Oct 092018
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Sniff falsely claims that crime is down in Riverside County.
Violent crime, property crime and overall crime are actually higher than four years ago – when Sniff last stood for election.
The numbers used in the “CRIME TRENDS” document are from two different sources:
The DOJ numbers for years 2014, 2015 and 2016 are from the CA DOJ website.
The SNIFF press release numbers for 2017 are from a RivCo Sheriff Dept. press release issued in February, 2018.
The CA DOJ has not yet issued crime numbers for 2017, so we are using Sniff’s own numbers for 2017 instead.
Once you read through this, you will agree it is time to #FIRESNIFF
CRIMES                    2014     2015   2016    2017           2014 – 2017
All Violent Crime     2,838   3,023   3,389   3,091           9% increase
All Property Crime 33,151  35,650 35,687 35,229       6.2% increase
All Part 1 Crime      35,989 38,673  39,076 38,320       6.5% increase
Homicide                   47        34         60        41       12.7% decrease
Forcible Rape           111      120       137      146       31.5% increase
Robbery                    908      974    1,092   1,032       13.6% increase
Aggravated Assault 1,758  1,887    2,087   1,872         6.5% increase
Burglary                   8,296  6,632    6,387   6,295      23.7% decrease*
Motor Vehicle Theft 4,989  6,023    6,297   5,752      15.3% increase
Larceny Theft         19,866 22,995  23,003 23,112     16.3% increase
Despite the questionable accuracy of Sniff’s “press release” crime numbers for 2017, it is clear that violent crime, property crime and overall crime have increased substantially during the last four years under Sniff. Riverside County residents are less safe now than they were four years ago.
* Due to higher threshold for crime. Prop. 47 changes went into effect January 1, 2015
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  4 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: California DOJ Numbers Tell the Brutal Reality About Crime in Riverside County”

  1. Every time Sniff’s people post new crime data,you can be sure there is always more to the picture than meets the eye. Here is some information to consider:

    A reduction in statistical crime data in the unincorporated county area is NOT the result of less crime or good job performance. Crime data can only be captured in a crime report, therefore, no report, no crime, no data. So the statement that crime is down is simply NOT TRUE!
    AB 109, Props 47 and 57 have created a general consensus with the public that there is no punishment for misdemeanor crime, so why call the cops to report it–this is a common trend with California law enforcement today, but the bigger picture here is that Sniff has caused this department to become extremely understaffed and the deputies are fatigued, overworked and have become unmotivated. Therefore, the basic meets standard job performance occurring will never get to a priority 4 call and it will not get written to capture accurate data. Even if they finally are able to respond to the call, they likely won’t write the report.
    The perceived reduction in crime really has nothing to do with there being less crime and much more to do with less people reporting crime and less crime reports being written. The fact that crime stats are down in the county is a direct result of less productive work because the troops are discouraged, they feel unappreciated and not valued. Why work harder when it’s not appreciated but only rewarded by being ordered to keep working longer hours. The troops deserve new leadership, they deserve to be appreciated and motivated. CHAD BIANCO is the motivating change that the troops and the citizens of this county deserve!!

  2. According to Lt. Kevin Smith (with the support of Captain Dan Anne), he tells the troops at the Lake Elsinore Station we are nothing more than glorified sectaries, but at the Mo. Val. Station, Chief Deputy Jason Horton tells the troops the opposite and how great the Department is. So which one is it. We are worthless one minute, and valued the next, and they wonder why the troops are so disgruntled. Too bad Pecker Wood don’t step up to the plate like the SWAT dog that he claims to be and address the troops himself. Or that’s right, he’s busy getting another tattoo for another kill, and trying to find the money to repair the units damaged by Lt. Werges. What outstanding leadership we have at “Riverside Country.”

  3. Why don’t the BOS step in and do something? Stan Sniff’s lack of leadership has the Department spinning out of control, and his executive staff are doing nothing to stop this free fall. The BOS is also to blame for not stepping in sooner. So who do you really blame for the mess we are in, Sniff and his band of goons on the second floor, or the BOS for allowing this to occur? I believe there is plenty of blame to go around on this issue.

  4. The BOS’s and S/Sniff carpool to the same brothel. Riverside County leaders are 20 years out of touch with reality. Nobody was paying attention or cared enough to put them in check while they played political chess. Riverside County and RSD have become last on the list on where to live and work. “I guess I have to go there.” New leadership of people who can make us proud and inspire us is a must. That 40 million dollar audit should include a report on everything disclosed on this blog that has destroyed RSD. Those responsible should lose their pensions.

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