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Please note, despite the fact that many believe your intrepid blogger is responsible for the string of anonymous emails coming out against Jessica Patterson, I am not claiming responsibility for them. I don’t do anonymous attacks. I have had plenty to say and I have lived with the consequences and retaliation – that I am expecting again – for standing up and signing my name. If my name is not signed to something, it means I did not write it.

The email is reprinted in its entirety – my comments are italicized:

Why don’t you use your name?

I would love to.  Unfortunately, as a condition of my appointment I could not tell people that I was not supporting Jessica.  I am legislative staffer, activist and have been a delegate for over 10 years. This is the first time I have ever had to deal with something like this.  Jessica and her team have created a blacklist and are using it to try and block anyone that may vote their values and not how they are told. I am not really interested in creating problems for the individual that appointed me, but I believe that truth should be told.  I believe there are many other individuals that care about our party and, because it’s a secret ballot, will vote their conscience. 

How does the proxy scam work? 

There are two big aspects to the proxy game.

First, is the big lie. Have you been told that you must vote how you are told by the person appointing you? This is a lie. Each delegate is entitled to vote how they feel is best. Your vote for CRP officers is secret, belongs to you and you have a responsibility to vote in the best interest of the party and not the person that appointed you.  

The other part of the big lie is telling delegates that if they cannot attend convention, they must turn in their proxy to an agent of the person appointing them. Again, if you have been told this, you have been lied to. Your proxy belongs to you and you should give it to someone that will vote how you wish.  

When you are delegate to the CRP, you have a responsibility to make sure your vote advances our party. If someone tells you different, they are unethical and are wishing to use you. Stand up and tell them we are better than this

If we cannot cleanup the dirty elections in our own party, how are we ever going to fix the problem of election fraud in California?   

Second, is the fake delegate appointments.

This is when someone with appointing power fills those appointments with individuals that have no intention of going to convention. Most have not participated in party activities or volunteered on elections. They are just a name on piece of paper, but they will be voting by proxy. Their proxies are collected by the individual who appointed them and those proxies are traded in backroom political deals.

For the most part, these actions are being taken by legislators in conjunction with lobbyists to stack the deck for Jessica.

The results are reprehensible. Many good Republicans, that have given their time and resources to the party and have been delegates for years were blocked from being delegates.  Instead, their delegate position will go to a proxy voter. 

The stories of long time party activists being blocked from obtaining an appointment are now everywhere.  Here is an example of long time delegate, Allen J Wilson,who was not able to get an appointment this year  

BLOGGER’S NOTE: Allen Wilson was appointed at the last minute by Brian Dahle. That said, I personally know 15 people who have been delegates for many years who did not get re-appointed. I will have more to say about that shortly. It is an outrage.

 The sad part is that any one that knows Allen, is aware that he does not like Jessica’s opponents.  He would have probably voted for her, but she just couldn’t risk it and now his vote gets turned into a paper proxy.

Wasn’t the Trailblazers supposed to be just a training program?

The Trailblazers promised to get more Republicans elected.  They failed miserably, We wasted over $2.4 million on powerpoints and got nothing in return.  

I will repeat myself from a previous email. NO ONE that is listed as an alumni on their website needed recruiting or training.  They were all successful politicians that had plenty of campaign experience, many more than Jessica.

Here is the list and what they accomplished before being elected to state office.

James Gallagher – Capitol Staffer, County Board of Supervisors

Frank Bigelow – 14 years on Board of Supervisors, Prolific Fundraiser

Kevin Kiley – Former Deputy Attorney General

Vince Fong – District Director for Congressman Kevin McCarty.

Jordan Cunningham – School Board Trustee, Taxpayer Association President, Deputy District Attorney

Chad Mayes – City Council Member, Chief of Staff to County Supervisor

Philip Chen – School Board Member

Steven Choi – School Board, City Council, Elected Mayor

Tyler Diep – Casino Lobbyist, City Council Member, Elected Sanitary District Member, Assembly Staffer, BOE Staffer, Supervisor Staffer 

Andreas Borgeas – City Council Member, County Board of Supervisors Member

Scott Wilk – Community College Board Trustee

Jeff Stone – City Council Member, County Supervisor

Do you honestly think any of these people need recruiting or campaign training?  They are all accomplished and successful politicians long before the Trailblazers.

Now, imagined if that money wasn’t siphoned off to enrich Jessica Patterson and a few consultants and instead was used for voter registration.

On the high end, paid registration programs cost about $10 per new Republican voter.

$2.4 million would have signed up 240,000 new Republicans.  Now imagine those 240,000 new Republicans in targeted districts.  Do you think that would have made a difference this last election?  

There is a reason we have lost 13 seats since the Trailblazers started.  $2.4 million was taken out from going to winning elections and given to consultants.

Jessica told me that a lot of the $1.25 million dollars she pocketed from Trailblazers was reimbursements for expenses?

LOL!  That is a lot of kinkos runs to print out powerpoint presentations. The truth is that a very small and insignificant amount was for expense reimbursements.  Over a million was paid to Jessica as consulting fees.

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The crap that is being pulled to rig the outcome of the CAGOP Convention is decimating the remaining ranks of the Party. The Oligarchy of Controlled Failure would rather destroy everything than allow real people to have their voice heard. It is the opinion of this blogger that they would be content to collapse every county party and volunteer organization as it would make the political process easier to control.

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  1. We must get Travis Allen elected as Chairperson. It does not surprise me that the old school republicans fear Travis Allen. After all, look at the scam thay pulled on President Trump getting him to endorse Cox for Governor. That was such a set up I believe it had to have been planned by the democrats and approved by Cox and his rino buddies. We cannot let that happen again!

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