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Remember the post we did about Sgt. Steve Fredericks? He is alleged to have gotten away with a DUI in Temecula.

(Pictured, Most of Sniff’s Management Team, Pity that Deuce Horton and the Executioner are not in the photo)

Back in January, your intrepid blogger had been told about the Thermal Station under then Captain Andrew Shouse. When Shouse was terminated for misconduct (note, he is in arbitration to get his job back), there was a follow up issue.

Something like 2500 case files were sitting around the station. They were across the whole spectrum of crimes. Some of the files had expired because the statute of limitations had run out. I did not follow up on the story because after interviewing a department insider, the number of fouled up cases was something like 300 legitimate issues.

At the time, I was discovering rampant corruption within the department and the Captain Andrew Shouse story seemed to pale in comparison. (Granted some of the files pre-dated Shouse’s tenure at Thermal Station, but the fact remains, some of them did manifest under his watch.)

In the months since, we learned about Kevin Duffy, a serial Child Molester. According to inside sources Duffy may have molested 200 or more boys. The case was thoroughly covered up and the file was left “Open/Suspended” in order to prevent public records requests.

Now, take a look at the people in this picture. Some or all of them knew about the Thermal Station Mess. Some or all of them knew about the cover up of Kevin Duffy. We’ve also learned from Luis Bolanos and his “Get Bit” investigations team that Captain Kurly may well have been in on the cover-up (Kurly is the “Captain” that went on a Dr. Ford-esque everyone is a homophobe rampage a couple weeks ago in a desperate attempt to invoke sympathy for Stan Sniff).

It appears that the web of cover ups is systemic and may well touch the entire department, every station, every team and every level. Due to the fact that a preponderance of Sniff’s management team are proven to be corrupt and seem to be selected for their lack of integrity and vulnerabilities in their past (to enable Sniff to maintain leverage over them), it makes perfect sense that hundreds, maybe thousands of cases are mismanaged.

Mismanagement is the least of Sgt. Steve Frederick’s problems.

AS told to me by a confidential informant, Sgt. Steve Fredericks has far worse problems than the DUI he allegedly got away with.

Fredericks is an out in the open loud and proud Sniff Supporter. There is your first clue how he got away with a DUI.

The second part of Fredericks’ story I touched on in a previous post. But, I got some details and it is disturbing. Fredericks was responsible for putting dozens, if not hundreds of criminal referrals from CPS and other agencies related to Child Abuse, Spousal Abuse, Domestic Violence and Sex Crimes in to the shred pile.

When Fredericks was caught in dereliction of his duty, there were something like 300 files in his possession. It will never be known how many files got shredded. Fredericks was facing demotion and a major fine for his sloth and incompetence. Instead, as it appears with so many others, he was on the Sniff protection plan and simply got a slap on the wrist and a transfer. If everything I was told is true, Sgt. Fredericks should have been prosecuted.

Some of the cases were ONGOING CHILD ABUSE. How many kids endured 12-18 more months of abuse because of Sgt. Steve Fredericks? How many criminals got away with their crimes because of Andrew Shouse (and his predecessor)?

Since Fredericks was disciplined, there is no further recourse that can be taken against him.

It is clearly rumored that as part of Sniff’s last minute rampage that they are going to take similar actions on other corrupt members of team Sniff in order to help them dodge justice. IT is also clearly rumored that Sniff and the above pictured scum in his management team are preparing retaliatory transfers of Chad Bianco supporters. (This is known as “Freeway Therapy” where people are deliberately transferred to stations sometimes 1-2 hours away from their residence.)

Now, I have the proper perspective for Captain Andrew Shouse getting fired. Beyond his alleged drunkenness and fraternization – the case files that were left without follow up were the likely reason he was terminated. However, since people like Steve Fredericks were not terminated, even someone as flawed as Shouse could get his job back.

Now it gets even worse. I’ve been told by several department members that the Steve Fredericks / Andrew Shouse situation is commonplace in the Riverside Sheriff’s Office. Since the culture is to cover everything up, it perpetuates the incompetence and sloth that your intrepid blogger keeps uncovering.

How many child abuse cases were shredded? How many domestic violence cases were shredded? Where does it stop? Where the HELL is the local media? Oh, that’s right, they care more about the term Butt-Monkey because fixating on that allows them to hide from the brutal reality of the Stan Sniff regime.

Based on what I have learned over the last year, I have concluded that Stan Sniff is a failure as a Sheriff on almost every level imaginable. Given that the State of California is on a rampage to decriminalize Crime, the fact that hundreds of case files get shredded and the culprits are only selectively held accountable is beyond an outrage.

Oh and Sniff has overseen the early release of 43,500 criminals, you know the ones who actually get caught and followed up on. Good Lord.

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  19 Responses to “Stan Sniff Bombshell: Not Just Kevin Duffy, but Hundreds of Sex Crimes and Abuse Cases Were Never Investigated and the Malfeasance Covered Up”

  1. Sniff is a LIAR and a corrupt politician. All of these Sniff loyalists know of all the unethical practices that go on in Sniff’s administration. Time to DRAIN THE SWAMP!

