Oct 122018

A week after Mohammad Ali Mazarei gets hammered by Jose Medina, he will be facing an administrative hearing regarding his Smog Check operation that was busted in a sting operation.

Ali is pictured with the corrupt sheriff at an NRA event. We’ve also written about the ethically-challenged H Paul Payne’s own issues. (We will have a follow up on that as well) As you recall, Payne is Sniff’s go to man to engineer gun group endorsements despite his horrific record on CCW issuance.

Mohammad Ali Mazarei is a candidate for AD61 against Jose’ Medina. However, it appears that Mohammad cares more about Stan Sniff than his own campaign. He donated $1,000 a few weeks ago and recently appeared with another $5K. This is bizarre behavior for someone running what should be a $500K affair (if you’re a serious Assembly Candidate).

The sitting Sheriff of Riverside County has accepted donations from convicted felons. Businesses run by Felons. A Defense Attorney representing a Cop-Killer.

Then Stanley gets $5K from the owner of this listed business that you see here.

Please see the original complaint here. Yup Mohammad is not going to have a good November and Stanley has a fascinating donor list, this is for sure.

Some of you may recall that Mohammad got his illiterate lawyer to send me a typo laden legal demand letter centering around this particular malady of Mr. Mazarei’s. It sure seems like I was pretty dead on from the get go on this.

We will follow up on Mr. Mazarei in a bit… in case you’ve forgotten about this story.




  6 Responses to “Stan Sniff Major Donor Mohammad Ali Mazarei Update: Somg Check Fraud Hearing Scheduled for 11-14”

  1. Ali is nothing but an over size bafoon. I would literally take more serious his beautiful wife then him. I know his type. Once Chad wins, Ali ( the goat lover) will be groveling to Chad once Stan and Ali lose the elections in Nov 2018.

  2. Big mistake Mohammed, if you are close to the corrupt Stan Sniff, then you must also be corrupt. Birds of a feather flock together

    Vote for JOSE MEDINA

  3. I agree, don’t vote for Sniff or Ali!!!


  4. I have never voted for a dem my entire life but in this particular race Medina has my vote. Ali comes across as a slimy used car salesman. He is a disgrace to the GOP along with Jonathan Ingram.

  5. After 11/6 Ali will jump off of Sniffs lap and slowly try to jump on Chads bandwagon. By The start of the new year Ali will be all in on the Bianco train and no longer be “friends” with Sniff. You can guarantee it. Can’t trust him n his lies.

  6. Re Station ref EOW: Yes, I agree with you. Ali by the start of the new year Ali will be saying to Chad ” Si, señor”.

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