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We had written about felons for sniff. Carmen Mariscal has a brother and business partner with felony convictions.

I went by her house and shot a facebook video when I invaded Riverside County.

It looks like a shrine to Stan Sniff.

I bet you’d be surprised to know that the Riverside PD have been out to her house 14 times since she bought the place.

You can see references to Burglary, Aggravated Sexual Assault, Child Molestation, Family Disturbances, Lewd and Lescivious Acts… it makes you wonder if this house is a war zone.

There are two sex crimes indicated that are a “269” and a “288”. At least one of these is still indicated to be an open felony case.

We also requested records on a recent raid that was conducted on this house. The Riverside PD refused to provide us with a copy of the warrant – this suggests an ongoing case or a Kevin Duffy style cover-up where the file is left open/suspended in order to thwart FOIA requests.

Carmen Mariscal, the owner of the house recently donated another $5000 to Stan Sniff, this time in her own name to remove a connection to her brother. (the convicted felon)

As a review of our first expose’ in to this pair, enjoy:

Remember the “Sign Caper”, when a Chad Bianco volunteer (who happens to be a retired investigator) was framed by a couple of Stan Sniff’s donors for allegedly defacing Sniff’s litter?

A police department that does not usually even respond to a car theft had a corporal on scene with the forensics team.

Well it turns out that Team Sniff involves yet another felon.

Sally’s Beauty Shop is the Sniffmeister’s preferred place to get what hair he has left cut.

As you can see Sally’s is a frequent offender on the sniffmeister’s donor list. 

I have always wondered how some people are able to manage so well on their apparent salaries.

Carmen Mariscal owns the beauty shop and she was front and center trying to pump up the Sign-Caper non-event. Mariscal is an outspoken supporter of the Sheriff and owns her house and the building the Beauty Shop is in outright.

I applaud her money management skills and I’d like to take some advice from her as I am 6 years older than her and still owe quite a bit on my house. Perhaps she got an inheritance?

Perhaps her brother Hector J Mariscal knows a few things about finances as well?

Linked here is a press release from the Obama Admin about Hector Mariscal. Note the flat out lie about an AR-15 being a machine gun, this was indicative of the semantics used by the admin to try and advance gun control. If Obama was smart, he’d have just advocated for more sheriff’s like Stan Sniff who are deign to hand out CCW Permits.

Back to Mariscal:

LOS ANGELES – A Riverside man and self-proclaimed “Doomsday Prepper” who possessed an arsenal of weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition has pleaded guilty in federal court to being a felon in possession of firearms and ammunition.

            Hector Mariscal, 41, pleaded guilty Monday in United States District Court and admitted that he unlawfully possessed semi-automatic firearms, shotguns, rifles, a receiver for an AR-15 machine gun, and various types of ammunition. Mariscal also admitted in court that he was not legally allowed to possess these items because he previously sustained felony convictions for burglary – and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

            According to court documents, law enforcement officers executed a federal search warrant at Mariscal’s residence near Riverside City College in June. During the search, law enforcement seized firearms, thousands of rounds of ammunition, tasers, silencers, body armor and a flare launcher.

            According to an affidavit filed in the case, on the date of the search, Mariscal admitted that he was a convicted felon who illegally possessed multiple firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition. Mariscal repeatedly described himself as a “Doomsday Prepper,” who in connection with his preparation also collected knives and other dangerous items, including a flare launcher. According to the affidavit, Mariscal told investigators that he regularly goes to the swap meet to obtain firearms and other dangerous weapons, stating, “You’d be surprised what you can find at a swap meet.”

            “This defendant’s continued affinity for guns has earned him a second felony conviction, this time for illegally possessing firearms,” said United States Attorney Eileen M. Decker. “The defendant flagrantly violated laws designed to protect the public by keeping firearms away from convicted felons, and now he faces a substantial period of time in a federal prison.”

            The case against Mariscal is the result of an investigation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

            “Mr. Mariscal previously admitted to a felony conviction for the same conduct,” said ATF Special Agent in Charge Eric D. Harden. “ATF works with our partner agencies to identify and prosecute those that choose to repeatedly circumvent regulations designed to protect our communities from gun violence.”

            Mariscal pleaded guilty before United States District Judge Manuel Real, who is scheduled to sentence the defendant on November 21. At the time of sentencing, Mariscal faces a statutory maximum sentence of 10 years in federal prison.

            The Riverside Police Department and the Los Angeles Police Department provided substantial assistance in the investigation.

            This case is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Reema El-Amamy.

Now this is a lot of fun, huh? The Riverside Press Enterprise covered this story, but I am certain they would not have had they known the felon’s connection to Stan Sniff. Of all the places to get a haircut in Riverside County, Sniff picks this one and the Three-Time Felon associated with it.

I am wondering if either Mariscal is thinking the sign caper was worth it right about now? I’d have never thought to look in to this had they not tried to set up Chad Bianco.

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  7 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: YUGE Donor and Supporter has 14(!) Calls for service to her home address (and a business partner that is a 3xfelon)”

  1. Hmm, Sexual molestation and Lewis acts.? Sounds like CPS may have open cases on this family. The women seems a bit strange and odd.

  2. El Stan Sniff es un politico sucio y corrupto. Vota lo fuera de la oficina!

    El es un mentiroso y un tramposo!

    Vote for Chad Bianco for Sheriff!!!

  3. What can you expect from someone whose leadership mimics organized crime. It also applies to those that sit at his mesa (the command staff, which includes eggplant). They rule by threats, intimidation and retaliation to maintain their hold over their criminal enterprise. They reward those that advance their agenda through wrongful acts, and destroy anyone in their way, real or imagined. Their motivation is not public service, but personal greed and “what’s in it for me.” Stan Sniff and his staff need to face the fact that their days are numbered. That was evident when Aaron “the cheat” Kent went on Facebook and publicly supported Chad Bianco. But he’s just another “rata” fleeing a sinking ship and can’t be trusted. But I blame Jughead Vest, he put his trust in Aaron Kent and let him cheat on the Lieutenants Test, and this is what happens. Vest is an pendejo and should have know better. But if Vest made this mistake, what other questionable decisions has he made that has hurt the Department? Sniff should never have put his trust in Kevin menso Vest, or promoted him. Stan and his “Cartel” would have done well in Oaxaca.

  4. El Comandanta Sniff es un suicio, y un pendejo, y necessito pastilles a obtener duro. Sniff es tonto y un criminal tambin. You are a done deal Sniff, and deserve whatever the Justice Department deems a fitting sentence for you, and your executive staff for the evils you have committed against all the staff members that were loyal to you.

  5. You can tell a lot about a man’s character by those he associates with and calls his friends. Just take a look at his associates, campaign donors, and those he has chosen to surround himself with in the Eagle’s Nest.

    Enough said.

    VOTE FOR BIANCO – 2018!!

  6. Sniff es un puto, y ncessito via a la carcel.

  7. Rafael Caro Quintero- Los puto son hermanos de las putas.

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