    And to keep everyone from forgetting about how dishonest and dirty Kurylowicz is, I’m going to be re-posting this for the next 29 days:

    A quote from Palm Springs Mayor Pro Tem J.R. Roberts: “The only thing worse than bigotry is someone lying about it for political gain.”

    You be the judge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pI8y8k8q-Ps&feature=youtu.be

    By the way, for anyone who may be offended by reading anything on this blog, here’s a NEWS FLASH, you don’t have to look at it! It doesn’t automatically pop up on your computer screen unless you purposely search for it. So don’t search for it and then start whining about what you’ve read on it.

  2. Is there not CPS workers in the local area being prosecuted for looking the other way on child abuse cases?

    Blogger’s Note: Kurly – this is apples and oranges. What the department is doing is refusing to follow up on cases actually referred from CPS. It is an outrage, but a consistent pattern of incompetence and cover up.

  3. Total incompetence on the part of Steve Fredricks, he was lazy as a deputy, did less as an investigator, and it was a total waste of three stripes to promote him to Sergeant. But he was a “yes man” so the second floor promoted this tool. Steve Fredricks never did anything in his career, and kept telling everyone he did his time as a sergeant when he was transferred from Cabazon to Temecula (16 months as a patrol sergeant and he thinks he’s ready for Lt.)

    Steve Fredricks allowed his ego, and thirst for power to cloud his judgement, just like the rest of the political appointees the second floor has promoted. Steve Fredricks should have been terminated, but because he’s a snitch, they protected him. News flash Steve, the troops hated you, and so did the investigators in the bureau, and everyone was hoping the second floor was going to do the right thing, but they protected you, what a corrupt organization we have.

  4. RSO sounds allot like Rialto PD! I would consider looking at Internal Affairs Sgt. James Mills. This guy has been caught lying in two recent sworn arbitrations and a federal civil deposition. He’s submitted false evidence to a federal court and is currently being investigated by his own department and the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. There is evidence of manipulation of audio recordings, forgery, submitting false evidence in criminal investigations as well as the fact that he was forwarding police officers Personnel files to his wife, Audrey Mills who is a current San Bernardino County Behavioral Health employee. And yet he remains on the job with full police powers.

    Law enforcement should wear a black shroud on their badge because truth and honesty is dead.

  5. Sergeant Jon Wade shoulders partial blame for the Steve Fredricks fiasco. If he had not tried to help cover- up the hit and run Fredricks was involved in, then maybe the discipline Fredricks would have received may have straightened him out and sent him on the right path. But instead Jon Wade helped his boy Steve avoid responsibility, which only fueled his sense of entitlement, and self-importance, and desire for a management position, at any cost. Jon Wade helped Steve Fredricks avoided a hit and run allegation, with a possible nexus to a DUI, and Jon was rewarded with an assignment in the Detective Bureau, and SET sergeant position, so Jon Wade’s behavior just substantites the appearance of malfeasance in the Department. Jon Wade is no better than Stan Sniff, and is a second floor lackey involved in cover ups of potential crimes by staff members. And Jon Wade, you complained that you were denied SLI three times before eventually attending the course, you must have nodded off during the ethics portion of the class. You don’t deserve the three stripes you have, you should have moved to Hawaii when you had the chance, then maybe you would have avoided all this notoriety.

  6. Where was Lt. Greg Negron whet Steve Fredricks has his DUI crash, he was the patrol Lt. for the Southwest Station when this ocurred. So did Wade and Fredricks pull a fast one on Lt. Negron, or was he part of the cover up as well, inquiring minds want to know. So whose to blame here, Wade and Fredricks for being out of control, or their Lt. for not keeping his Sergeants in check and holding them accountable? Granted too much time has elapsed for the DUI, but the hit and run is a solid allegation. And now Fredricks skates on the destruction of files, official police records. Anybody else would have been fired, but not here. The second floor is “poisoning the well” when Chad Bianco takes over with all the poison bills the second floor retains, and promotes.

  7. Stan Sniff and his command staff should be referred to as “Crime inc.” by the way they act. And the photograph of them all sitting there gives the appearance of crime bosses sitting at a table instead of modern law enforcement executives. They have done nothing, except pad their own pockets as they cause the destruction of good men and women’s careers in the Department they view as a threat to them, and to their marionettes they have promoted. In any other progressive Police Department, our command staff would not survive. I hope Chad Bianco sends them all on their way come January.

  8. Destruction of police records, failure to investigate, cover ups of potential crimes, unlafwful terminations and retaliatory PERS investigations, violations of civil rights, malfeasance, how much more are the good people of Riverside County going to have to endure before the DA looks into these matters. I admit I am not a Luis Bolanos fan, even when he worked for the department, but some of his statements do have meaningful information, no matter how many press releases the second floor generates saying otherwise. I just hope when Chad Bianco takes over that he will let the chips fall where they may, and rebuild from there. But he will have to overcome the Mike Manning’s that have been promoted beyond their abilities until they reach retirement age and are kicked off the team.

