Sep 012018

The CATCH team is snooping on people’s computers. If you are foolish enough to email me at [email protected] to give me tips from your county computer, they may find it. If you facebook message my RIGHT ON DAILY FACEBOOK page from your county computer they may find it. Use your phone or home computer.

If you have wondered why your computer looks moved or your workspace looks different when you come in in the morning. It is because people that may or may not include Sgt. Josh Adams, and the CATCH team are going through the computers of Bianco supporters looking for people to terminate.

I have written previously that Stan Sniff is burning down the Riverside Sheriff’s Office on his way out the door. This is the latest evidence of it. Look for more rage-based promotions and way more retaliation.

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  8 Responses to “Weekend Update: If you are an Employee of RSO and You Support Chad Bianco, this is for you”

  1. Aaron,
    You are absolutely right about the Geek (CATCH) Squad. I tapped a Snickers bar to the back of my work tower. Sure enough, the tower was moved and the candy bar was missing. They left a note that read “thanks for the snacks You have to love the Riverside Sheriff’s Department!!

  2. It’s all about staying in power, at any cost. Jughead Vest, Peckerhead Wood, Deuce Horton, they only care about themselves and would fire their own sibling if it meant they could keep their position. They destroyed careers and ruined reputations to get to the second floor, and don’t know the true meaning of honor. They could have helped people along the way, like others have done for them, but they did not because they were too consumed in their pursuit for power to think of anybody else but their own selfish desires. They sold their dignity and integrity to be one of Sniff’s pawns. Enjoy your position because you will have to pay the piper soon. Old Testament, Book of Galatians 6:7-15, “For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

  3. Isn’t CATCH backed up with important criminal cases? But yet Sniffcompoop uses these resources because he’s so paranoid and losing it. Anyone using their county machine or stations WiFi to communicate in ROD deserves to be caught (I don’t wish it though, but if you’re throwing caution to the wind, you’re on your own) but not terminated.

    This is the legacy of our administration. And his henchmen dutifully carry out his orders (“Yes my master!!) thinking the task at hand is so important.

    Master investigator Fellatio used to LOVE doing these “black bag” ops at stations. He’d get wood between his little legs too! Apparently, he still loves to fuck over his peers.

    But I digress.


  4. Stole this from the Chad Bianco for Sheriff 2018 page. It’s for those in the Murda, you know who you are. The Lambs, Bodnars, Kurlys and others that are NOT looking out for the troops. You bully, intimidate and threaten RSA’s members with your power and show no respect. Many of us ask that you try and read the last sentence of the quote below. By the way, you guys are so cold on tracking the many who are tired of your piss poor leadership and yes, we are “leaking” information and replying to this blog. Why? Because if we even question your “supervising technique” or show any type of “outside thinking” we know the outcome will be a PERS, or adjusted RDO’s or maybe even a little inside justice when it comes to promotabilities. Anyway, read the great quote by our future sheriff.

    “For my fellow department members: As your Sheriff I will demand loyalty to our profession, the Riverside County Sheriffs Department, the County of Riverside, and the residents of Riverside County. The days of loyalty to a man are coming to an end. For those of you who continue to threaten our employees while questioning their “loyalty,” I suggest you actually read our values statement and law enforcement code of ethics.

  5. Hey admin, what’s it like feeling trapped, alone, afraid, and knowing you’re on the losing team? How do you look yourselves in the mirror every morning carrying the tasks of “finding” leakers or identifying personnel who want change?

    I see you scurrying for a dry spot as the ship sinks. Good luck to those turds who can retire, please stay away. Watch Netflix and eat Cheetos till you choke. The others, better downsize, that plush office you have will belong to one one way more worthy than you.

  6. So is the second floor burning up google looking for shitty small departments to work for in the midwest yet? Brings a tear to my eye. Can’t wait for all of them to fucking fired.

  7. I want to expose a situation that occurred to an admin of a FB page that has been sharing the Right On Daily. Com posts. Turns out that on Friday, at a school in Moreno Valley, while she was doing her campus rounds at about 10: 00 a.m., a drone was hovering around her ( like to see if she was on cell phone phone administration staff are strong supporters of Stan Sniff ( Dr. White, Riverside County Board of Education, Harold Accord, Union President for Educators and Joylnn Neal, Union President for Classified ) once she noticed it, she immediately flew away. Turns out, this Thursday, she has been called in to HR because eight people have complained about her being on her cell phone which is not true. They previously have suggested to censor our posts about the MVUSD and Sheriff and we have ignored them. FYI. we believe the Sheriff may be collaborating with MVUSD.

  8. I’m sure Admin has ordered CATCH to write a warrant for the IP addresses and any user information they can get their grimey hands on. I know admin has been spun in the past over department members FB posts, Twitter BS, and the like. Even letters to the editor of local rags, if they are comments against admin, are put on the fast track and investigated.

    November is around the corner. Keep the momentum for Bianco.


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