Oct 102018

So – for those of you paying attention, follow what the national Democrats did to Brett Kavanaugh.

First – they attacked him for his “Extreme Right-Wing” Judicial Decisions.

Stan Sniff has cancelled contracts with ICE, has a horrific record on CCW Issuance, Wastes Government Money like a Drunken Soldier, Sided with the ACLU on Several Key Issues and of course has been asleep at the switch on Jail Issues.

So Sniff lost the ideological battle to Chad Bianco.

Sniff is 70, Bianco just turned 51. Bianco is in excellent Shape, Sniff has lost a ton of weight and looks like Skeletor. There is a #YUGE arousal gap between the two men.

Sniffy knows he presents himself about as well as a limp rag, so it is time to channel his inner Nacrissist / Alinsky.

Then they attacked Brett Kavanaugh as a racist, sexist, homophobe and the like.

Because National Republicans are used to that playbook, it did not work.

Recently, Stan Sniff’s campaign rolled out the failed Captain of Moreno Valley Station Dave “Kurly” Kurylowicz to make an absurd tear-filled appeal at the Palm Springs City Council about how much of an anti-gay bigot his political opponents are.

Yawn. Then Kurly got torched by the truth, as there was a recording of an alleged incident. See also the lack of corroboration of any of Kavanaugh’s Accusers. (the FBI’s way of saying there is no case / no proof)

Now, the next frontier in the How-To-Attack-A-Conservative. YOU RACIST!

Notice that Sniff is referred to as the SNIFFESTER in the faked flyer allegedly left at the house of Sniff’s Girlfriend. (At least that is what I believe her relationship is to Sniff) Please search this blog and see if the term SNIFFESTER is on the blog.

Please also note that the signs that were allegedly destroyed over the weekend are all “Old” Sniff signs as the Sniffmestier, Sniffster, Sniffy, the Corrupt Sheriff changed his signs in July to a Red, White and Blue pattern.

I now know her name – Halimah Shenghur. I did not know how to spell her name correctly until now. It seems Ms. Shenghur has some history of trying to get a spotlight on herself having been in a relationship with a San Bernardino Deputy who was shot and paralyzed. She filed a claim for payments for providing care to the disabled officer/deputy that she later left. (I will go more in to depth on this later)

For months I have been referring to Mohammad Ali Mazarei by his full legal name at the request of his “Attorney”. I have made scant mention of Mohammad being a Muslim. (He is Iranian/Persian) I am also a supporter of Billy Essayli for Assembly, he is an Arab Muslim. (Syrian)

You see, I am part Limey, Kraut (or Jerry depending on your preference of racial slur) with some Himey/Kike mixed in. (start meltdown here) I do know the difference between “Rags”, “Sand” and “Diapers” thank you very much.

If I was to go to someone’s house and leave such a flyer, I’d have made sure the racial slur was the correct one. If I had $5 for every time I was called Bigoted, Homophobic, Racist, Sexist, Xenophobic, etc… I’d never need to sell another insurance policy in my lifetime.

However, we are following the exact leftist pattern in the Sheriff’s Race.

Since Stan Sniff and Crew have already attacked my wife, I am expecting the next made up attack to be something along the lines of Chad Bianco being a hypocrite Christian wife-beater and/or some sort of infidelity. I’d also expect to see stories about my past (Remember, I am a sober Alcoholic) in order to try and invoke some sort of sympathy for the Corrupt Sheriff.

It is all he has left. (Other than Halimah and a Costco-Sized economy bottle of Jack)

Remember what happened to Brett Kavanaugh – the national Democrats straight out lied about him and incited small riots and demonstrations. The hard-core left ate it up because they knew the votes were in place to confirm him and were grasping at straws to prevent the 5-4 Conservative Majority from becoming real on the Supreme Court.

It is clear that Stan Sniff’s pollster has told him he is losing.

At the same time, I am sure Stanley’s Butt-Monkeys are wondering if the whole thing as gone insane. I’m not. I diagnosed Stan Sniff as a Narcissist months ago. He will lie, as he is doing currently by the dozen in media interviews. Narcissists will destroy anything and everything to get what they want – the promotions, the terminations, the retaliatory investigations, the retaliatory transfers, budget magic to try and cover up failures, and of course staging events to invoke sympathy.

Mr. Sniff can come after me all he wants. I apparently have so much power over him that he staged an incident and blamed me for it when I was in Reno Nevada. I must be invincible.

To Chad Bianco – ignore this crap, don’t respond and run your race. It is clear you are winning and the corrupt sheriff is channeling his inner ANTIFA. His smears will ultimately collapse under their own weight.

To Stan Sniff – I have already prayed to that God you deny the existence of to forgive you for your stupidity. It is God’s place to forgive you, it is my place to hold you accountable for your corruption, lack of ethics, lack of integrity and your incompetence. It must be working…

To be continued.

P.S. Stanley, Islam is a Religion, not a race. FYI. The next time you invoke Muslim, (Instead of whatever lineage Halimah actually is) remember that.

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  7 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Following Extreme Left-Wing Playbook to the Tee! (Pivots to Racism) Look at Brett Kavanaugh for the Blueprint”

  1. Aaron, can you please go into details as to why Halimah Shenihur left her San Bernardino deputy husband.?

  2. Sniff is a scumbag

  3. Funny how this alleged hate crime came out the same week absentee ballots went out. This smells to high heaven.

  4. Unbelievable, first send Kurly to Palm Springs city council to cry, exploit the LGBTQ community and lie like there is no tomorrow. When everyone calls bullshit and tells them they are smarter that to believe that garbage, Sniff has his girlfriend make a false claim of a hate crime and blame it on his opponent, really Sniff?

    Certainly you will do the right thing and have this investigated as a hate crime then right? Interviews, videos, etc.? Of course not, because you know it’s all lies and a false report of a crime. So the only one who would be culpable is your own girlfriend.

    What is the next trick you have up your sleeve Stanley? Who else can you get to falsely claim to be a victim? Give it a rest Sniff, you time has come and you are through. The citizens are going to vote you out of office.

  5. Sounds like Ali Mazarei created this bullshit and only the people with IQ of 50 and below are actually buying it. It’s a shame but they have nothing left. Every week they come up with garbage. Wonder what’s next week campaign crap going to be.

  6. So Kurylowicz is still creeping everyone on FB trying to get them behind his ridiculous lies, he is such a train wreck that he doesn’t know when to stop. This dummy needs psychological help. Today he was tagging people with the latest and greatest lies that Sniff’s girlfriend isclaiming. Sniff and his cronies are lying sacks of dog shit.

    And to keep everyone from forgetting about how dishonest and dirty Kurylowicz is, I’m going to be re-posting this for the next 27 days:

    A quote from Palm Springs Mayor Pro Tem J.R. Roberts: “The only thing worse than bigotry is someone lying about it for political gain.”

    You be the judge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pI8y8k8q-Ps&feature=youtu.be

    By the way, for anyone who may be offended by reading anything on this blog, here’s a NEWS FLASH, you don’t have to look at it! It doesn’t automatically pop up on your computer screen unless you purposely search for it. So don’t search for it and then start whining about what you’ve read on it.

  7. Robyn Flores posted support for her friend and said she’s been attacked on this blog. Well, considering I once saw you try to exit a court room through a closet door, I’m not sure how you made PIO. I have a clue….Anyway, tell your story walking. Another pawn of Stan. He’ll be gone soon enough and you can try and find another cush non hard working job.

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