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I’ve seen it all before. When a Liberal loses an argument with a Conservative, start playing the Racist, Sexist, etc card. In fact, 21 years and counting, it never fails.

Enter the Glass-Jawed Captain of the Moreno Valley Station Dave Kurlyowicz. I call him Kurly.

On the Right on Daily Blog, we’ve written about the antics and dysfunction of the Moreno Valley Sheriff’s Station several times. Even a recent article about “Contract Cities” – cities that hire the Sheriff’s Department to be their police force, specifically mention lawsuits caused by people working out of the Moreno Valley Station as an issue.

This February, Supervisor Kevin Jeffries expressed concern that lawsuits over deputy actions in Moreno Valley were a major factor in the county’s rising liability costs. “And frankly, there’s the potential that the county is not going to do contracts for extremely large cities going forward,” Jeffries said at the time.

Kurly has broken equipment, yellow days, poor supervisors and low morale at his station. His troops regularly reach out to your intrepid blogger with information because they are chafing at the incompetence of Mr. Kurlyowicz.

When detectives and seasoned law enforcement personnel are alerting me to a string of Stan Sniff supporting fake Facebook Profiles and Facebook Pages where they have discovered Dave Kurlyowicz is the administrator – it is safe to assume that Kurly is not doing his job as Captain of a Sheriff Sub-Station, rather he is on a personal jihad for Stan Sniff. One of those fake profiles attacked my insurance business page.

Of all the people I have written about in the department, I have come to believe that Kurly has had the thinnest skin and has been the most cowardly in his reactions.

It had been put to me that members of the Second Floor were running around confidently telling people that they had a HUGE Story that would destroy Chad Bianco’s Campaign.

If this is it, they are out of their minds. This is similar to the “Accuser” of Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

So let’s correct the record on the Desert Sun Article – since they deemed this important while basically ignoring dozens of real scandals in the Sheriff’s Department.

On Right On Daily, a blog that purports to be dedicated to the election year and focused on ousting Sniff, blogger Aaron Park and anonymous commenters who oppose Sniff have derided Kurylowicz and other department members perceived as close to the sheriff over their sexuality.

This is opinion reported as fact by the newspaper.

Right On Daily is a widely read blog among department insiders, and has become a place where anonymous rumors about department politics are aired.

On the blog, Aaron Park has referred to Kurylowicz and other officers close to the sheriff as “Stan’s Butt-Monkies in management.”

The term Ass-Monkey, changed to Butt-Monkey refers to someone who is a sycophant, drone, dupe, or otherwise is a brainless follower of a political or community figure. Kurly is indeed a Butt-Monkey of Stan Sniff. If he prefers, I will call him an Ass-Clown.

The blog frequently features homophobic tropes that depict gay men as promiscuous to attack other department members. One post attacks Cpt. Leonard Purvis, the department’s former LGBT liaison, for attending the Palm Springs Pride Parade. Next to photos of Purvis at the parade, Park wrote that “wild public sex acts” involving methamphetamine use and petroleum jelly occur at the parade.

It is well known and documented that the White Parade – which is where this out of context reference came from – features public sex acts and one year a participant died from a “Butt-Bomb” that involves petroleum jelly and methamphetamine. Facts are Facts. What the Desert Sun did is called a hatchet job and a failure to fact check their own writing.

Park has made accusations on the blog that Kurylowicz used his sexual orientation for professional gain in the department and for political gain in the sheriff’s race.

… and I 100% stand behind that notion, especially after this stunt in Palm Springs. Kurly should win an acting award for that performance. It was riveting. (Note that Sniff and Kurly met with a councilmember before the theatrics. Note that Palm Springs has no business with the Sheriff as they are not a contract city)

The anonymous comments left by readers on the blog also frequently include bigoted remarks about LGBT Sheriff’s Department employees.

Park told The Desert Sun that homophobic terms like “butt-monkies” are simply colloquialisms he’s used for decades, and he said the inflammatory nature of the blog results from the increasingly contentious tone of the sheriff’s race.

Note that the reporter labeled the term homophobic – but did not tell me when he talked to me that he thought the term was homophobic himself. This is another standard media tactic.

