Oct 092018

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By now, you’ve read countless stories about misconduct and cover-ups within the Sheriff’s Department.

There have been numerous major crimes related to RSO (Riverside Sheriff’s Office) employees under Stan Sniff’s watch and the standard procedure is to cover them up. Sometimes, they are aided and abetted by the local media.

Recently, Correctional Deputy Jason Gordon Wenker assaulted his baby causing major injury. He has yet to be tried for the crime and is presumed innocent until proven guilty. (I think he is going to prison)

January 2016, Correctional Deputy and “Pastor” Mark Anderson was arrested by US Marshalls for Pedophilia.  A Blythe Publication had the story. Here is a FB note from El Centro PD and here is a story from an Imperial Valley publication about him pleading guilty.  Note – nothing in the Desert Sun or the Riverside Press-Enterprise.

Remember The Kevin Duffy Case serial child molestation case from 2010? Other than KMIR, nothing. As you recall, Stan Sniff and crew covered up the serial child molestation of this guy. It is alleged that Sniff and crew arranged to let him go home post arrest so he could commit suicide. Once Duffy Killed himself, the case was covered up. It is thought that Duffy molested upwards of 200 children over a period of 20 years. The KMIR story is here. Click here to see our expose’ on the Kevin Duffy Story as we dug deeper than KMIR and spoke to people with direct knowledge of the case. Note – nothing in the Desert Sun or the Press-Enterprise.

Captain Nordstrom? He was alleged to have been torturing his daughter and got away with it in a PSB whitewash.

Dale Long? He got sloppy drunk after a binge and murdered someone in cold blood in a bar. To this day, the Lieutenant that was drinking with him remains widely unknown.

Raymond Gregory – the former Assistant Sheriff turned Candidate for Cathedral City Council has a string of police calls to his house and an investigation in to sexual misconduct with a minor that went nowhere.

Oscar Rodriguez? He murdered the ex-Boyfriend of his girlfriend at the time. He nearly got away with it were it not for the family suing him and him taking the 5th on every question in the lawsuit deposition. The department paid out $7 Million on the lawsuit. PSB went on a witch hunt to cover up for their embarrassment, they shook down the whole staff there, terminating a deputy at Thermal Station (for something completely unrelated to Rodriguez) and eventually netting the termination of Captain Andrew Shouse. (While Frank Schiavone continues to be employed despite his foibles – see how that works?) Rodriguez had pre-meditated the murder and insiders tell me he took steps to evade detection even fooling the Coroner. Nevertheless, the department did the usual and attempted to button this up. (Note, Rodriguez has not been convicted yet, it is my opinion that he is guilty of Capitol Murder)

If you’ve read the blog for any length of time, you’ve seen names like Chief Deputy Jason “Deuce” Horton alleged to have gotten away with a DUI, Lyndon Raymond “the Executioner” Wood who has skull tattoos commemorating everyone he has clipped in the line of duty, Lt. Robert “Gunslinger” Rose of the pulling guns on civilians (twice!) capers, Assistant Sheriff Jerry Guitierrez (DUI), Sgt. Steve Fredericks (DUI), Then Sgt.- now Lt. Christian Dekkker’s rip offs of overtime, Sgt. Bob Epps’ corrupt management of the Bomb Squad (including felonies) and a host of others that have gotten away with misconduct for years. Heck, even Stan Sniff flashes his badge to get out of traffic tickets!

But a deputy that took a picture of himself in Uniform holding a Chad Bianco sign got a 2 week suspension without pay, at the same time the universally loathed and hated Christian Dekkker got promoted to Lieutenant despite having done dozens of deeds far worse than posing for a photo with a Stan Sniff Sign. (Since Dekkker is rarely seen in uniform, that is an unlikely scenario) As I type this, Internal Affairs is on a rampage to discipline and terminate Chad Bianco supporters and anyone they think as spoken to this blog.

If the above does not have you worried about what kind of people work in management for the Sheriff’s Department under Stan Sniff’s watch, get a load of the last segment of today’s installment of the corruption chronicles. It pertains to the Indio Jail.

Remember the Tammy Smoak Story? PSB is lining up to grill her on 7-24, and it is my belief that is happening because she talked to me. Well, one of the stories in the Smoak file is a gun that made it in to the Southwest Detention Center – conveniently re-named Cois Byrd just before Byrd endorsed the Sniffmeister’s Re-Election.

We’ve lampooned the Cois Byrd Detention center for having several broken doors and a broken Sally Gate for weeks (maybe months)…

… Well, it turns out that an inmate got a gun in to the Indio Jail. The inmate was already housed before another inmate tipped off the guards she had a gun and was going to clip another inmate she was having a fight with. This happened about a year ago. Has anyone heard about it? Of course not… PSB to the rescue!

You’re probably asking yourself… “Self? How the hell are inmates getting narcotics and guns in to the jail?”

It starts with Assistant Sheriff Jerry Guitierrez! Guitierrez made a brilliant command decision to change a practice known as “Potty Watch”. This was a procedure where a suspected inmate was made to have three movements under a specific set of circumstances to make sure no contraband was in their orifice(s). It was a pretty effective means to catch convicts in the act of smuggling stuff in to the jail.

Instead, the brilliance of Guitierrez led to an order to get rid of the “Potty Watch” and instead take the scumbag to a medical exam. What if the dope is hidden in something that does not show up in an MRI or an X-Ray. DOH! What if they forget to take the inmate to the doctor? A female inmate ends up getting a gun in to the jail!

