Oct 102018

I got this photo once, but I got the Patch Article no less than 4 times today.

Stanley tells contract cities that the Sheriff’s Department has the best equipment. Uh Nope.

They can’t even transport what few criminals they have jail space for without a scum bus catching fire.

The Response from the Corrupt Sheriff? Yup, normal crap – nothing to see here, move along now.

BEAUMONT, CA — Traffic between Beaumont and Moreno Valley was at a near standstill on Wednesday afternoon after a bus belonging to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department caught fire and broke down on State Route 60, the CHP reports. The incident occurred on the eastbound side of the highway, near Jack Rabbit Trail, around 11:30 a.m.

Preliminary California Highway Patrol reports indicate the transport bus caught fire and it stopped in the slow lane, blocking traffic.

Traffic reports showed vehicles were backed up all the way from Beaumont into Moreno Valley as a result of the fire for about an hour.

Sheriff’s officials tell Patch a few dozen inmates were on the bus when the engine caught fire, but they were quickly loaded onto another bus at the scene. No injuries were reported.
Meantime, Stan Sniff has time to make up #fakenews in order to try and gain political advantage. #FIRESNIFF

  3 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: #EPICFAIL Poorly Maintained Old Bus Catches FIRE and CLOSES HWY 60 in the Badlands”

  1. Much more is going on with this situation. The county has about 10 buses. Out of the 10 only 2 are working. How did the department allow this to happen? Indio Jail has been running massive OT because extra staff is needed to transport so many inmates in vans!. Plus Indio Jail used their budget to purchase a new bus since the jail does transports between Banning and Blythe. That’s a lot of miles and they had an old bus that broke down. Now instead of Indio getting the bus, what happens? Riverside jail takes the bus for themselves claiming they need to break it in for several thousand miles. And the bus is also used as a display at the picnic. Looks like Sniffy doesn’t know what is more important and doesn’t care how much OT is being generated from all this county maintenance mess. This department is all messed up and we need Bianco now not later.

  2. The KPMG audit revealed that Sniff and his executive staff had co-mingled funds from vacant PCN numbers for their budget, so maybe they could raid the funds from the vacant PCN positions for new buses. Maybe that is where the alleged $10 million they found to plug in to the budget. I just wonder if KPMG is required to report possible allegations of potential criminal misconduct, but then again KPMG have been held accountable for their misconduct (suspect #1 telling on suspect #2 will never happen).

  3. This should never happen, but is very common with the Department.

    Prior to every transportation of inmates an inspection is supposed to occur. The driver is supposed to inspect the vehicle. There is a transportation form for this. The form has a check list for the items that should be checked. The list includes headlights, brake lights, hazard lights, blinkers, horn, windshield wipers, all four tires and spare for air pressure,wear, or road hazards, a tire iron and Jack, road flares, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, extra restraints, radio, exterior/interior for damage, fuel level, fluid levels on oil, and radiator.

    Some deputies just check the list and don’t complete the required inspection. This is also part of the problem. When you run a vehicle on low oil, or low tires is causes premature failure. Some staff don’t care, because it’s not their vehicle. They treat the vehicles like crap and leave them filthy and poorly maintained.

    There are people whose job is to keep track of the maintenance/mileage of all the vehicles at their station/jail. They are called Support Services. There are also people at the county garage, aka Fleet Services, who keep track of the vehicles too. So, situations like this shouldn’t happen. When a vehicle requires maintenance, a notice is sent to Support Services Unit of the jail/station. The vehicle should be put out of service and brought to the garage for repairs. However, this doesn’t always happen. Sometimes the jail/station doesn’t have enough vehicles. As a result of the vehicles go without the required maintenance/repairs for an extended time. When this happens, Fleet Services cuts off access to the fuel pumps. Basically, the vehicles are held hostage to make staff bring them in for service.

    The Transportation buses break down so often, they are rotated from other jails whenever one goes down. And since the county garage, aka Fleet Services can’t accommodate a bus, they contract the job to another repair place. Which adds time to the repairs.

    This has been a common problem for many years under Stanley and his zoo. Not just for vehicles, but for everything.

    Stanley is the Grasshopper from Aesop’s fables. Instead of getting prepared for the upcoming storm, he played and played with all his loose women, booze, and yes men. He put off the required expenses until he have no choice but to spend. Sometimes at an added cost.

    This is Stanley’s legacy. Surround yourself with incompetent, unethical, immoral people and then blame everyone else for the problems you and your monkeys created.

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