de-chartering clubs, trying to forestall endorsements, trying to cut deals for campaign debt and large expenditures of money, what is clear is that the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure are attempting to flex their muscles to keep control of a shrinking GOP.

The long term consequences of this all-out war to win at all costs, featuring a CAGOP Delegate list comprised of 40% Staff, Consultants and Employees of Consultants will have disastrous consequences for the party. Similar to several county committees that can’t make quorum to hold meetings, this will happen at the state party level.

Volunteer groups will be even more demoralized and their numbers will continue to deteriorate. You can only belittle people for their beliefs and threaten/manipulate/control them for so long before they give up.

On some level, seeing the consultant class and their disdain for grassroots informs me that many of them are just fine with seeing that the pesky grassroots be eliminated. At the same time it is very interesting watching the mounting chaos as the consultant class attempt to clench their grip.

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  2 Responses to “CAGOP Chairman’s Race Update: Oh mama, are they cutting deals with nominees? What is going on in the LAGOP?”


    Thank you for drawing thy breath in pain to tell my story.

    I have so much to say about what Andy GimmeCandy did to the Beach Cities Republicans along with this crew of thugs at the Executive Board, including Howard Fakes, Gary Scam-inoff, Richard “Do Nothing” Sherman, and the rest!

    We cannot allow Jessica Patterson to be the next Chairman. I am so fed up the rump of the remaining GOP turning into a buzzard fest for

    LAGOP or RPLAC Chairman Richard “What I am Doing Here?” Sherman already endorsed Patterson — if the entire committee can buck that endorsement, that would be great.

  2. We love you. Arthur for your diligent bold push to expose corruption and push for a real Trump agenda in CAGOP!

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