I have never used terms such as ass/butt monkeys or ass clowns in reference to gay men.
As stated earlier, these colorful monikers are used to identify the so-called “butt-kissing suck ups” that will say and do anything to promote the agenda of the person that promoted them. In this case, Kurly is simply kissing sniff’s butt, no doubt in response to Sniff promoting Kurly twice – from Sergeant to Lt and from Lt to Captain. Sniff also appointed Kurly as Moreno Valley police chief less than a year ago.

“The thing is in today’s body politic, people engage in hyperbole. The race is getting heated and Kurylowicz is claiming homophobia to try to get a political advantage and it’s absurd,” Park told The Desert Sun.

This is accurate.

One of the biggest mistakes people make in politics when political opponents claim Racism, Sexism, etc is to attempt to defend themselves from the allegations. I don’t. A lie is a lie. I had been waiting for something like this for a while.

It has been clear for some time that Kurly has been enraged to the point where he may well be clinical. It is also clear, given that Kurly received a new title from the Corrupt Sheriff, (see also the reference to Lenny Purvis being the former LGBT Liason, A title he lost soon after endorsing Chad Bianco) that he has skin in the game.

I would advise the Palm Springs City Council that should they decide to investigate the absurd claims made by Kurly, that they use discretion. I am not a public figure, I am a blogger, there are significant differences. They may want to spend more time interviewing me and fact finding than the Desert Sun did.

I would like to thank the Desert Sun for spelling my name and the name of my blog correctly as it will add to the traffic numbers I have. I’d also like to remind their editorial staff that this blog was started in December of 2009, which is easier to prove than anything Dave Kurlyowicz claimed in his theatrics at the Palm Springs City Council Meeting.

Meantime, your intrepid blogger will roll on as we expose the truth about the Sheriff’s Department – including Dave Kurlyowicz.

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  37 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: When You Are Out of Options, Start Crying on Camera and get the Local Media Involved”

  1. Ummm…..wasn’t it one of the RSD deputies/staff that first used “butt monkey” on this blog?

  2. I’ve used the term for years and will continue to do so!

  3. Kurly is a libtard. He wants to make everything about his sexual orientation. I guess everytime anyone describes the common firestorms as flames raging. Kurly will cry they are homophobic.

    Newsflash Desert Scum, Kurly, and anyone else who wants to play the victim card, have you ever heard of the first amendment?

    People have a right to say what they want. We may not like it, or agree with it, but they have that right. So, deal with it. You butt monkeys wearing ass hats.

    No one cares that Kurly is gay. They hate him for what he has done. Not because of his lifestyle. Get off your soapbox. Now do your damn job, and stop making fake FB profiles to attack people. You know that could be construed as harassment. Just saying.

  4. The Sheriff of Riverside County, Stan Sniff, is completely devoid of competency to lead a law enforcement agency.

    So far by my count, we’ve had a female deputy who identifies herself a “blue chip athlete” but couldn’t run from here-to-there without hurting herself on the job, while taking domestic beatings from her sergeant boyfriend without making the appropriate arrest reports or taking ethical action. We also have David Kurlyowicz, who goes on a pilgrimage throughout the city council meetings held in Riverside County, being “a decorated veteran peace officer,” who apparently is quivering in the corner of his closet like a frightened hamster.

    I could go on, but my point is clear. If you hold sworn appointment and are unethical or lack courage, please discuss your concerns and victimization with the proper authorities. I understand Stan Sniff has failed the peace officers who are now being victimized, harassed and emotionally harried over uneven ground to cause them nervous distress. Because Stan Sniff has turned his back upon your plight David Kurlyowicz, I can see no other alternative in the face of this corrupt Sheriff than lobbying your case with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Yes sir, you need the feds to protect you from all the bad cops. Think Serpico, and go to the Riverside FBI office to lay your soul bare.

    Public safety is a serious business, requiring significant personal sacrifice and containing much danger to life and limb David, being a peace officer is not for everyone and I continue following the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics so you don’t have to. God Speed, please call a peace officer if you need help.

