Sep 042018

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We all know the NAACP. They are there for liberal Black Americans only. When Conservative Black commentator Candice Owens was berated by ANTIFA thugs and run out of a Coffee Shop, the NAACP was silent despite the eerie similarity to what happened in the 1960’s (Liberal Democrats running blacks out of businesses) .

The NAACP is also quite silent over the record low unemployment of blacks, the 400% increase in Black Entrepreneurship in the last 12 months, wage growth at a higher rate than other groups, President Trump promoting prison reform or the pardons of several Blacks (that Obama ignored) wrongfully convicted.

So why is Stan Sniff supporting the NAACP?

Pictured is Stan Sniff pinning a medal on a convicted Felon (Basil Kimbrew) who is also a career liberal democrat activist.

Just for a reminder about the NAACP:

NAACP is clearly pro-Prop 47/57, in fact they are clear their nexus is to gut three strikes and they clearly support allowing people to steal $950 or less worth of stuff and have it only be a ticket. (No wonder why retail is moving out of California)
The NAACP wants incarcerated criminals to be able to vote. AB 3115 is in the legislature and is nothing more than a program to deepen the progressive socialist web of control in California.
The issue with the NACCP and Stan Sniff’s pandering to them is not about black or white or brown or curly or straight or pink or purple. It is a question about the priorities of the top law enforcement officer in Riverside County! Given that Sniff has also been playing to the ACLU repeatedly and the ACLU sues (and is routinely joined by the NAACP) to thwart religious freedom, promote illegal aliens and the list goes on, you have to wonder whose side Stan Sniff is on!
Sniff made a donation to the NAACP, (for $750) a group that is actively and aggressively undermining law enforcement and advocating for legislation and policies that threaten public safety.
True to form, Stan Sniff is out and proud about his anti-law enforcement work and support. Beyond taking money from Cop-Killer’s defense Attorneys that is…
His county Website brags about it, too. Meantime the rank and file deupties are being run out of the department in droves and are being retaliated against in real time for supporting Change in the Sheriff’s Office.
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  5 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: That Time When Sniff Sponsored Anti-Cop Social Justice (Including Pinning a Medal on a Convicted Felon)”

  1. Sniff is just a fake who will swing whichever way the wind blows to try and fool people into giving him their votes. He is way to liberal in his thoughts and actions for this county. Perhaps he should take his show on the road and move to Sanctuary San Francisco, because Riverside County does not buy in to his ideology. Goodbye and good riddance to you Sniff.

  2. Does anybody really think that Stan is working his angles on his own. How many of his second floor marionettes knew about this, and even encouraged his bevahior in order to keep their office space on Lemon street. I bet his command staff knew about this (like they don’t know his schedule and what appearances he is making). Stan’s “den of thieves” are just as guilty for supporting Stan and his illicit behavior that undermines the men and women that put on the uniform on a daily basis.

  3. With all the staff members that are veterans that have done outstanding work for the Department, Stan and the simpletons on the second floor decide to honor a convicted felon just to obtain votes, unbelievable. Stan, you and your trailer park trash (executive staff), are a disgrace and don’t deserve to command the hot dog cart outside Sheriff’s Admin. When was the last time you honored a Department member that was a veteran? Oh that’s right, like you would say to the Board of Suoervisors, “I have someone to do that for me.” Well whoever is in charge of that aspect of your operation should be dismissed from the second floor. You being a veteran yourself should have known better. I just hope Chad Bianco walks you out of the building just like you did Randy Throne. Followed by Judgead Vest, J.J., Pecker Head Wood, Duece Horton, Evans, Raya, Kubel and the rest of the Riverside Country hillbillies.

  4. “One of the common failings among honorable people is a failure to appreciate how thoroughly dishonorable some other people can be, and how dangerous it is to trust them”

    I would trust the individual receiving the medal before the felon giving it to him for he didn’t force me to retire by a corrupt investigation. I hope all of you unethical liars involved in that investigation are ready for your depositions under oath.

    Make America Great Again, get rid of corrupt RSD employees.

  5. Well said @Done wrong. At least the cook did his time, unlike Stan and his co-conspirators on the second floor that blame others for their immoral behavior and screw the troops over for the sake of self-gratification and enrichment as they protect, and promote their friends and associates to choice assignments and positions of authority over more qualified staff members. And the excuse of,”I was told by others in command to do this,” or that,”virtue to do the right thing was not convenient at the time” will not suffice when your unethical deeds are finally revealed to the whole world.

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