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A confidential source known to me, but requesting anonymity apparently got upset enough to come forward with specific info about Sgt Frank Schiavone and Andrew Shouse. I then followed up with others as several had information related to the subjects in this post…

You see, Andrew Shouse was notorious for drinking on duty. He was a regular parton of a local bar near the Thermal Station and could be seen as early as 2-3pm (1400-1500 for you cops and marines out there) lit up like a Christmas Tree.

Sgt. Schiavone is reputed to have been one of Captain Shouse’s drinking buddies.

Sgt. Frank Schiavone was involved in a hit and run accident in the City of Indio. He and others fled the scene.

Shouse got the whole thing covered up to make sure his drinking buddy did not get popped for a DUI or fleeing the scene

Andrew Shouse had a lot of tryists with a lot of people. I’ve been told at least two stories of Shouse taking other men’s girlfriends and having sex with them. I’ve also been told by several people that Andrew Shouse had sex with almost all of the female employees under his watch.

Some of you may recall my posts about Deputy Bxxxxxx. She got screwed over by Lt. Bostrom who had her arrested for being allegedly under the influence at the training command (and was later found to be clean). Bostrom wanted to take her down because she had Shouse’s kid, or something along those lines. I can’t keep track of all of their scores, it is like a playboy novel.

After the stench around Andrew Shouse got so bad, he was sent to the Robert Pressley Detention Center where he promptly started screwing his way through the female staff there and then he got fired. Shouse is now attempting to get his job back.

Frank Schiavone? Well, he has some baggage of his own… first off is a well-known affair with a now Captain.

Allegedly Schiavone was also stalking a now ex-wife pre and post divorce. He still has his job. Where was that investigation? Probably in the same place as the investigations of Sgt Dekker, Lt Rose, Lt Kent, etc etc etc.

Some people may not understand why we take the time to write about this stuff here at RightonDaily. Let me spell it out for you. This is the kind of behavior that is allowed to go on in Stan Sniff’s Riverside Sheriff’s Department. Andrew Shouse should have been fired years ago, yet the rank and file know they are as likely to get screwed by County Admin as the perpetrator is, therefore Shouse can brandish a weapon and take someone’s girlfriend by force while wasted (as one example of what I was told by informants). The rank and file also know that Friends of Stan are off-limits. It appears that Shouse was one up until some point before he was terminated.

It seems that Shouse has a clear nexus for hating the Sheriff. He also has a nexus for hating your intrepid blogger. Perhaps he should have not done what he did and I’d have no reason to write about him.

Honest Cops have been putting up with this kind of behavior from co-workers for years under Stan Sniff. It needs to stop. There needs to be a house-cleaning where dirty cops are terminated and prosecuted. Right now, the regime of terror reigns supreme where honest people are intimidated in to silence and no one likes their job.

Stan Sniff is the boss, and he owns the corruption of the department. When I speak to Confidential Informants, one after the other, they tell me they had such high hopes for Stan Sniff only to have him end up being way worse than any of his predecessors.

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  21 Responses to “Team Stan Sniff Update: Here is what it takes to actually get fired by Stan Sniff – Andrew Shouse Edition”

  1. Aaron, although some of this material is entertaining, I have to question the truthfulness you are receiving from some of your sources. Shouse taking other men’s girlfriends by force and then having sex with them? That sounds very farfetched to me that he could pull that off without having a hell of a fight on his hands. Although he may have dipped his personal pen in the company ink (which I don’t agree with) while in Thermal, I don’t believe any of that continued at RPDC, he was away on leave more than he was on duty. Aside from whatever Shouse did there are some concerns about certain players you have named in this edition of the Sniff Scandal. At least some of them have very close relatives who are politicians and maybe that’s why they get away with more than others do. As you previously wrote about, Aaron Kent’s father-in-law Dick Haley is a Corona city councilman and a man named Frank Schiavone (not sure if it’s Dad or Uncle) is a former city of Riverside councilman. Who else here is politically connected?

  2. Having spoken to several victims, I have a high level of confidence in the info. I did filter some stuff out, such as allegations Shouse is BiSexual or is a dope fiend because I could not prove that or get people on the confidential record stipulating to it like the victims did regarding the gun in the waistband story.

  3. Innocent partial information ( Right On Daily) vs. Confirmed Pre-mediated lies ( Sniff). I support Right On Daily.

  4. A lot of rumors and half truths when talking to confidential informants. BUT my favorite Andrew story is when he threatened to beat up a BCTC corporal at Coachella Festival while he was drunk and blocking a intersection. That Corporal is now a sergeant, rightfully so.