  5. Kurlynads was so emotional in his appearance at the city council meeting that he should have been transported to ETS. Kurly fries lives in Menifee, so what’s he doing address Palm Springs City officials. And did he get permission from the executive staff to address city officials as a Sheriff’s commander. And since he made allegations of being threatened and stalked, did he file a criminal report, and if not, why not. “Lucy, Kurlyowicz has a lot of explaning to do.” And as usual, Kurly raised the “living an alternate lifestyle (gay)” card in his presentation. Kurly needs to understand that his personal lifestyle selection has nothing to do with the issues we have with him. Kurly, we like you as a person, but it’s time for you to call it quits because all your appearance did was bring your emotional stability into question. This was nothing more than a political appeal to the Palm Springs City Council, so shame on you Kurly toes.

  6. For shame Kurly, how could you shed tears at the Palm Springs City Council meeting, and tell them how evil Chad Bianco was, and how good Stan Sniff was. You have no honor, or ethical morals when you prostituted yourself for the sake of a Star, and office space on the second floor. So, you stated to the P.S. city council you have been stalked and attacked, injuries? property damage? suspect info? suspect vehicle info? have you applied for victim assistance from the DA’s office? SIB threat assessment? But to shed tears in a public forum is embarrassing, even for you Kurly, and your a Sheriff’s Captain. And you tossed out the gay card in the process when it has nothing to do with your failures as a station commander. Kurly, you should retire with what little dignity you have left.

  7. 2 days ago I posted this comment:

    I wish Kurly would stop his slanderous social media posts against Chad Bianco. Many of us actually like Kurly, but when he lured a bunch of us into his social media groups and then bombarded us with his anti Bianco posts, most of us lost respect for him. I guess he really has no idea that we are all supporting Chad Bianco and all of his negative shares and posts only make us realize that Kurly isn’t actually that nice guy that we thought he was, he’s in this for the possibility of his own future advancement. He sees himself as a future LGBT Asst. Sheriff where Gregory left off. We want a sheriff who will promote based on performance and not to meet some political quota. We support Chad Bianco

    After Kurly’s ridiculous and dishonest performance at the Palm Springs city council meeting, I can now say with certainty that we have lost ALL respect for him. His disgusting and dishonest interview with the Desert Sun is a complete embarrassment to All law enforcement, straight and/or gay. It is an obvious attempt to slander Chad Bianco, but all it really does is make him out to be a weak minded little puppet of Stan Sniff. Kurly doesn’t live or work anywhere near Palm Springs, so why would Sniff choose that venue for him to proclaim these false allegations? Because Ray Gregory and Sniff paved the way with their city council member friend to make a desperate attempt to take Bianco down. I stand 100% behind my comment from 2 days ago, we support Chad Bianco

  8. Kurky fries earned not only an Oscar, but we can throw in an Emmy, Golden Globe, Tony and Razzy for his performance at the Palm Springs City Council meeting. And the tears were a good touch. Keep up the good work Kurky because the more you go out of your way for team Sniff, the more votes go to Chad Bianco.

  9. UNBELIEVABLE that Stan Sniff would actually think it was a good plan to have Kurylowicz do something like this and even crazier to think that Kurylowicz would be willing to publicly throw any integrity he had left out the window. It exposes them both as dishonest, desperate people willing to try anything in order to catch up in a political race Sniff is losing.

    Do they think the LGBTQ community is just a bunch of idiots who can’t see through this, or a bunch of sheep who will jump off a cliff as long as the first one jumps? I have news for both of you, most of the LGBTQ community are highly intelligent people who can smell a RAT just as well as everyone else. Chad Bianco has an LGBTQ sibling, so the very notion he would do what Kurylowicz claims is absurd. Remove liars from law enforcement, Sniff must go!

  10. A couple of months ago a secret gay meeting took place in the City of Moreno Valley. Kurly toes theatrical performance at PS City Council has been cooking for months.

    Could his dog and phony show been elaborated at the gay secret meeting.that took place in Moreno Valley.?

    Why doesn’t Kurly address the crime stats.? Since Sept 9, 2018, to present Moreno Valley has had 19 violent crimes. The weekend of Sept 14, 2018 to Sept 16, 2018, only three deputies covered each shit for the entire 5 districts of Moreno Valley. Why.? Because the majority of our cops are at the Jurupa station.

    A Veteran and a Peace Officer but yet he cries like a wet puppy dog playing the gay victim.

    Sniff and Kurly recruited numerous homosexuals to attempt to bring Chad down. This move was done in desperation.

