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Sniff likes to claim that crime has been decreasing during his administration. However, a quick look at the numbers reveal yet another lie in hopes of convincing voters to to re-elect him.

The following numbers are for the unincorporated areas of Riverside County and were taken DOJ website. They are complete, not cherry-picked like Sniff’s fake numbers from February of 2018.

Overall violent crime has increased during the last four years.

Overall property crime has increased during the last four years.

Unlike the numbers that Sniff’s lackeys in the Riverside Press-Enterprise used in February, these numbers are infallible and complete.

The year 2014 was used as a baseline since it was the last year Sniff campaigned for reelection.

During that 2014 campaign, Sniff ran on a platform of lowering crime, increased cost savings and improved employee morale.

He can’t honestly run on any of these issues now, but he’s trying to. Take a look at the numbers and decide for yourself.

CRIME                  2014            2017        CHANGE
All Violent Crime    749             767         2.4% increase
All Property Crime 6718          7529        12% increase
All Crime              7467          8296        11.1% increase
Homicide                17               19          11.7% increase
Rape                        51              52              4% increase
Robbery                 144            167            16% increase
Aggravated assault 532           520             2% decrease
Burglary                 1972         1668        15.4% decrease
Motor Vehicle Theft 1041       1211        18.2% increase
Larceny/Theft         3705         4815        29.9% increase

Stan Sniff lied. He claimed a 10% reduction in crime that was regurgitated by the Riverside Pravda-Enterprise.

As we’ve learned, the truth is negotiable in the Sniff Regime.

  4 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Crime in Unincorporated Areas of Riverside County Spiraling as well”

  1. I have been told that every station in the Sheriff’s Department is so short staff, it is impossible to fight crime. The one or two county deputies just drive to a call and when done, to another call and another and so on.

    Sniff lied about staffing and crime trends. He had Capt Kurlowitz lie for political gain. I think this is clear as day. It is amazing Capt Kurlowitz is still working since he is a proven liar.

  2. @John Jones you are 100% correct on everything. Every station is extremely short staffed and Sniff lies about it. He is a LIAR and so is Kurly. It is absolutely as clear as day that Kurly is as dishonest as the day is long. Just another piece of Stan Sniff’s corruption filled chain of command.

    Stan Sniff is a LIAR and he needs to be fired! Kurly is a LIAR and also needs to be fired!

    Please talk to everyone you know about how important their votes will be to their law enforcement officers on November 6th.

  3. Every mafioso needs a “fixer.” You know, the guy most relied upon to take care of a problem or someone who gets in the way of “the business.”

    In this case, Sniffcompoop has Kurlmyballsinside.

    “Yo, Kurly, I need ya to take care of dis situation with the pedophile. Make the victims go away.”

    “Yes boss. Whatever your bidding.”

    Then, the debacle in The Springs.

    “Yo, Kurly, I need ya to take care of this Bianco guy. I’ve already set up a meeting with the council. Alls I needs ya to do is say Bianco has homophobia. Oh, can ya cry on cue?”

    “What, my master?!?”

    “Never mind, put this thumb tack in your shoe and step on it. You’ll know when the time is right. Oh, and if anyone tells ya they want to use the restroom, GET THE [email protected] outta there!”

    (See The Godfather, Part 1 Italian restaurant scene for more)

    This and other mafia type tactics (I’ll send my goons to Bianco meetings and scare my deputies into submission), (you’re a Bianco supporter, due to the needs of the department, you’re transferred to a station 80 miles from where you live), (sign here, it states your allegiance to ‘da boss and you’ll always fulfill his “favors”), (and the most infamous: giving our new sheriff a “time out” at the Hemet Station).





  4. This sounds just like Rialto Police Dept. and they
    corrupt city council such as Ed Scott and Mayor Deborah Robertson. They ousted formed Chief Randy DeAnda and then lied about dismissing him. DeAnda was force out under the threat of termination. They brought in a new leader, former Chief Mark Kling who has done nothing! They now have a documented liar, Sgt. James Mills working in Internal Affairs and just lied under oath in two separate arbitrations. The city isn’t doing a thing to him. Rialto PD is down to 87 officers, but should be around 150-160. Crime is through the ruff and the citizens are clueless.

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