Now I understand how Guitierrez qualified to be an Assistant Sheriff. It is also rumored that the Indio Jail is without a Captain, it is rumored that this is because Guitierrez intends to demote to Captain from Assistant Sheriff. Obviuosly, people are making contingency plans for the anticipated results of the November election. We’ve also heard that Misha Graves (now a Chief Deputy) is also having buyer’s remorse, but there is no Captain slot being opened for her. (But Stan did get to use her promotion as a campaign prop) If either or both of them successfully demote to Captain, the process for terminating either one of them is covered by union collective bargaining, not “at will” employment.

You just simply do not have this sort of a string of crime(s) being committed and horrible command decisions by law enforcement if there is an honest culture in the department. Since the State of California is obsessed with letting Criminals off the hook easy and fostering an anti-cop culture, I have zero hope that Xavier Becerra will take a break from suing the Trump Administration to investigate and prosecute the corruption in the Riverside Sheriff’s Office.

There also has been little, if any local media coverage because they are afraid of the tyrannical Sheriff… so RightonDaily will continue on.

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  5 Responses to “Stan Sniff Corruption Chronicles, a Sampling of Felonies Within his Department, an Inmate got a Gun in to the Indio Jail, and the Related Cover-Ups”

  1. Lets not forget who Duffy the child molester’s supervisor was while he was grooming these young boys to become his prey. Kurylowicz was watching over Duffy, go figure, Sniff had the fox guarding the hen house.

    And to keep everyone from forgetting about how dishonest and dirty Kurylowicz is, I’m going to be re-posting this for the next 28 days:

    A quote from Palm Springs Mayor Pro Tem J.R. Roberts: “The only thing worse than bigotry is someone lying about it for political gain.”

    You be the judge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pI8y8k8q-Ps&feature=youtu.be

    By the way, for anyone who may be offended by reading anything on this blog, here’s a NEWS FLASH, you don’t have to look at it! It doesn’t automatically pop up on your computer screen unless you purposely search for it. So don’t search for it and then start whining about what you’ve read on it.

  2. When you cut off the head of a snake, the body will follow. We must get Sniff out of office to restore honesty and integrity.

    Vote Chad Bianco for Sheriff on Nov, 6th

  3. Stanley, no matter how much you try and hide the misdeeds of your minions, you can not hide the truth. Here’s another movie quote for you Stanley.


    Aaron Park: Stanley, do you know what hell is? It’s not fire and devils. All that stuff they taught you when you were little. We make our heaven and our hell while we’re alive, Every time we cause pain, every time we cause suffering.

    Stanley: Aaron, can you find it in your heart to forgive me?

    Aaron Park: I can’t.

    Stanley: I created my own hell.

    Aaron Park: And I am the demon who crawled up out of it.

    Stanley: Hello? Hello?

    Aaron Park: Kurly Toes is sorry

    Stanley: Who is this? Is he okay? Did something happen?

    Aaron Park: Yeah. Something happened. I exposed him for the liar he was.

    Stanley: Today, I want to talk to you about forgiveness…

    Aaron Park: God can’t save you from me!

    Stanley: How do you have my employees email and phone numbers?

    Aaron Park: They asked me to expose you.

    Stanley: Are you the one who exposed me?

    Aaron Park: Yes.

    Stanley: I’m gonna find you and I’m gonna kill you.

    Aaron Park: You do what you need to do. But you better be sure, cause that’s a long, dark road you’re headed down.

    Stanley, you can never change the words or stories of you unethical and immoral behavior, or that of your administration. It is out on the internet, forever.

    It must drive you nuts to know you have created a rebellion within the Department. You are supposed to be a leader. And as such, be above reproach. Instead you are a megalomaniac. You are going to deposed in November. And you and your admin will go down as the worst administration in the history of RSO.

    No matter how many lies you speak, you can not silence the truth. Hopefully, you’ll do the right thing for once in your life.

  4. Last week Jughead Vest was at the Academy, and it just so happened there was an audit of the computers there. Coincidence, not in your life, they are looking to see who is providing information to Aaron. But a lot of information being provided won’t be found in Agencyweb, it comes from first hand knowledge, which Vest just don’t seem to understand, and Sniff though Vest was AS material, Sniff would have been better off promoting a pet monkey in Vest’s position. If Sniff took a hard look at his second floor staff, he would understand why he is losing the election.

  5. Let’s not forget about a Lt.’s wife who was a treasurer for a elementary school Parent Teachers group in Beaumont and kept no records of collected funds from fund raisers. When it came to a supposed audit and the funds were not accounted for Beaumont PD did nothing but turned it over to the school district and National PTA to do what they wanted. Money embezzled with no charges filed against her or the others involved thanks to the Lt.’s in with Sniff. Of course the Beaumont Chief was later indicted for the fiasco there.
    Or again in Beaumont. Where the Correctional Deputy killed a well respected elder cyclist because they were busy on their cellphone while driving. Nothing in the news, local or otherwise, and the deputy was forgiven by the department. Or the Correctional Deputy who had Alcohol in a facility refrigerator but was only given a written warning by supervision because of his family ties within the department.
    A lot of good people were screwed over by the administration because of their integrity and honesty and having a personal honor.

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