  11. It doesn’t take a theoretical physicist to see that Kurylowicz is a liar just like Stan Sniff. Sniff is a desperate man who is pulling out all the stops with his television smear campaign against Bianco and now this obvious desperate move pushing his gay captain in front of a camera to put his own reputation on the line and lie for him.

    Sniff calls Kurylowicz to the desert on Tuesday so they can meet with Ray Gregory’s councilperson friend and mastermind this ridiculous plan they will carry out on Thursday, because Sniff thinks everyone else in the world is too stupid to see through it. And Kurylowicz is willing to march in there and insult the intelligence of the entire LGBTQ community with his ridiculous and obvious political nonsense.

    Looking on the bright side, the Desert Sun just gave ROD a very nice plug that will help raise awareness of the major problems within the Sheriff’s Department and the need for change. Get the liar Sniff out and Chad Bianco in

  12. Hey Kurly, mister “decorated veteran” as you call yourself. You should have yourself a nice big piece of HUMBLE PIE. You certainly weren’t decorated because of courage and bravery. You are disgusting and an embarrassment to us all. And now you have proven yourself to be nothing more than a big LIAR just like Sniff.

  13. WOW what cowardous tactic by Sniff. Kurly appears to be a coward, so i am sure he got the Sniff’s blessing to belittle, embarrass and shame himself. I feel for his husband and kids. They must feel the same shame.

    Or, it is Kurly’s teachings if your losing play the gay card.

  14. Kurly, you are an embarrassment to the entire LGBT community. You are an embarrassment to law enforcement. You are an embarrassment to RSO. You made a complete fool of yourself and I hope you get walked out of the department for lying on record to the council members. You’ve lost it buddy, you seriously have a mental disorder that needs immediate attention. My guess is you need to retire or lateral because not many people will forget this atrocity. Attacked and stalked? These are Bullshit accusations. Chad Bianco is going to win the election because he is a leader and RSO employees want a new Sheriff. When Bianco does become Sheriff, he will appoint a mentally stable employee to the LGBT liaison.

  15. The real reason kurly was almost in tears was a sign he knew that everything was a lie. Anyone who has taken the time and talked with Bianco knows he is fair to everyone.
    Kurly was was either forced or willingly accepted to bend his integrity and lie in front of a crowd and camera. There was no other reason to attend the Palm Springs meeting other than none of the other cities they approached first wanted to be part of it. This is a sign of desperation from Sniff. Why have all the Bianco signs recently posted been torn down. It is the Sniff’s campaign that has resorted to criminal acts in their desperate attempts to change this election. Be aware Sniffy’s, game cameras have been posted to capture your next vandalism attempts, hope you are not department members? Look at the numbers Sniff, you are behind in the polls, everyone knows who the next Sheriff already is, Chad Bianco.

  16. The deputies at the Mo Val station have lost all respect for you Kurly, based upon your performance at the Palm Springs City Council Meeting. You should have left when you had the chance, but you gave away your dignity when the second floor imbeciles allowed you to make a spectacle of yourself in public for the sake of votes. I hope it was worth it because that is what you will be remembered for. I just wonder what the Mo Val city council thinks of their chief of police now. I would say to go PERS yourself, but you would only manipulate the investigation and unfound the allegations.

  17. Moval is just a disaster right now. Between Kurly spending all of his time on social media , Fat Bodnar trying to find where the leaks are coming from and deputies working extreme amount of forced overtime someone needs to step in and take over that sinking ship. Tell your family n friends and spread the word , vote for Bianco

  18. This Captain Kurlyowicz is an embarrassment to the law enforcement community. We do have a large gay community out here in the desert, and a lot of them see right through what this Captain is trying to do, and that it’s all political. And they are embarrassed for the gay community when someone like this represents them in such a negative way. And this election has nothing to do with gay or straight views, it has to do with draining the swamp that is on the second floor. The corruption, nepotism, favoritism and malfeasance that has polluted the second floor can no longer be allowed to continue. Captain Kurlyowicz, you have joined the ranks of Jason Huskey, Greg Negron, Evan Peterson, Dan Anne, Kent Werges, Kevin Smith, Robert Rose, Michael Manning, Aaron Kent, Nathan Kaas, Christian Dekker Tyler Clark, Robert Cornett, Steve Brosche, John Lenton, Jon Bodnar, Steve Fredricks, Jon Wade, Robert Garcia and the entire executive staff on the second floor that has been a plague on Riverside County. So enjoy the notoriety, you worked for it. Although I do have a question for Captain Kurlyowicz, when the grand jury is convened, are you going to throw out the gay card when you are questioned? Just a thought.

