Oct 152018

First off, given the plant life he has dealing with social media, he probably could visit the zoo and get a couple inmates there to do a better job. (My favorite are the Rhinos…) This Northern California Blogger seems to have no less than 30 people on suicide watch in Riverside County Sheriff’s Admin.

I was sent a San Diego Union Tribune article. It was the typical anti cop pablum about a poor mistreated convicted felon in the jail. The story was about inmates that die in custody and cited instances in various parts of the state. In the dead middle of the article was a bombshell:

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department said keeping the public informed about crimes, arrests and other operations is a high priority. The office has a three-person team responding to media calls and churning out press releases, including 16 in the first week of April.

I am aware that “Eggplant” is paid something like $90k a year. Jessica Gore (wife of cheater Jason Gore who has been promoted twice since cheating on the investigator exam) is paid something like $120k a year. The third employee may well be that Sergeant on special assignment at something like $130k. That is at least three employees for the empty jail.

Must be nice to have a staff that keeps pumping out pseudo-campaign materials under the guise of “Media”.

Equipment is broken, cars are rusting out, jails are empty, but It’s all a matter of priorities, right?

  5 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Explain This One To Me… Not Enough Money to Staff a Jail, but Enough to have THREE STAFF FOR MEDIA”

  1. The only reason Stanley has three people on media is to sniff out, pun intended, people’s social media. They are looking for reasons to punish insurrection. No better way to keep your power than by threats and intimidation.

    As for the zoo. Stanley has no reason to go to the zoo. He has all the sheep, snakes, moles, and monkeys in his administration. Oh and one hippo. I’m looking at you Kevin Vest.

    And for that amount of money and benefits he pays his media crew he could probably hire six-eight correctional deputies. Unfortunately, that would never happen,because that makes sense.

  2. RSO deputies are afraid of being treated like Bianco [straight to the basement] if Stan wins. Remember Inv Tina W? Kicked off a special team and sent to the jail for backing Chad Bianco during his last attempt. That’s why we are afraid to publicly support Bianco, but I still got all my riverside county family and friends and my neighbors voting BIANCO!

  3. Sheriff Stan Sniff is addicted to Facebook, which is why he has staff on the county payroll trolling social media accounts and responding to posts, like he did last night regarding the Kevin Duffy investigation. And don’t think he don’t keep book on county employees that have posted their support for Bianco.

    The “Undertaker” DiYorio, who has suspiciously gone out on W/C on an alleged knee claim, has told staff members that they need to hit the “Like” button when the Sheriff submits a post on his website, which is how he tracks his supporters. All we asked of Sniff was for him and his executive staff was to do the right thing when we gave him our support, in the form of voting him into office.

    But the second floor turned on us and became unpredictable, eccentric and egotistical. Stan Sniff, you promoted those that had no care about making the Department better, they only cared about how much they could take away for themselves, with minimal thought for anyone else under their command.

    Do you honestly believe that people like Kevin Vest, Ray Wood, Jason Horton, Jeff Kubel, Jason Huskey, Aaron Kent, Zach Hall, Christian Dekker, Robert Rose, Tyler Clark, Kevin Smith, Kent Werges, Robert Epps, or Nathan Kaas had any care for the troops under their command? Dave Kurlyowicz may have initially cared, but he let his desire for advancement cloud his judgement and in the processs ruined his reputation.

    The ill treatment the subordinates suffered under these manager’s and supervisors are on your hands Stan, for you allowed this dangerous behavior to continue, which is why you are now seeing this revolt. We can only hope that you and your second floor minions suffer in retirement, knowing you will always be remembered for the immorality, degeneracy, iniquity, depravity and corruption that will defined the Sniff administration.

    I also believe the Board of Supervisors carries part of the blame as well for they allowed this to occur, they have no excuse in allowing Stan Sniff and his executive staff to turn county government into a media circus, with civil liability attached to their illicit and retaliatory behavior. Gary Lee was right in his open letter, and how we all feel.

  4. We can only hope the BOS are also held accountable for their own inactions in allowing the second floor’s destructive rampage, and are included in the interviews when the official inquiry is initiated into the “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” of Stan Sniff’s Office.

  5. It’s an abuse of power on the part of Stan Sniff and his cronies, and a lack of oversight on behalf of the Board of Supervisors, so there is more than enough blame to attach to our elected officials.

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