Sep 142018

Kinda reminds me of Prussian Generals in the 1930’s but I digress.

It is true folks, Stanley is extracting Non-Disclosure Agreements out of everyone that works anywhere near the “Second Floor”. They are doing everything to plug the leaks.

This is quite unlike the New York Times or the Washington Post who are on a rampage to get even with President Trump. They lie and make up sources, however my sources are real people with real information and Stanley knows it.

Had Stanley not covered anything and everything up, we would not be having this conversation right now.

Bonus Update: I have been told about no less than 3 current employees being “PERS”-ed for allegedly sending me information. Interestingly enough, none of the 3 names that have been presented to me have been sources. This kind of underscores the absurdity of Stanley’s rampage through the department as it stands now.

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  2 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Want to Work Anywhere Near Sheriff’s Admin (the Second Floor)? You Gotta Sign This Loyalty Oath”

  1. It doesn’t matter who is sending you articles to post. The administration speculates and then goes after them. Once the rumor and speculation starts, it becomes facts.

    I recently saw a text floationg around social media that Sniff is using his criminal units to identify Bianco supporters, download their work computers and look for policy violations to fire them. I bet he is not doing this to his supporter…Capt. Kurly who called the former RSA president a DICK on called for the end of RSA on Facebook.

    The information i have been told they are going after everyone! All are guilty.

  2. The problem is that Sniff has tools like Kevin Vest telling him he has restricted access to Agencyweb to stem the flow of information, but all Vest is doing is blowing smoke up Sniff’s skirt to fool the Sheriff into believing that he’s a valuable asset when Vest is just another village idiot. Anybody with any time on the Department knows the truth, which you can’t hide, unless everyone with time on the job just disappears, and that’s not going to happen. So the loyalty pledge and non-disclosure agreements aren’t worth the paper they are printed on.

    A good example is that Kevin Vest worked two years on patrol (including his FTO time) at the Palm Desert Station, then went to motors for three years, was promoted to investigator for about a month and a half, was promoted to Sergeant and then went to San Jacinto Station and then back to traffic. All of this information is not in Agencyweb. Neither is the information that Kevin Vest was the one that ratted on Captain Mark DiMaggio for sending derogatory emails involving Valerie Hill.

    Kevin Vest will tell the Sheriff he steamed the flow of information when it’s nothing more than paying lip service to the Sheriff and telling him what he wants to hear, and in the processs is bending the Code of Ethics for self-enrichment to stay on the second floor. Vest was never command staff material, he never did anything in his career, except screw others over on his way to the top. You will be judged for the injustice your have committed on your fellow man Kevin. You claim the title of Marine, but do not adhere to the principles or Code of Conduct that Marines are known for. If Chesty was alive today, he would have you standing tall on his quarter deck.

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