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I posted a meme of Sgt. John “Wade” Lenton. Man did I get some responses…

In the case of Harold Odom, Lenton got him charged with a Felony. Odom got fired from RSO in the interim. They did the usual Robert-Mueller style high pressure “Take a Deal” tactics and Odom was acquitted.

It gets better, I was told Jurors in the case indicated that Sgt. Lenton was lying and that was the main reason they voted to acquit Odom.

At the time Lenton was involved in the attempted lynching of Harold Odom, he was an investigator.

Obviously, his lack of character and integrity qualified him for promotion to Sargent.

(Note – to anyone contesting my claim about Lenton lying under oath, I have access to a copy of Odom’s Case file)

Lenton is in the PSB (aka Internal Affairs Department). It is well-known that they are as corrupt as the Sheriff and almost all of them were hand-picked by the Sheriff for loyalty.

Lenton is pictured here taking a selfie and screwing around on social media during work hours (aka my tax-dollars are paying for this), yet he is known for getting people suspended and fired for doing the same.

When Lenton is not busy trying to get employees of the RSO fired, prosecuted (selectively, of course as friends of stan are covered for), and otherwise disciplined – he was the case investigator from PSB related to Donald Vincent Brooks.

Lenton basically signed off on everything Robert Cornett and Tony Fellato wrote about Donald Vincent Brooks. Brooks was fired, is being prosecuted and similar to Odom has an active lawsuit going against the department.

As you recall, a Pitchess motion against Robert Cornett was denied before the primary election. It was widely believed amongst Stan and his siccophants that Sniff was going to win with 54% of the vote per a poll they did before the election. As such, they made a series of moves to forestall bad news before the June Primary.

Once Sniff got drubbed at the ballot box, the Pitchess motion was re-heard, because part of Robert Cornett’s file was withheld from the Judge. (This is the conclusion I have drawn and the only logical explanation for re-hearing a Pitchess Motion)

In order to force accountability for PSB and the corrupt cesspool on the 2nd Floor, I deliberately published the entire list of people embroiled in the cheating scandal. Lenton’s buddy Cornett was right in the middle of it – it was clear Robert Cornett was spared at the expense of others in the cheating scandal caper.

Now – it has been put to this blogger multiple times that the DA’s Office has basically given a directive to the Public Defender’s Office that they do automatic Pitchess Motions on anyone on the list. This is a consequence of all of the cover-ups and malfeasance of people like Lenton, Sniff and their crew.

Robert Cornett is pictured with the Sheriff at his promotion to “Master” Investigator.

It is alleged that Cornett is “Brady Listed” rendering him useless as an investigator as he can not testify in court due to lack of character and proven instances of dishonesty.

Harold Odom and Donald Vincent Brooks are Black. I’d be remiss if I did not mention that the thought has occurred to me that people like Lenton and Cornett are motivated in part by their disdain for Black People in their choice to waste a ton of taxpayer resources maliciously prosecuting these guys. It is what it is.

Lenton needs to be suspended and the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division needs to trace his lineage back to a German Shepherd, I will lay odds that an investigation will result in Lenton suffering the same fate it is rumored Cornett is going to suffer – termination.

Meantime, the voters need to take their Chief Enabler Stan Sniff out at the ballot box.

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  14 Responses to “Team Stan Sniff Update: SGT John Wade Lenton – Tried to Lynch Odom, now Trying to Get Donald Vincent Brooks too?”

  1. This is an awesome post! I thought Odom deserved to get fired just like Brooks did. Lenton was an outstanding Master Investigator, but he no longer is. I have worked with him and he is intelligent, but lazy and does terrible investigations. Just because the man works at Internal Affairs doesn’t mean you have to go after his character, just stick to calling him lazy. Most people at IA didnt ask to go there, but they still have to do their job. Odom did some stupid sh*t off duty and I thought he got lucky to get acquitted. I never knew Lenton lied to the Jury! Brooks got screwed. One of the lies told about him is that he threatened to shoot himself during an IA interview where his rep ran out of psb once he made the threat. This blog is doing a great job exposing the scum in the department. I am glad this blog is highlighting team Sniff and how incompetent he is as our leader!

  2. One gets acquitted generally when the cops and prosecution get caught lying no matter how guilty one might have been or has priors for stupid shit.

    If your in the rat squad and lie on another cop because the boss told you too you’re a POS PERIOD.

    IA got a job to do? Yes but it doesn’t entail lying.

    So fuck this guy and his friends.

    I’d be looking in my mirror if I was this guy.

    IA guys don’t want to be there? Usually not. They dont have a gun to their head to take the assignment.

