Oct 192018

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Sometimes, I need a while to process things. This was one of those times. I’ve been writing ad-naseum about how Contract Cities are getting hammered. I was contacted by another informant and told about another ghastly rip-off of all cities, not just contract cities.

We’ve written about the incompetence of people like Captain Coby Webb (known as Captain Tripod), Lt. Werges (worthless), Captain Kurly and others that constantly are screwing Contract cities over with massive (and mandatory overtime). In the case of Webb, one time she was short 700 hours on a contract. In the case of Werges, he screws up almost as much as Colleen Walker used to. Time and time again, I am told stories about how Contract Cities are getting ripped off.

Contract Cities are paying for a certain number of deputies during certain time periods and they are not getting that service.

The Cities know about the overtime game and there is growing discontent over the budget shell games.

Contract cities can be real budget killers. If you don’t have enough manpower to cover your contract, you run short on billable hours. Deputies working OT to cover the lack of staff and create billable hours cut into the cost recovery since they are costing 50% more to provide the service. This means that Sniff’s decimation of department morale is costing the department a ton of money in the form of needless overtime, worker’s comp claims from exhausted employees (that Sniff and the County litigate and fight), and shortages of staff to cover minimum commitments.

Contract Cities are getting lousy service and their budgets are stretched so thin that it is not feasible for them to start their own departments.

It takes approximately 18 to 24 months to recruit, process, hire, and train a new deputy (laterals excluded). This costs the county approximately $150,000 to 175,000 before that deputy is ready to handle calls on their own. At that, repeated stories I am told indicate that training levels in the department are slipshod and poor.

You’d think with 250 deputies leaving the department in the last year that there would have been roughly $25 Million materialize in the Budget. Sniff miraculously claims to have “found” $10 million to put toward the two-year backlog of CCW Permit applications. This means that money is being used for a one-time band-aid so non-donors to Sniff can get their CCW Permit applications rejected sooner rather than later. Is the Riverside County Board of Supervisors aware of the horrendous attrition? Are they OK with it? Have they asked where the $25 Million went?

Rumor has it that Stan Sniff is going to announce that he has “Found” another $13 Million. My supposition is that he is ripping off one-time expenses to try and put out fires in advance of this election.

There have been several decisions that Stan Sniff has made that have had instant impact on the budget – such as losing $900,000 a year from ICE once he made the decision to discontinue cooperation with them.

The brain-drain in the Riverside Sheriff’s Office is having real-world consequences. A generation of incompetent Lt’s and Captains that can’t manage budgets are upon us. It is a daily occurrence that I get photos of broken down cars and busted equipment. The failure to maintain equipment is another sub-set of the mismanagement and incompetence.

Then in my conversation with the administrator I learned that every rolling three years, every jurisdiction does a statistical analysis of all the bookings their police departments cause. (Corona PD, Banning PD, Riverside PD, etc) The next year that number is set as a baseline.

If the jurisdiction exceeds their baseline, they are charged $600 per booking.

As you know, Riverside County has one of the most severe early release problems in the State of California. This means every city (not just contract cities) are paying for bookings where an inmate gets incarcerated for periods as short as a few hours.

It gets better. Let’s say inmate A is sitting in jail. The jurisdiction that sent him there has already paid for the cost of booking him (either thru the contract with the RSO or County Funding of the Jail or the $600 excess booking fee). Inmate B shows up, do you kick inmate A out and lose the fees associated with booking him? Or do you take the fee on B and then kick him a few hours later?

AB109, known as re-alignment shifted a lot of state level scum to the counties. Because a lot of counties were not prepared, it is effectively giving a lot of scum a get out of jail free card. AB109 was supposed to reimburse counties for the cost of incarcerating scum. It pays part of the cost, not all. However, the AB109 money that Riverside County gets is significant.

However, when Stan Sniff is gouging Cities like Hemet, Murrieta and others for the $600 booking fee, he is also getting AB109 Money. Whoops. We call this double-dipping.

Worse, Riverside County is alleged to be the only jurisdiction in the State that does not hold parole violators for the 100 day period. Probation Violators get released early, too. (as in go violate your probation, nothing will happen to you) Sources in the Probation Department indicate that it is a common occurrence for the Sheriff to early release people on a 100 day probation violation hold within 48 hours.

Now, why is Stan Sniff always whining about his budget? It is clear he is ripping off a lot of jurisdictions with poor service, overtime and now double dipping booking fees.