  9. No one has mentioned yet that Sgt Fredricks has recently been reassigned to patrol at the Lake Elsinore Sheriff’s Station. Thanks for your going away gift Stan. We really appreciate it. Just one more corrupt asshole to deal with.

  10. One more thing:

    Sgt. Fredricks, Welcome to RightonDaily.com

  11. At a minimum, Steve Fredricks and Jon Wade should be Brady listed for their antics, by the DA and LDF. They are not credible anymore as a result of their illicit behavior. And Sgt. Fredricks should have been sent to the jail or the courts to minimize the damage he is capable of inflicting upon the Department based upon his past behavior. Steve Fredricks was the first to say ”fire him,” but is also the first to say, “I am part of management, so I am entitled to special considerations.” Steve Fredricks keeling his job is the embodiment of second floor hypocrisy in that they proclaim to be fair minded in holding everyone accountable, but in reality they give power and privilege to a small elite, their favorites, and screw everyone else, even for the smallest of infractions.

    I would like to welcome Sgt. Jon Wade to RightonDaily.com

  12. Steve Fredricks was a tool that was used by management, and was promoted beyond his capabilities. Now with Jon Wade, he knew better, but chose to go down the path of ruination. Steve Fredricks would always remind his troops to be in full uniform, as he himself would follow Lt. Negron around like a puppy dog in uniform, minus his Sam Brown, But John Wade was no better and would conduct briefings on Sunday mornings in his grey track suit (fucking hypocrites).

    Steve Fredricks would tell us in briefing,”I don’t want to see any 10-8 time on your logs today,” and would do whatever it took for him to get the Detective Bureau, even if it meant screwing over his peers. Steve Fredricks behavior involves a hit and run, possible DUI, and the shredding official documents, and he still not only keeps his job, but his rank, unbelievable.

    And they transferred Fredricks to Lake Elsinore, they already have Queen Anne, and that piece of crap Kevin Smith, what the hell are they trying to do, ruin the Lake Elsinore Station? I am surprised the Lake Elsinore and Wildomar City Council members have not raised concerns with the second floor on who they are getting to serve their communities. You watch, Steve Fredricks is going to try to PERS a patrol deputy over some innocuous matter as soon as possible in order to regain some reverence to prove he is worthy of the rank he was given, (as compared to earned), and in the process cause hate and discontent with the troops at Lake Elsinore.

  13. Steve Fredricks is a liability we can’t afford to have, and needs to be shown the door. Ben Clark and Cois Byrd would have cut him lose. Hell even Bobby Doyle knew when to cut his loses, but not the buffoons on the second floor. But then again look who they promoted to positions of authority and management. And I don’t think Steve Fredricks will receive a warm welcome when he touches down at Lake Elsinore, from either the troops, or the Lt.’s. We at Mo Val are willing to work out a trade with fat Bodnar, but not if it involves Fredricks, you can keep him, we don’t need another fucked up supervisor at Mo Val.

  14. Warning: Steve Fredricks will look for a peer at the Lake Elsinore Station to manipulate into his way of thinking, and will screw him over for his own benefit. Steve Fredricks can’t be trusted, and will do anything to be in the good graces of management again, even if it means sinking someone else’s career because he does not care about the welfare of the troops, or his peers. All Fredricks cares about is how he can profit from the current situation to make himself look superior to others. And do not be surprised when you find out he’s been telling on everyone, that’s his nature. So good luck Lake Elsinore, you will need it because his ethical and moral compus has malfunctioned for years.

  15. But but Fat Bodnar is a PSB God and made a stage arrest that got put on the RSO social media page so we should all bow down to him. What a joke. Holy hell ROD you gots Rialto PD in the house dropping their dirt. You have truly become a weapon of terror to be used against corrupt police administrators in Southern California. Please don’t abandon us after the election.

    Blogger’s Note: I intend to stay to make sure the clean up happens. Trust me.

  16. Didn’t his truck get towed n Sgt Fredericks flashed his badge around demanding it back ASAP! Guy is not very likable that’s for sure. Even his home owner association hates him.

  17. I can see Rialto PD being next on the list for clean up. And let’s not forget “Gang Cop” Jerry Gutierrez who is on the Rialto Planning Commission. Maybe we can add Sgt. James Mills of Rialto PD to the list of corrupt individuals like Michael Carona. Lee Baca and Stan Sniff.

  18. If they don’t do something about Sgt. John Mills, I can see the Rialto PD and the Rialto City Council being featured on RightonDaily.com, and then we will see what the voting public in the city of Rialto think about their Chief of Police and their elected city officials. Airing their “dirty laundry”’ for all to see, it has done wonders for the voting residents of Riverside County, just ask Stan Sniff and the second floor troglodytes he calls his command staff. And JJ Gutierrez is next when he runs for re-election on the Rialto Planning Commission. Although it is astonishing that Rialto PD staff are coming to you Aaron instead of the local media, maybe they trust ROD more than the San Bernardino Sun.

  19. So I hear Steve Fredericks is getting his stripes ripped, and he is lucky to still have a job, over yet another incident. Be interesting to hear the twist on his latest transgression.

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