    Just a dream of getting promoted perhaps?

  3. JTF being lazy and doing poor investigations aren’t the trademark of a master investigator and Lenton has been like that as long as I’ve known him. Another RSO Marine Corps mafia type.

  4. Sgt. Lenton is just as much to blame as Robert Cornett and Steve Brosche are in the Brooks matter because if Lenton has reviewed the file like he was suppose to, he would have found the errors committed by Master Investigator Cornett and Detective Sergeant Brosche in the investigation. That’s HIS job at Internal Affairs, to be a second pair of eyes to protect the Department from liability, and embarrassment. But Sgt. Lenton failed to do that.

    I am not defending Brooks, but what I am making issue with is the lack of honesty, integrity and accountability involving the command staff and their minions (Internal Affairs). And don’t think for a minute I.A. don’t get their marching orders from Der Fuhrer (Sniff), and the high command (his executive staff) as they are barracked suspects in the Eagles Neat (second floor) right now hoping for a miracle in November. Sgt. Lenton is lazy, which may be the true reason he failed to protect the Department.

    So I would not be surprised if Sgt. Lenton puts the blame on Captain Dan Anne and Lt. Kevin Smith because this investigation occurred under their watch at the Lake Elsinore Station, at which time they will point the finger at Sgt. Brosche for failure to perform, and Sgt. Brosche will accuse Master Investigator Cornett of negligence, and Master Investigator Cornett will say, “two sergeants signed off on the investigation, they could have kicked back the investigation for follow-up at any time,” at which point Cornett will be right. But all involved are in a protected class (golden children), so nothing will happen to them and they will still be rewarded for their incompetence.

    Although these are the types of shenanigans the Justice Department looks for to prosecute reference civil rights violations.

  5. I agree Internal Affairs does have a job to do, but the second floor has twisted the position to the point that they protect their favorites instead of being objective and allowing the investigation to run its course. And no they don’t put a gun to your head, but they don’t have to in order for you to see it “their way.” A sharp investigator went to I.A., and raised the issue of disparity in treatment because he asked “why does Deputy A get a written reprimand and Deputy B get hours when they committed the same General Orders violation?” That same investigator was transferred from I.A. to the jail, and it is highly unlikely that Investigator will ever get another special assignment as long as the current administration is in power. Look at what’s occurred, in any other Department, Aaron Kent, Christian Dekker, and Kent Werges would have been terminated, but not at “Riverside Country” because the banjo babies running the organization have no concept of leadership.

  6. If Lenton is a Brady issue, how can he still be working in Internal Affairs? He would be the first one I would call in if I was Brooks, followed by Cornett, Pelato, Brosche and possibly Capt. Anne and Lt. Smith. I wonder if LDF has the same Brady list as the DA? Lenton should not have anything to do with sensitive investigations if he has integrity issues. And I.A. gets copies of all reports involving staff members, so Lenton has no excuse for not performing to the high standards as required by the position he holds. And I have heard that Lenton was as lazy as they come and was mediocre when it came to investigations. Lenton should never have been give a position in I.A. if he has credibility issues, let alone promoted to Sergeant. Chesty would be ashamed of Lenton and his lack of character, which is non-negotiable if you claim the title of Marine. Lenton sold his soul for 30 pieces of silver to the second floor.

  7. There is a criminal culture of lying within this administration that absolutely boggles my mind. If I were any other agency I wouldn’t trust anything coming from this administration. I mean honestly, you cant believe anything out of their mouths.Their credibility FICO score is zero. I was a victim of this culture and everyone knows it. All because I told my captain that S/Sniff is corrupt. For two years I sat at home in a deep depression wondering how the fuck do they give up their honor and integrity so easily. You do everything right for 31 years, treat everyone right and handle your beat, only to have someone on your side throw it away with lies. I had witnesses who told them it was lies, but, orders to lie were sent down and honesty didn’t matter. At my exit interview with Chief Knudson, who I worked patrol with, I yelled that they were lying. Her response was “Well somebody didn’t like what you said.” I’m shaking right now as I’m typing. A Perris Station Investigation LT did my investigation and we met at PSB. During the interview I’m telling him the punk ass bitch Sgt who was the alleged complainant, was lying. The LT couldn’t look at me so I slammed my fist on the table and yelled for him to look at me. He couldn’t. It’s on tape. And then speaking of PSB, an investigator with PSB, I forgot his name, began with a “B” I believe, came into the room and eye fucked me like I was a suspect. I gave it right back to him and he bitched down like the punk he is. I don’t know how anyone can lie and write a report knowing its all bullshit to please S/Sniff’s hurt feeling. The other day I somehow started thinking about god and the devil and who the devil is. I concluded that the devil is the person (s) in your life that have done the worst thing to you. The devil in my life is you Sniff along with the cohorts who couldn’t look at me while they were carrying out your evil corrupt tasks. I don’t lie, never have, ask anyone. Crimes were committed to force me to retire. RSD is no longer a law enforcement agency because it is so corrupted. Its beyond sad because there are so many great people who work there and deserve so much better. I wont sleep tonight.

