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Every 4 years there is an RNC Convention where there are #YUGE media events, speeches and the like. It gets national TV Coverage and a lot of people like to go to the event.

If you are an RNC Delegate from California, you are part of the largest delegation in the country. However, because people like Oligarchy of Controlled Failure have helped turn California in to a wasteland, the California Delegation ends up getting the last pick of hotels.

In 2016, the California Delegation was in a hotel an Hour away from the Convention. Delegtes were charged an extra $900 to participate that the RNC does not charge. Guest Passes were also $900. This allow control over who the delegates are.

This pot of money created has allegedly helped pay people like Jeff Randle six figures off of the event… read on

The RNC Delegation drill in 2020 is the subject of major-league speculation. It was triggered when Kathy Tavoularis joined the CAGOP Treasurer Race. There are some within the ranks of CAGOP leadership circles that despise her and others that think she is awesome.

Your intrepid blogger has heard a variety of claims related to Kathy’s service in the 2008 and 2012 Convention efforts. She was the CEO of both delegations.

Unlike 2016, which was run by Tim Clark, 2008 and 2012 appeared to go smoothly. 2016 was an unmitigated disaster as Mr. Clark did not do his job and a literal nazi was on the final delegate list. People like Harmeet Dhillon and Jim Brulte had to scramble at the last minute to fill delegate slots because Tim Clark procrastinated. You are not supposed to make news when you run a convention delegation drill. Clark stepped on a rake.

The best I have been able to gather is that Kathy Tavoularis wants to be involved in the 2020 effort now that Tim Clark was fired from his Washington DC Job and his benefactor Jim Brulte is less than a week from being a retired CAGOP Chairman. There was a false rumor that Brulte disdained Kathy and that was why she was not the CEO in 2016. Unfortunately for Tavoularis, there are some people holding grudges against her from the 2008 and 2012 efforts.

While I have no proof of misdeeds by Kathy T, it is clear she has determined opposition. Your Intrepid blogger has endorsed her opponent Greg Gandrud for a variety of reasons, as it is my opinion that Gandrud is far more qualified than she is.

Note that it is alleged by everyone I have talked to that Jeff Randle (there’s that name again) made a ton of money off of his role in each of these RNC Delegate actions. Again, it underscores how small the consultant / insider world is.

Related to Kathy Tavoularis’ entry in to the CAGOP Treasurer Race, was a rumor about SB GOP Chair Jan Leja entering the Vice Chair Race and a Frances Barazza from San Diego entering the Secretary Race. When Harmeet Dhillon and Shawn Steel endorsed Jessica Patterson, there was a clear understanding that Mrs. Patterson was not running a slate of candidates for all CAGOP offices.

It is also clear that someone in McCarthy’s Crew recruited Dean Haddock (a former Kern Chair) to run for Central Valley Vice Chair against Lisa Moreno.

Your intrepid blogger is recommending a vote for Vicki Nohrden in Central Coast and Lisa Moreno in Central Valley.

Others believed that McCarthy/Buhler/Patterson were attempting to run candidates for Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. It certainly seemed to be confirmed with the withdrawal of Barazza and Jan Leja finally putting rumors surrounding her away within 24 hours of the public disavowing of a slate by Mrs. Patterson.

Your intrepid blogger is being paid to assist and/or for Ads by Travis Allen (Chairman), Corrin Rankin (Vice Chairman), Randy Berholtz (Secretary) and Greg Gandrud (Treasurer). They are not a slate, I just happen to be fortunate enough to be in position to help them / take an ad from them all for a few dollars to put in my 2019 IRA account.

This gets me back to the 2020 delegation drill. While I have fielded a ton of information from a ton of sources, it is 100% clear that one of the many nexus(es) for Kevin McCarthy, Jeff Randle and the rest of the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure is the RNC Delegation Drill coming up. That is big money.

There are of course consulting contracts to run junk mail for the CAGOP. There are of course consulting contracts to run campaigns of anointed candidates from California Trailblazers. I just can’t ignore the financial bonanza of the 2020 RNC Convention – especially given that Kevin McCarthy could very well be the Speaker of the House in 2021. Things that make you go hmmm…

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  One Response to “CAGOP Chairman’s Race Update: How About a Big FAT Dose of Rumors and Possible Motives? (See also 2020 RNC Convention)”

  1. Well, I’m thankful that in Texas, delegate selection is bottom up. Every two years, precinct conventions elect delegates to county conventions or Senate District conventions, county county and SD conventions elect delegates to state conventions, and, in presidential election years, state conventions elect delegates to national conventions. Consultants to the presidential candidates could potentially make a lot of money running drills to get favorable delegates elected at each of these levels. However, the way the rules are designed make it harder for an “oligarchy” to have complete control of the process.

    The top-down, California process, on the other hand, was likely designed by someone who thinks like Luis Buhler and is intended to give a small number of people control of who the delegates are.

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