  19. I just saw the video and unfucking believable. We are no longer Riverside County, we are “Riverside Country” and only in Riverside Country could this type of asinine behavior be tolerated, let alone encouraged. Kurlyowicz was an embarrassment to us all, and his excuse of going back into the closet was just plain nonsense. News flash Captain Kurlyowicz, no one cares if your gay, they only care if you are doing the right thing, and your not, which is why everyone is criticizing you.

    I am wondering if Menifee deputies should do a security check on Kurly to make sure he don’t need the services associated with Country Farm Road. And for the second floor to approve of Kurly’s antics portrays them more like hayseed plow hands than educated professionals. The second floor ain’t worth a lick to us hard working deputies, and when it came to brains they all got the short end of the stick, which is why other departments in the IE laugh at us.

    And in talking to Ontario PD, there is a rumor that the second floor went to Ontario PD command staff and asked them to not take anymore RSO applicantions, which is further embarrassment to Sniff and the command staff. Stand by to stand by because come January, major changes will be occurring. At this point, anything is better that what we have right now.

  20. JV Patrol is right, RSO’s theme song is Dueling Banjoes by Arthur Smith. The command staff have more in common with a hillbilly that an educated executive, which they all claim to be. They even have the skulls and flames tattoos to go along with the trailer park look. I bet they even watch old re-runs of Hee Haw and Dukes of Hazard. And their leadership and decision making skills are commensurate (that means equal to those on the second floor) to what you would find in law enforcement in the southern portion of the Appalachian Mountain range. And the way the second floor makes promotions to management and SIB assignments is through a secret form they use that has banjo baby on the form and if they check the “yes” box, that staff member is in the club, or mobile home park by their definition. And if you have any doubts, look at who they have promoted, Robert Rose, Kevin Smith, Kent Werges, Christian Dekker, Nathan Kaas, Kevin Lamb, Aaron Kent, Marty Tochtrop, Aaron Martin, Robert Cornett, Michael Manning, Evan Peterson, Kurly fires, the list goes on and on. We have more banjo babies with brass than a bluegrass band has tunes.

  21. The lengths this current administration will go to to smear another person, blur the lines, put doubt in voter’s minds, is just unbelievable! Kurlmyballsinside played this very well…introducing himself as a citizen of riverside country and not a “captain.”

    What he failed to do is make a point, any point. Ummm…some examples perhaps explaining his and his friend’s “fear” for the community is exactly and what has been said to prompt him to travel (in his county car?!?) alllllll the way to The Springs and cry cry cry like Imelda Marcos did when she had to give back all of her stolen shoes.

    Will Kurlmyballsinside pay for a full page ad (in the papers Sniffcompoop obviously has a handle on) and spew these accusations for a wider audience? I’m sure there is money in the Sheriff’s revolving fund for it.

    This move shows how desperate the 2nd Floor truly is and how far they will go to hold onto their positions.

    Kurlymyballsinside should be so ashamed to play this card without filing a hate crime report listing himself as a victim. Rather, this is how he “comes out.”

    As one who has relatives who are gay, I say, “Shame on you for rolling the clock back for your community a few years.” Gay men and women are among us and those who are open about their lifestyle are no longer shunned, shamed, or threatened. Neither are you, you despicable example of RSO leadership. And certainly not by someone who is running for public office.

    You’re only afraid for your job once the new sheriff has been seated. Bet you’re using this forum for a future lawsuit too. We see you!

    VOTE FOR BIANCO – 2018!!

  22. To 2 Charles 50 and Triple Crown:

    You both left that POS “Pop your heart” BOB EPPS off your list of assholes that need to go. Don’t let him slide off your radar. That slimey shit stick can join the rest of them in the unemployment line come January. Winter’s coming fuckers. Start packing.

