Oct 062018

16 Likes, in a week.

As a side note, People do not often share or like my Right on Daily Facebook stuff for fear of retaliation. However, that said, this blog has gotten 1.8 Million Hits year to date and well over 2 Million dating back to late last year, showing that people are paying attention closely.

Sniff has roughly 5000 Facebook Page Likes and the best he can muster is 16 interactions on a post like this?

That is a display of the weakness of his campaign. He might have been better off putting a sock in his mouth.

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  10 Responses to “Stan Sniff #EPICFAIL, Attempts to Mock Chad Bianco and Humiliates Himself Instead”

  1. Rumor has it that Sniff’s little puppet has completely lost his mind and is continuing to throw up all over himself on social media. So we don’t forget what a LIAR and cheap actor he is, I’m going to be re-posting this for the next 31 days:

    A quote from Palm Springs Mayor Pro Tem J.R. Roberts: “The only thing worse than bigotry is someone lying about it for political gain.”

    You be the judge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pI8y8k8q-Ps&feature=youtu.be

    By the way, for anyone who may be offended by reading anything on this blog, here’s a NEWS FLASH, you don’t have to look at it! It doesn’t automatically pop up on your computer screen unless you purposely search for it. So don’t search for it and then start whining about what you’ve read on it.

  2. Rumor mill has it that Stan Sniff was in the audience at City Council in Palm Springs when the canary was singing his blues to them.

  3. To Jason Horton, Jeff Kubel, Cheryl Evans and Misha Graves, they sell boxes at U-Haul, which you will need come January because your services will no longer be needed. So enjoy your time on Lemon Street because it’s coming to an end. The Sheriff should have one last get together at the Ninth Street Eatery for his command staff before they get their walking papers. Peckerhead Wood and Jughead.Vest can slither back to their den in Hemet as JJ Gutierrez wanders back to his rathole in Rialto as DiYorio files a W/C claim for a knee replacement (again). Although this raises a question, how could DiYorio have passed the peace officer physical to return to active duty with a knee replacement? But then again, they made allowances for Coby. Stan, you turned the second floor into a “Satan’s lair of serpents” all for the sake of satisfying your selfish ego and prestige.

  4. The election is November 6th, and on November 7th, the second floor will be hosting a late night shredding party for the files Kevin “I did two years on patrol” Vest can’t delete from Agencyweb. Stan Sniff went from respected Sheriff to 200 lbs. or greed on wheels, and his executive staff emulated his behavior. Stan Sniff and his staff on Lemon Street are the poster children for what’s wrong in law enforcement, and why they get indicted. Stan, you achieved the position you always wanted, and in the process allowed your ego to rise to the size of a cathedral, and became your own deity, complete with your selfish, gold plated fantasies that you were a good leader, which you and your executive staff are not. You and your command staff have turned the second floor into Babylon the Great, it has become a dwelling place for demons. You are losing the election and are calling out for help, and no one is answering, why, because you screwed everyone you could in order to stay in power. We can only hope the feds come calling soon on you and your staff.

  5. There are multiple offenders that need to be held accountable for their actions, the first being Kurlyowicz, we “did” like him as a commander, but Kurky toes ended up being a disappointment when he started spewing Sniff’s rhetoric, and now the Mo Val City Council wants him removed as chief of police. We were able to get riid of Zach Hall, now if we could get Tyler Clark and Fat Bodner our as well, then maybe Mo Val will be a better place to work at again. Sniff and his entire command staff needs to do, all they have done is enrich themselves and promoted their friends and “tools” they can control at the expense of good people. And they wonder why we are leaving for other departments.

  6. @Ocean Unit, keep on posting that over and over so no one will forget what a lying piece of crap Kurly and Sniff are. I’m sure Lyndon “The Executioner” Wood played a part in that rotten little scheme those morons conjured up too. To hell with all of those lying bastards. Kurylowicz has to be terminated for dishonesty, this goes way beyond politics, he’s a lying SOB and can never again be trusted.


  7. Good afternoon everyone!!!

  8. “True leadership must be for the benefit of the followers, not the enrichment of the leaders.”

    “Leadership is an opportunity to serve. It is not a trumpet call to self-importance.”

    “One measure of leadership is the caliber of people who choose to follow you.”

    “I forgot to shake hands and be friendly. It was an important lesson about leadership.”

    S/Sniff you are a flawed leader and human being, rot slowly you piece of garbage. I will never forget.

  9. We are exactly one month away from making history and winning this election. Please keep getting the word out to everyone you know and everyone you meet. Chad Bianco has the support of virtually every law enforcement officer and firefighter in this entire county, and in all of southern California.

    That disgusting fake act by Kurylowicz crying at the Palm Springs city council meeting was a slap in the face to the entire LGBTQ community. What a low life piece of trash he is, and Sniff helping him plan this little scheme out just shows you how desperate they are that they will stoop that low. We need to clean house and start fresh, the men and women of this department deserve much better than what Stan Sniff and his trolls have to offer.

    Chad Bianco for Sheriff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. It seems spring cleaning will come in the fall, what with sanitizing that 2nd Floor of the nasty funk those tools leave behind when they get their walking papers once our new sheriff takes that office by a landslide.

    What other schemes are they mixing in their cauldrons? Sniffcompoop can’t get any “likes?” Perhaps he should consult with the king, er, I mean queen of social media for some tips. He should have learned how to at least act like he gave a shit about the rank and file whilst he was in office but that power juice is potent and so addictive.

    The orgy is OVER, gang!! Pack yo bags and get the [email protected] out!!

    And @done wrong: Sniff never shook hands with the rank and file unless there was a sweaty wad of cash for him. Love the quotes.


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