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In the previous post we detailed how Jessica Patterson was involved in getting a bylaw passed that removed the delegations from 8 Central Committees. The rub was to force them on to the ballot. Tiny counties were disenfranchised because they had no elections, angering people like David Stafford Reade that sought control of their leadership. Solano County, the main intended target of the by-law change now has no representation on the State Party despite having over 100,000 registered Republicans. (Neither does Merced County with their 75,000) 

Note Placer County D4 and D5 did not make the ballot – and D1-3 on this slate guide were paid for by Spirit of Democracy PAC (directed by Luis Buhler and David Stafford Reade)

Luis Buhler, the puppet master had a plan while running the by-law change. He was lining up nearly $3Million (I’ve written $2.2 million in past blogs, I found more) to send mail and purchase slate mail cards in Central Committee races all over the state. See here for a link to the report of the California Republican Taxpayer’s Slate.

You will see Butte, Nevada, Sacramento, San Bernardino, Kings, Stanislaus, Santa Cruz, Orange, Los Angeles, Tulare, Contra Costa and the list goes on. You will see familiar names of political consultants and legislative staff on the list of candidates Spirit of Democracy spent money on. 

At the time, your intrepid blogger pieced together 44 Counties Luis Buhler directed expenditures of money to. Luis was attempting to exterminate conservatives off of County Central Committees and settle 30 year old scores. (This is the conclusion I drew based on the evidence I gathered)

Jessica Patterson, while doing the job she was paid to do, helped facilitate this. Jessica Patterson while doing the job she was paid to do helped facilitate primary challenges to known conservative incumbents – Tim Donnelly and Alan Mansoor. Jessica Patterson while doing the job she was paid to do twice defended Proposition 14 from opposition. Jessica Patterson while doing the job she was paid to do led efforts to shred the California Republican Party Platform.

What will Jessica Patterson do as CAGOP Chair?

For further proof about the mail operation – here are photos of the “We are the GOP” mailers that came to my house.

You will see Congressman LaMalfa promoting these Placer GOP Candidates – the connection is David Stafford Reade who was his Chief of Staff in his Senate Days. You can see clearly that Spirit of Democracy (funded by Charles T Munger Jr and controlled by Luis Buhler) is listed as the responsible party. Reade, Jessica Patterson and many others made a lot of money from that operation.

Yup – three pieces of mail went to Placer County. 

There is no reasonable standard whereby Jessica Patterson can claim to be a unifying force or a Conservative. Period. Republicans judge people by their actions, not their intentions. In practice, whenever the oligarchy of controlled failure has needed their operations carried out, Mrs. Patterson has been in the middle of them. 

Patterson did her part to get the CAGOP ByLaws changed so that Luis Buhler, David Reade and others could set up a web of control statewide with consultants and staff the favored picks over Conservatives. $3MM later, the deed was done. They are doing it again in 2019 – with something like 1/3 to 40% of appointed delegates as of the last update I saw being Paid Staff, Consultants or employees of donors.

In 2012 and 2014 – they tried to take out Conservative Legislators. In 1992, Jeff Randle, the CEO of Jessica Patterson’s employer California Trailblazers ran a similar effort against several Conservative legislators on behalf of Pete Wilson. In 2012, they went after the Placer GOP and the San Bernardino GOP with $100,000. In 2016, they went after 44 County Parties. What will they do in 2020 if they win control of everything? Of course, don’t forget millions upon millions spent against Conservatives in open seat races. 

It is nearly impossible to draw any other conclusion that the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure that is promoting Jessica Patterson has a clear agenda against Conservatives. It is also a reasonable question to ask, should they succeed in their plan to elect Jessica Patterson will open season ensue (again)?

To be continued… 

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  4 Responses to “CAGOP Chairman Candidate Jessica Patterson’s Role in Facilitating the $3MM Rampage Against Central Committee Conservatives in 2016.”

  1. As you you know, Aaron, Butte County was taken over, as well, with over $400,000 being spent on the hand picked candidates for the Butte County Central Committee to insure the “right” Candidates where voted for. We, to had several Mailer sent with “ this is your Republican ticket to vote for.” And it worked, I guess if you have enough money to decide who you want in your county RP, the public votes for who they are told is the Republican ticket to vote for.

    Blogger’s Note: I found roughly $200K towards Butte, but your point stands, it was an INSANE amount of money for a small county… more so for a party committee!

  2. Yep Santa Cruz was the same way. Louis spiller Charles monger with the help of Jim Reed. Jim Reid is chief of staff for another then , trump hating mailer of San Jose Sam Laccero.
    While we conservatives or walking precincts they were spending 15 grand on 5 fliers targeting 3 supervisor districts. They won. 1st organizational meeting They gutted the by laws and made it so it’s always in their favor.
    Is time to take back our party.

  3. There are three major components of the CRP (1) elected officials, (2) donors, and (3) grassroots activists. All need to be strong and work together to be relevant.

    James Madison who hated political parties said, “The only purpose of a political party is to destroy the other political party.” The Democrats understand this.

    The TEA Party movement caused a sea change and Republicans won big Nationally. The Republican Party shunned them and we no longer have a grassroots effort.

    Democrats used the TEA Party model and kicked ass in 2018. See “Indivisible.org”.

    Under “legalized vote harvesting” Republicans need a well trained Army to compete.

  4. Aaron…There is really nothing new here. Butte County has been controled by the ‘Bernie (Richter) Bunch’ for Decades!!!

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