  23. Kurlyowicz did everyone in RSO wrong, and made us look like out of control homophobic deputies when we are not. Granted we do have some executive staff members that do behave more like rednecks, but that’s expected given the nature of the promotions made on behalf of the Sheriff to promote those that are willing to do his evil bidding, this includes you in the mix Kurly. Sniff would have been better off putting a circus monkey in a 3-piece suit and having him sit on the command staff based upon some of the decisions made by the second floor division chiefs. Kurly needs to be assigned home pending a review of his emotional stability to determine if he is fit for a command based upon his Oscar winning performance in Palm Springs.

  24. I’ll bet Chief Lyndon “The Executioner” Wood is really loving the fact that Kurly put himself up on the big stage so the attention could be diverted away from him and his horrible tattoos. I wonder how the LGBTQ community feels about a Chief Deputy who has skull tattoos to represent all the people he has shot and killed (even those who were only holding a flashlight). The Executioner and some of his fake FB profiles have been boasting about this big “bombshell” they have been planning to drop on Bianco. Sniff, Wood and the rest of the morons really shot their wad on this one, but it’s going to be like throwing a bucket of diarrhea into a fan, and it will be all over their own faces because everyone can see right through their lying schemes.

    This recent stunt that Kurly pulled at the PS city council meeting really stoops to an all time low for Sniff and his band of idiots. And once again the taxpayers are paying for Sniff’s campaign as he calls his brass to the desert on Tuesday afternoon for the big “brainstorm” meeting, and then again on Thursday evening, with the Department PIO and others at the Palm Springs city council meeting. County cars, county gas to a city who has their own police department and our department personnel have no legitimate business even being there. Sniff has completely lost his mind and must be voted out of office.

  25. Zach Hall also needs to be added, in addition with Robert Epps, on the list of chumps that are worthless individuals that only care about “what’s in it for me.” They should be looking for a new vocation come January because their loyalty is to the “evil empire” (aka the second floor), for self-enrichment.

  26. We can only hope all these saps mentioned on ROD get held to answer for their high crimes and misdemeanors. They have done nothing but sabotage the careers of good men in their pursuit of advancement and “who can I screw over next to get ahead” demeanor. And the reason Kurlyowicz does not file a criminal complaint regarding his allegations is because he knows 148.5 is a moral turpitude offense, and at that point we will have him by his “short and kurly’s.” So Gregory needs to cut Kurly lose before he sinks his chances for Cat City Council.

  27. If your are able as amany as possible should go to the Moreno Valkey City Council and express thier shame and embarrassment for the city in how their “Chief of Police” conducted himslef.

    Accusations with no evidence and wooo is me gay card. Is Dave Kurlowitz a representation of thier city?

    Send this link to MV city council!

  28. David David David, you really have embarrassed yourself, RSO and the LGBT community. Spewing accusations that Chad and/or his campaign have done anything to you is false. You are the stereotypical liberal that has no facts about an issue and resorts to this garbage act in front of the city council. Good try with the tears. You are not a decorated officer, you were not promoted on your merits and you certainly are not a stable person. The only thing you said that was fact is you have 26 years of “experience”. You’re a sham, fake, bogus, imitation, pretender, counterfeit, phony, deceiving individual. Basically, you’re a liar. MoVal station staff, from OA to Lieutenants, DO NOT RESPECT you. We at MoVal station cannot trust you or your altered decision making skills. The Moreno Valley City Council should really consider getting with Bianco in January and request a mentally stable commander that isn’t making false allegations to promote a failed Sheriff. Kurylowicz, you really need to seek help. Oh, I must ask, as a “decorated veteran” of 26 years, in addition to your education, why would you go to the Palm Springs City Council meeting to make these allegations? With ALL your experience and education, why didn’t you report these alleged incidents to law enforcement? Because they didn’t happen and you have zero proof is my guess? Good luck with the fallout you get on this. I hope you get held accountable for making these baseless allegations.

    One more thing Kurly, we hate that you allow fat patch to work patrol overtime. Tell him to handle his calls and stop micromanaging the real deputies. There’s a reason we don’t like working for that lop.

  29. Ray “The Executioner” Wood has not gone unnoticed in this blog, I believe the hillbilly reference in the earlier postings was alluding to our beloved Chief Deputy Peckerwood.

    If you have ever watched the movie Django, “Big Daddy” asks “what’s the name of that Peckerwood boy that works at the glass shop” and tells everyone to treat Django like they would Jerry, that Peckerwood boy. And when the white boys in the street refer to one of their own as a “Peckerwood,” they are calling him a dirty white boy (aka W-T, but this is a family blog, so I am keeping this post civilized). And the dictionary definition of a Peckerwood is an offensive term reserved for a poor white person, uneducated, ignorant, bigoted, and having a low social status (sound like someone we all know?).