Stan Sniff appears to be ripping off the State of California, too. There are multi-jurisdictional (or departmental) teams that have a State Grant-Funded slot for a deputy. Several teams do not have their RSO deputy on them, yet the department still gets the grant money. Does the State of California know about this?

Basically Cities that are aggressive about arresting scum are getting double screwed, they get to pay big fat booking fees only to have the scum put back on the street the next day. The State of California is getting screwed. The citizens of Riverside County are getting screwed.

With all this money, it is an absolute outrage that Sniff has threatened to leave the new Indio Jail 80% empty. The new Indio Jail (which is a fraction of what it should have been thanks to the late John Benoit and Stan Sniff going along with him) is supposed to be 1690 beds. It is replacing a 353 bed antiquated jail.

Given all of these machinations, Stan Sniff is without an excuse for why he can not staff the new jail. The jurisdictions that are getting hammered by Stan Sniff should revolt and demand the board of supervisors address this issue post-haste. Meantime, Supervisor Kevin Jeffries needs to pull his endorsement of Stan Sniff as this is indefensible.

Chad Bianco needs to get a forensic audit of every nook and cranny of the Sheriff’s Department done. It is clear why Stan Sniff fought KPMG tooth and nail, there are unethical shell games, budget tricks and phantom deputies everywhere. Any level of cooperation and KPMG would have found it.

To be continued…

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  15 Responses to “Riverside Confidential: High Ranking Administrator From Allied Agency Comes Forward With a Bombshell, Stan Sniff’s Budget Rip-Offs Exposed”

  1. The brain-drain has been occurring for a long time even since Sniff got into office and began promoting his favorite children, and those that have donated to his campaign instead of good people that are free thinkers that have the concept of what management is all about. During Sniff’s career, how many Captain’s did he promote that did not have a degree, and claimed they fell under the “old system” for promotion. Granted I know a lot of people that have a degree that are educated idiots, but that did not stop Stan from promoting those morons to positions of authority because they were useful to his campaign, and not because they were worthy of promotion. But of course when it comes to the budget, Stan’s response to the BOS is,”I have people that do this for me” to escape blame for the budget. And when a press release is issued on a significant incident, I have been told Sergeants are prohibited from mentioning that the suspect in the crime is an AB109/Post Release Community Supervision inmate, which is false reporting, or lying to the public by omission. The Sherif had the money for the hub jail that would have increased inmate housing by 7,200 beds, but Sniff claimed he did not have the staff to man the facility, so what happened to the $300 million dollars, Sniff, and several other county departments, raided the coffers for their own staff projects. I wonder if this was not their plan all along.

  2. @Aaron Park. I heard directly from an allied agency officer if possible they just cite the person and not take them to jail. The reason was to save money on booking fees, since they just going to release them anyway. Sounds like you hit the nail on the head again. Amazing how these people get away with the mismanagement and theft of public funds. Stanley and his zoo should all be in prison for what they’ve done.

  3. Yup! There’s also an article in the PE (June 2017) re how unincorporated City of Highgrove is paying for Sheriff patrol services yet they’re not getting any dedicated services.

    A complaint was brought to Supe Tavaglione by the Highgrove Advisory Council as to why after contracting with RSO, for years they were still being taxed and not getting A any services.

    After waiting months for a response, Tavaglione did not respond but subsequently he disbanned the Advisory council. The property owners in Highgrove have for years, and even today pay for RSO service and get zip.

    Riverside Supes are nothing more than a gang of pimps and Sniff and his department are their bitches.

  4. I was not a fan of KPMG because some of the research they did was skewed, like response times. They would not include the pending time for the call, they would count the time for the call from the time it was dispatched to the time the deputy went 97, and would claim an increase in response times. They were also at a loss for when a Deputy would handle a call on the telephone because there is no travel time, or when a Deputy would be responding to a past burglary, and go 97 on an alarm call on the way to the past burglary because that would also throw off their research. And they were also given unprecedented access to data warehouse, and other county systems. I just wonder if KPMG staff were required to go through the DOJ less than full access training requirements that deputies had to go through. But the initial contract was something like 20 million dollars of the tax payers money. And KPMG has been fined in the U.S. and the U.K. for various violations. With that said, there has been gross mismanagement under Sniff’s command, I just don’t know if KPMG was the way to go. Maybe a Christopher Commission type of inquiry of Riverside Sheriff on their field operations, financial spending, and management operations would have better served the public on these issues.