  5. This is a new low, even for right on daily. My ass is off limits but screwing children is not?

  6. Had to share; At a barbecue at a retired deputies house a couple weeks back, where most attendees were former RSO deps. We talked about the history of RSO and it’s rapid decline under Stan Sniff. The stories some shared were shocking and sickening.

    One of the older ‘formers’ told us that prior Sheriff Doyle was Sniff”s mentor and in-fact..the poster child for acceptable corruption and bad behavior within the Sheriff department.

    He told us of how Sheriff Doyle (on duty) would ride along to incidents where he was so sloppy drunk and beligerent that the deputies fought him to stay inside the sheriff’s unit. They often locked him in the back seat of units to restrain him, hiding him from the onlooking public and reporters. This elder retiree laughed and said this was the norm, not the exception to Doyle’s leadership.

    Is it any wonder that Sniff and his moronic ass-kissing deputies behave like sewer rats?
    (My apologies to the gutter rats who hold a slightly higher standing).

    ‘Formers’ continue to share the more than two decades of vile and gross misconduct at Riverside Sheriff Dept overseen and condoned by Stan Sniff.

    To date there is proof of > Cover-ups of deputies acting as judge, jury and executioner, false arrests, child molestation and rape, retaliation tactics against deputies, informants, falsely arrested citizens, and prisoners… gross sexual misconduct by staff within and outside of the RS offices, cheating on exams, falsifying reports or unwritten reports, unlawful use of county vehicles, badges (Jeff Stone) and equipment, malfeasance and bogus overtime pay, drinking on the job, abuse of authority, and much much more.

    All seemingly acceptable to our County Supervisors.

    I remember the days when an endorsement from a County Supervisor was an honor and tribute to a Sheriff and department with integrity and a ‘job well done’. Today these endorsements fall under the guise of corruption, bribes and trade-offs for one’s promise of promotion, favors and silence.

    I have a feeling the last couple months of fileting Sniff is just a pre-cursor to the bloody mincing the SOB will receive in May 2018.

    I have the gleeful feeling that Aaron and informants are saving the best for last.

  7. Aaron, in this blog you explained some of your article contents by saying, “Some people may not understand why we take the time to write about this stuff here at RightonDaily. Let me spell it out for you. This is the kind of behavior that is allowed to go on in Stan Sniff’s Riverside Sheriff’s Department.”

    Fully true, or in part just malicious gossip?

    I am not a Sniff supporter, but come on, Aaron…even you can’t really believe that Stan has knowledge of (much less “allows”) ALL behavior by ALL of his employees. Affairs? Having babies? Bankruptcies? How are these relevant to your political agenda of taking down Stan? You say it’s relevant because Sniff “allows” this behavior. First, as mentioned, I can’t imagine Stan knows all the personal indiscretions of all of his employees. Secondly, even if he did, is someone supposed to be fired over a bankruptcy? And, if the Dept were expected to fire every employee who had a sexual indiscretion or affair, well…most of the Dept would cease to exist.

    Don’t get me wrong – you’ve pointed out a number of valid issues in your blogs. Things like unfair preferential treatment with CCWs; employees being drunk on duty with no consequence; known abuses of power by personnel; accepting donations from folks with questionable reputations; and lack of appropriate action on cheating scandals (plural) are all truly under Sniff’s control and have been profoundly mishandled. And these are exactly the sort of issues people appreciate being brought to light in your column.

    But in reality, Stan is no more responsible for all the inbreeding within the Department any more than you or I are, Aaron. And if Bianco, or Brown or anyone else took office, they too wouldn’t be responsible for all the affairs and personal indiscretions that WILL continue, unless they fire everyone and somehow only hire unflawed humans. How does Stan, or any other person holding the unfortunate position of Sheriff go about NOT allowing the nature of humans? They can’t – and they’re not real issues – which is why these purely salacious stories really don’t belong here.

    You’ve got a good forum, Aaron. You have the power to bring real and important issues to the forefront. Stick to the true issues that Stan and any predecessors need to address and leave the purely tawdry gossip to the Rag Mags where it belongs.

  8. Dirty cops are Dirty cops. Under Sniff’s regime some are enabled, supported and encouraged. Only some are ever dealt with. Secondly, and more specifically, the felonies and wasting of taxpayer resources (see also overtime fraud and cheating to get paid more) are a major issue for non-officer type people. To someone like me that is NOT Law Enforcement, having a culture of corruption within a police department is disturbing and needs to be stamped out.

    This theme will continue. Thank you for reading and joining the discussion.