    And Chief Deputy Ray Wood does have the skull tattoos, has a colorful history with the local “low status” female population, and enjoys Monster Truck rally’s, and he panicked under pressure and shot an unarmed civilian. So Ray Wood does fit the perception of the legal, and documented definition of a “good ole Peckerwood boy.” And Ray lives in the Hemet area, which only adds credibility to the perception that he is a banjo baby. And he’s part of our executive staff, incredible.

  30. So an RSO Captain that lives in Menifee, an Rso Contract City is being stalked and assualted. Instead of filing a police report or taking reasonable steps to protect his family he instead runs to the PS city council meeting and complains months after it happens. Uh yeah, this is believable.

  31. I wonder how Sniff, Kurly and The Executioner plan to change the story once they realize the one they are currently going with is proven false and dishonest beyond a shadow of a doubt. We will soon find out what these LIARS plan to do next, besides squirm.

    Thank you Right On Daily for helping all of us bring awareness to the horrible problems that exist within RSO because of Sniff’s reign of terror. Only 44 days to go until election day.

  32. Kurly (on Sniff”s orders) ran to the Palm Springs city council because all of them are either gay, lesbian, bi, and/or transgender. The first all LGBTQ council to make history. See article in Desert Sun and LA Times.

    Sniff knows he can only win the sheriff race with the desert voters so he sent Kurly to spin this disgusting and untruthful story in hopes of infuriating the council and the PS LGBTQ voting community – and the biased Desert Sun was there front and center.

    It doesn’t get much dirtier than this and the PS council and LGBTQ community should be furious with Sniff and Kurly for using an accepted alternative lifestyle class of people to slander and undermine Bianco.

    This despicable moronic move backfired on Sniffles..and that’s a beautiful thing.

    Bianco for Riverside County Sheriff.

  33. Kurlyowicz should be considered a Brady issue now after his performance at the PS city council appearance. He made allegations of being the victim of hate crimes at a public forum to city officials, in addition to the public with no basis, or credible evidence to support his claims. True victims do report these incidents for the safety of their family. I just wonder if the DA will do the right thing and add KurlyQ to the Brady list like they have with Robert Cornett, Joshua Hempner, Trevor Morin, and the rest of the morally deficient staff members. And while your at it, you can add Aaron “The Test Cheater” Kent to the Brady list as well. Kurly, you never should have comprised your integrity for the political benefit of the second floor because the executive staff will kick you to the curb and feed you to the public, and the DA once the have used you for their own selfish agenda.

  34. You can add Kevin Vest, Jerry Gutierrez, Jeff Kubel, Jason Horton and Lyodon Ray Wood to the Brady list, they are anything but honorable men. Their morals are flexible as long as it benefits them first, and then the second floor. Eggplant is not a cop, so she is not bound to the Code of Ethics, and it shows.

  35. I would ask Kurlyowicz to be a man, but that would be asking too much from him. And a 26-year, decorated veteran would not shed tears at a public meeting like he did. And for the second floor to condone his behavior is unacceptable for a professional management team. But then again, a majority of the command staff, like Kevin Vest, were never true street cops, so they do not identify with the proven gunfighters that are under their command.

  36. So being a long time member of the department I turn to my General Orders Manual. I look at section 202.15. It reads, “No Department member shall make a political endorsement of any political campaign or candidate that makes reference to the member’s position, rank or association with the Department, unless permission is obtained from the Sheriff.”
    Then I ask, Captain Kurlyowicz, “Did you have permission to attend the Palm Springs City Council Meeting from the Sheriff? Hmmmm, interesting.
    Then I turn to section 110.02. It states, “A member shall not attend meetings officially representing the Department without permission of their Commander.” When Captain Kurlyowic referred to himself as a Captain within the Department, it became official.
    Captain Kurlyowic, I’ve known you for a long time, I’ve lost all respect for you.

  37. Less we forget,”all animals are equal, but some are more equal that others.” Animal Farm, George Orwell, 1945. The second floor determines who are equal, and who they decide to PERS.

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