  5. All, the Executive Staff makes decisions based on group think and not experience. This is due to some being promoted to that level, who have never worked or even understood the functions in the Department they are overseeing. How can you make a competant decision, that’s right you can’t. Promotions were based on checking a box and not Acomptency.
    Patrol has an opportunity to get some relief and boost morale at the same time. This can be done with going back to allowing deputies to conduct ride alongs at other stations. You see, deputies go to an academy and are trained and certified by the state. They then sit inside the jails for several years wondering what patrol is like. Sniffs answer to this, deny them from volunteering their free time on ride alongs to keep their perishable skills current. Someone made the decision to not allow this to occur anymore. We let civilians, possible applicants, and teenage Exlpoeers go on ride alongs ?; however, a trained, gun carrying deputy is not allowed ? They are doing this on their own time and not asking for any money to do it. How much is that costing the County, that’s right, nothing.

  6. Guy, I agree with the sentiment of your post. I believe it was Doyle but in the 2000’s a deputy doing a ride along either got hurt and claimed the ride along as workman’s comp or filed some grievance wanting it to be OT. I wanna say it was while the donning and doffing lawsuit was a hot button topic. So instead of just addressing the deputy they banned all sworn deps assigned to the jail from doing ride alongs. So instead you see sworn deps fleeing the jails after a couple years and no replacements being brought in to replace them. That then effects patrol staffing since fewer boots come out to patrol. Patrol deps get frustrated at working their asses off 6 days a week for a shitty agency and leave for Ontario or Riverside bringing staffing down lower. Vicious cycle.

  7. You are right Guy when it comes to the executive staff making decisions, they only know how to do the group think decision making style of management in order to show their loyalty to Sniff’s way of thinking, and the rule of management by threats and intimidation is reserved for the free thinkers that threaten Stan’s perspicacious way of leadership. But in reference to the ride-a-long program, it was deemed an FLSA issue with the county getting deputies to work for free. And there was also the issue of them getting subpoenas for court/DMV/parole hearings. Some managers were O.K. with that, but other’s, (which we will call political appointee’s), would complain that they would have to cover their positions with overtime, which is a non-issue because each command has an overtime budget. And there was also an issue of if they would be covered under W/C because they were on their own time.

  8. Talk about lying by omission. In one hand the second floor will say they don’t have the budget to send a staff member to this task force, or that special assignment. But on the other hand, the task force is funded by a grant, so it don’t cost the second floor any money to man that position. But the selection process is anything but “transparent.” For the most part, they do not send out notifications that this special assignment has an opening, or this task force has an opening, ect. They don’t ask for interest memo’s, resumes, hold oral interviews, nothing for that special assignment, they just pick one of their favorites for that position, even if that employee has not shown any interest in that assignment, or knows what they are doing. The only time you will see a D.M. come out is for SWAT, the Dive Team, or a motor position only because the requirements are so stringent, but other than that, the second floor has the say as to who goes to SIB, GTF, HDT, ect. Years ago Sniff made allegations that he was willing to open up his personnel files when running against Frank Robles, I just wonder if Sniff will open up the files to see how the second floor selects staff members for special assignments, and what qualifications they had for those positions.

  9. Hey, I remember Sniff making that claim of opening his personnel file for review in I believe the P.E. So, if Sniff was willing to have his personnel file open for review, what about his command staff? Is DiYorio, Vest, J.J., Kubel, Wood, Horton, Raya, Graves and the rest of the executive staff going to do the same? After all, they are a reflection of Sniff, so if Sniff can do it, so should they for the sake of transparency. And what about Aaron Kent, Christian Dekker, Robert Epps, Kent Werges, Kevin Smith, Marty Tochtrop and the like. If they too have pledged their support for Sniff and his policies, then they should have no problem voluntarily opening up their personnel files as well.

  10. The truth about Stanley

    Lack of leadership, Unethical, dishonest, insecure, and a incompetent pathological liar, is a good way to describe you Stanley. You are a desperate person who will do and say anything to keep your job.

    Stanley you can’t make a decision because you lack leadership and confidence. If you go back to any major events or incident, Stanley won’t come out to make a decision or statement. Perfect example of lack of leadership and incompetent is your failure to pay respect and attend the anniversary Memorial of a fallen deputy in Temecula.

    For God sakes Stanley you are the leader of this department make a decision stop hiding behind others.

    Stanley you have never been a leader, you talk about your military career but the truth is you reportedly enlisted in the National Guard to dodge the Vietnam war. You then went over to the Army Reserve and became a weekend soldier.

    Stan, you let staffing throughout the Department dip to critically low levels creating a more dangerous environment our limited deputies in the field are facing. The lack of timely back up rest solely on your shoulders.