  8. Who was the dipstick on the second floor that thought it was a great idea to assign a Brady issue like John Lenton to PSB? What part of ethical behavior do they not understand? Lenton and Cornett are Brady issues, Pelato has a very questionable history, Brosche should have known better and the Lake Elsinore Station where the investigation initiated is in flames, so what are they trying to do, give away taxpayer money in conducting frivolous investigations with questionable staff members in charge. The executive staff was entrusted to make decisions for the betterment of the public, but for the last 8 years the second floor have only been making decisions to benefit themselves and their friends for their own self-enrichment.

  9. The administrations culture of lying has become so normal that weak employees don’t recognize that’s its wrong. Did you hear that, lying has become so normal with this administration that its not wrong in their minds. Or the rewards for lying are so great they gladly oblige. I see it as a department crisis the likes we have never seen before. Something across the country needs to be done to remove people like S/Sniff from office. Blue Flu until S/Sniff fucks off.

  10. No one should be surprised if they initiate a Pitches Motion on Sgt. Lenton as well since the jury on the Odom case had reasonable cause to believe Sgt. Lenton lacked honesty, integrity and credibility. And with Sgt. Lenton signing off on the Brooks investigation as the supervisor for IA, that just adds to the perception of dishonesty on his part (since it appears the investigation was skewed from the beginning). It would also be interesting if Sgt. Lenton also signed off on the Aaron Martin investigation as well. This also gives rise to additional IA investigations Sgt. Lenton signed off on that will come back and bite the county on the ass because of his integrity issue. (Note to second floor, next time promote competent people with solid work and ethical reputations instead of your friends and tools you can manipulate so you won’t have these problems the next time). We can only hope the DA initiates a grand jury inquiry.

  11. John Lenton is weak, and will rat out the second floor and disclose their secrets if properly motivated. Those individuals (like Lenton) that are lazy and self-absorbed are usually the first ones to “throw the rata down” to save their own skin when the going gets tough, like testifying about your involvement in the Brooks and Martin cases. People like Lenton are only concerned with their own well being, which is why he was not to be trusted. The second floor should have chosen a more solid individual for PSB instead of Lenton. And the Eichmann defense is not going to work for you John because “you know the difference between right and wrong.” And whatever promises made to you by the second floor John will not be any good come January when the new administration takes over. So enjoy your current assignment Sgt. Lenton, it’s all coming to an end very soon and you will “reap what you sow.” It’s “Brady issues” like you that makes it difficult for the good, hard working, and honest cops to do their jobs.

  12. If I remember correctly Chad Bianco worked internal affairs. Yet here he is still loved and trusted by those that know him. It shows that good ethics and a caring heart can overcome Rat Squad perceptions. PSB should only be feared by dirty cops, not looked at as some sort of police hit squad that comes at night to rob good people of their careers because they have angered the Second Floor God. Chad we beg you get rid of people like Wade and Sean Vickers and replace them with people that will conduct caring honest investigations and will do the just thing. If someone needs to be canned absolutely do it but don’t use PSB as a retaliation tool for your political agenda like Sniff has.

  13. Wow, white staff are treated differently than minority staff when is comes to IA investigations.. At least that is what i am interpreting by everyones posts.

    Will the MVPD Captain be invetsigated for calling others a dick or his call for the end of RSA on social media? Is this the captain that represents the city of Moreno Valley’s values. I enjoy reading how he used his gayness to get what he wants out the sheriff.

    It seems RACISM is alive and thriving within RSO under Sniff or at least lying is for sure.

    Send a message on election day, restore our faith in the Sheriff’s Department.

    I will not go to the picnic with my daughter…BOYCOTT it.

  14. If the jury in a trial thought John Lenton was lying under oath, what did the DA do? Did the DA notify the second floor,? Did they place Lenton on the Brady list? If Lenton is Brady material, why was he still promoted, let alone given an assignment in IA? All this does is give the appearance of malfeasance in Internal Affairs. But the malfunctioning tools on the second floor don’t care as long as they can stay in their offices on Lemon Street.

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