  9. The problem is management should not be sleeping with subordinates. Supervisors should not drive drunk and flee the accident scene. The double standard of covering up for supervisors and terminating deputies for similar offenses is the norm.

    I can say with the utmost confidence 90% of what is written is true. I have family that work at the sheriff’s department and hear the double standards all the time.

  10. As far as who sleeps with who its not my concern. But honestly I wouldnt even hang out with these total loosers Shouse and Schiavone . No comment about Reynolds I was taught to respect women. I wouldnt of put her name out there. These guys should of been respectful to her and not put her in this positions. What losers. I never hung out with guys like that , they wouldnt do well where I grew up or with the people I hung out with when I was their age.

    Hey as to myself I was just trying to help the community and carry on with my non -profit with youth in the schools. Its unfortunate how these people fail to see the ramifications of their behavior. Or maybe they do see it but dont care. What they do on their on time at home is their own business. But what they do has made hard for others like me to conduct honest business in the east valley.

    We have to interact with various agencies , schools, non profits, city officials, and others. When this behavior drives decisions by Thermal Station , the harm spreads. Who gets invited to meetings and who doesnt. Who gets a grant who doesnt. And get more time with sheriffs and who doesnt. If driven by whose trying to have an affair with who, who doesnt want someone around because they may notice certain behavior and so on.

    This squeezes out the best people and soon you have just the shady non profits or business people involved with the sheriffs in these community groups that are supposed to
    help the community or help youth. They have some real shady groups that collaberate with the Thermal Sheriffs station. Gee I wonder why.

    They tried to threw me under the bus. That only hurt the community. Not me so much. I have a day job.

  11. Drew Yancey I love it. Tried, convicted and hung.

  12. First of all, Al Clear must have scrambled eggs inside his head. Does anyone know WTF he’s even talking about? He’s a Sniff marionette for sure.

    Secondly, what kind of a pussy would allow someone to take their girlfriend away from them and have sex with her? That sounds like some shit right out of a low budget movie. Aaron, sometimes you just need to throw the bullshit flag at some of these fools who send you info. Any man who would allow that, and then admit they allowed that, should immediately kill himself.

  13. Some things are so extreme I can’t help but print them

  14. Snow White – that comes to mind – shot..pulled inside a building and torched. Yet another cover-up in the land of cherries.

  15. “Leaders set the tone for their peers. Peers look up to them and say, “They’re doing it, so I’m doing it.”

    S/Sniff is a poor example of a leader and those of us who know first hand of his criminal corrupt dirty deeds aren’t hearing any bullshit support for him. Rot slowly S/Sniff

  16. As as resident I am appalled with each story Right On Daily posts. You only see this shit in a third world country.

    Corrupt Sniff and cry baby Kurly toes are wicked and evil. Maybe that’s why Sniff never had any children. Cold hearted 70 year old fart who’s drunk on power and Kurly toes, well he made a joke out of himself by going to Palm Springs and addressing the Council Members with his insecurities in regards to his sexual preferences.

    Who cares who you hump.!!!!

  17. Arm Pit it’s these people who use their rank to prey on subordinates. It’s like prison guards dating inmates. Nasty culture that causes a bunch of problems amongst the ranks.

  18. Done wrong at Perris station: You are correct. I’m totally old school and when I hear the fornication going on with these fornicators it makes me sick. Especially, when children are involved. Let’s all pray and wish Bianco the best of luck so he can win this election and allow him to disinfect the second floor.

  19. It was no secret this man would screw anything with a Y chromosome. Sex and sauce always seem to be the reasons we lose so many in this profession. Well, the world needs more private security guards and bartenders.

    Do not forget there’s a person on the 2nd Floor who is notorious for all the younglings he had his way with – ALL WHILST HE WAS MARRIED!! Now he’s married to a sergeant who, because of who she, um, rhymes with “knows,” will probably be a lieutenant soon. Her sexcapades would make any Penthouse Forum reader blush. Ah! That pool table would never level after…

    But I digress.

    And what of Sniffcompoop groping all those women out in the open? It seems this regime is all about the 60’s. You know, free love?

    Let’s end the nonsense and vote!!


  20. @Pianoman, I agree there are a lot of half truth and rumor to some informant’s stories on here. Are you referring to the uniformed and on-duty BCTC Corporal at Coachella fest who was calling pedestrians “freaks” as he shuffled them eastbound along Avenue 50, and did not know Shouse was among those pedestrians until his poor conduct was pointed out? I know (firsthand) profuse apologies to avoid a PERS were offered to a sober Captain Shouse during that instance.

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