    You sacrificed their safety for political gain and more money, but your staff have new cars to drive around the Empire.

    Your conduct is equal to leaving a wounded soldier on the battle field as you run for cover. True warriors in the military and the law enforcement profession do not abandon their troops or ignore their obligation as keepers of the peace.

    Note: I don’t have any issues with the National Guard or Army Reserve but I do have an issue with Stanley using both organizations to benefit himself. Bottom line Stanley your not a Colonel. You are a want to be Colonel

    You have ran this department to the ground and everyone’s knows it. Your lack of leadership and not getting along has caused this department to crumble.

    Bottom line Stanley you’re a loser and the people don’t want you to be Sheriff you need to go !!!!!

    Chad Bianco for Sheriff 2018

  11. His personnel file is an absolute joke! I remember that stupid picture from the PE. I have searched the internet but cant find it. It showed an empty file on the counter with Stanley standing there like he was turning over Hillary’s email records. In the article I remember him saying his file was empty and he was fired for no reason. Got it Stanley!!! Sure enough it appeared to only have one page in it. So, if any of you think he didn’t launder that thing before showing it, you must already be on the second floor. Why was the PERS not in there from when he was involved on duty in a domestic 242 with his wife and girlfriend? His wife caught him coming out of girlfriends house in uniform, on duty, and the 242 ensued on the front lawn? So for sake of silly argument, lets act like those things were not destroyed and his file was empty. What productive competent employee has an empty I-file? Stanleys tenure as sheriff is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

  12. In response to Truth Seeker, lets not forget the rumor swirling around that Stanley actually retired twice from the military. Both of those on the heels of a deployment. Yup, it came time to lead the troops and Stanley went home with his tail between his legs. He is a spineless, wimpy little wanna-be of a man. Thomas is right………nothing but smoke and mirrors. Stanley you are the furthest thing possible from being a leader.

  13. Kurylowicz take a good look in the mirror

    As for Kurylowicz, he’s a liar and has no concept of the truth, and really has no business being in law enforcement.

    Kurylowicz you are a coward, you go around telling stories at the Dispatchers Academy how you survived an OIS but the truth is you left your partner in the house alone with a guy armed with a AK-47 as you ran out of the house like a coward. You didn’t even have the courage to alert your partner who was searching the home by radio or yelling.

    You make up some story to cover up what you did to your partner. Everyone saw through that story and did not believe you. So every time you look in the mirror and see the Medal of Valor Pin you wear. You know the truth that you did not earn it! Running away never earns it.

    Also you need to stop telling everyone you are being bullied all the time. You’re not being bullied everyone knows the truth about you.

    Also, stop accusing everyone that disagrees with you of being a bully and homophobic. Truth is no one respects you due to your lack of leadership and
    cowardliness. You need to man up which I know it’s hard for you to do.

    I don’t want to waste too much time on you because you’re not worth it but let me say that hiding behind the LGBT train is not going to help you in the long run because everyone sees you as worthless. The LGBT train has left the station and is yesterdays news that no one cares. Time for you to retire and go away.

  14. You have at least three files, one is the I-file at the station level, the second one is your personnel file which is downtown on the second floor, and the third file is your disciplinary file in the basement where I.A. is located. So when Stan showed his one page personnel file to the P.E., it did not have the PERS because that investigation was stored down in the basement in I.A. But Stan failed to mention that to the P.E., or commonly referred to as lying by omission, which is what the second floor is known to do for their benefit. And the story goes that during the gulf war, Stan’s tank unit was finally activated, but he decided to retire from the Army reserves instead of stepping up to the plate. Now that is embarrassing because instead of being a leader of men, Stan turned tail and ran as the young men and women in his unit showed the courage Stan was lacking and went into harms way. And the command staff not only supports, they also defend Stan, which only shows the lack of character In supporting an individual with no honor, dignity or respect. DiYorio, Vest, J.J., Wood and the rest of the command staff should be ashamed of themselves

  15. This is the single biggest failure of the Sheriiff’s Department Administration and the Riverside County Board of Supervisors and the vast majority of Riverside County citizens have no idea. Millions of tax payer dollars being wasted to cover for the “Mass Exodus” of experienced well qualified deputies who were picked off by other departments after the department spent millions to hire and train them. All because the county refused to stay competitive in a competitive industry which caused many to leave for departments offering better wages and benefits and also did not help attract new hires. Now that decision is costing the county and contract cities millions of dollars because due to the lack of man power, those contract hours are having to be filled by deputies making time and a half on overtime.

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