Sep 122018

I just wanted to share this with you. My heart is warmed that I have reached #2 on Stan’s most wanted list behind Chad Bianco.

With limited resources, Stan Sniff has no choice but to go negative out of the box.

The problem for Sniff in this ad is multi-fold, he is arguing semantics when he should be arguing issues.

There have actually been over 40,000 early releases on felons in JUST Riverside County since Stanley took over as Sheriff. Stanley’s attempt to blur the lines is laughable and also indicates he is on defense. He should make the case as to why he deserves re-election, but apparently he is unable to.

And, of course I am independent of this whole thing, but the conspiracy theorists have taken residence in Stanley’s head. I guess I want to be #1 on Stan’s list, however, so it looks like I have more work to do. TICK TOCK STANLEY, TICK TOCK…

  4 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Your Intrepid Blogger Featured in Stan Sniff’s Ads!”

  1. Stan is so desperate he gives a new meaning to dirty politics. Enjoy the show Stan, I hope you like seeing you life’s work go down in flames. And take your worthless executive staff with you, along with Aaron Kent, John Lenton, Christian Dekker, Kevin Lamb, Kent Werges, Kevin Smith, Zach Hall, Nathan Kaas and the rest of the tools you promoted that did nothing in their careers but screw others for personal gain.

  2. Snagglletooth Sniff is out of money.

    The media tv air time he recently purchased pretty much wiped out his entire campaign bank account. Importantly, his campaign strategy will result in another second-placed finish for the oldest sheriff in Riverside County history.

    Sniff held a large fundraising event at Mohammad Ali’s house last weekend but has posted ZERO dollars raised even though Mohammad provided the food, drinks and cigars.

    His historic donors are abandoning him in droves. Two of the county supervisors that endorsed him are leaving office in November. The other one will simply go along with the majority.

    Police chiefs in Riverside County have distanced themselves from Sniff and refused to endorse him. All law enforcement groups in the county have endorsed Bianco. Similarly, state legislators have pulled their endorsements and now support Bianco.

    While sniveling Sniff cries about the money Bianco has raised because Sniff has had over 4 years to squeeze donors and they are tired of carrying him. Sniff forgets that for years he begged the RSA to give him cash and they did, giving Sniff around $150,000.

    So, Sniff has a small cable/network tv buy. He purchased ZERO slates for the general election – even though he bought about a dozen different slates for the primary. Of course, it makes sense to even casual observers that he should stay away from slates -especially since he was caught trading $50,000 of his donors’ cash to a convicted child sexual assault felon.

    Lastly, we’ve heard that Sniff is planning to send out a couple mailers attacking Bianco. Good luck with that. Such mailers, if sent to all of the high propensity voters in RivCo would cost around $100k each. Unless Mr. Matzner decides to fund Sniff’s campaign all on his own, there is no way sniffles will be able to pay for the mailers.

    That’s his big strategy? A tiny media buy and 2 mail pieces? Maybe Sniff’s plan would work if he was running for Riverside City Council – but not for a Riverside County-wide race.

    Sniffy has to attack Bianco because he knows he’s losing. It’s a universally accepted campaign strategy to NEVER attack your opponent if you are winning.

    Case in point: Sniffy did not spend any money during his prior race in 2014 attacking his opponent. Sniff won that race by 25 points. You don’t hit your opponent when you’re winning, because two things tend to be the result:

    1. You increase your oppooent’s name ID, while providing the name of an alternative to your own candidacy;

    2. Negative ads tend to decrease the numbers of voters that were on your side until you started attacking and name-calling.

    Keep attacking Snaggletooth. Your name calling is doing wonders for Bianco’s internal polls.

    Also, no amount of name calling will make voters forget that you gave early release to 45,000 criminals.

    No amount of money will distract voters who are sick and tired of the increased crime throughout the county.

    You let the felons go free and crime went up.

    The voters already know this. That’s why you lost in June.

    Sniff has never had a contested election because he always out raised and out spent his opponents by huge margins. Sniff was content to massively outspend his prior opponents and he never once complained about all the money he raised and the huge advantage he had over his challengers.

    Sniff has been given about $1.5 million from campaign donors and he outspent Bianco in 2018. He ran an embarrassing campaign in the primary which produced embarrassing results for him – finishing 14,000 votes BEHIND one of his own Lieutenants!

    Sniff won his only 2 elections in the June primary, this time, he lost the primary and 2/3 of County voters cast ballots for anyone other than Sniff.

    Mohammad is running his own delusional campaign for state assembly and is unable or unwilling to fund Sniff’s loser of a campaign.

    Bianco has hundreds of campaign volunteers helping him

    Sniff has to purchase campaign services from companies because nobody likes him and no one wants to be associated with him.

    Even members of Sniff’s own command staff have jumped ship and are now backing Bianco.

    Hey Sniffy, why don’t you spend your remaining campaign funds to fix your jacked-up teeth?!

    What, were you raised in England? How many rows of teeth do you have?

    Please. Please put your face on your ads. I’m just sayin’

    The Press Enterprise, for the first time ever, refused to endorse in the June primary. That’s gotta hurt. Similarly, until this year, Sniff has never failed to secure the endorsement of the Riverside County Republican Party.

    To the readers, help us send Snaggletooth Sniff into retirement. His twisted moral compass and leadership skills are about as jacked-up as his snaggleteeth.


  3. FINALLY…Money well spent to rid Riverside County of Sniveling Stanley Sniffcumpoop.

  4. What we have ALL learned is that Sniff is a big LIAR!! Sniff is nothing more than an Atheist talking head politician with a gigantic God complex (inflated feelings of personal ability, privilege and infallibility). We must continue to get our message out to the public that Sniff is a LIAR and he must be voted out of office. Every one of us department members are members of the Sheriff’s Association that Sniff keeps attacking on social media, so he is actually attacking every single deputy sheriff on this department. We are all stakeholders who have pooled our hard earned money together to help Chad Bianco win this election and get Sniff out of office. Voters, please support you law enforcement officers and help us get new leadership in November, we are in desperate need of it!

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