Sep 192018

Anyone wondering about the sudden change of heart related to John Taviglione should think again. The Jurupa Valley Station Audit is a complete fraud.

It is RUMORED, not proven that John Taviglione sold out for a future Job with KPMG and/or ego-covering on his way out the door. Once this fraudulent audit is completed, Sniff will claim compliance and Taviglione will claim vindication.

Pretty much the entire department is talking about the KPMG audit at Jurupa Valley. Apparently, it is leading to massive overtime (aka “Yellow Days”).

See this rant from a confidential informant:

Over the past three weeks the Jurupa Valley Station has been working on a work schedule dictated by KPMG.  A schedule that cannot  be adjusted to meet staffing or patrol needs.
I overheard a couple lieutenants talking in one of their offices next to the sergeant cubicles, complaining how the Sheriff caved in to this in exchange for John Tavaglione’s endorsement.  Guess what it worked because we’re doing it.
Failure is eminent and this why, we are already short a bunch of deputies and we are being held over to work 16 hour shifts 2-4 times a week.  We are tired deputies and admin doesn’t give a damn!
Transferring 8 deputies when 20 or more are needed is an insult because admin claims they want this pilot to be successful.
That insult is compounded when Chief Jason Horton comes to my briefing and claim we transferred deputies for this pilot program.  See I am here to help you because I love you guys.  Jurupa Station is my home.  REALLY, we still have like 100 yellow days, mandatory overtime shifts.  (Blogger’s Note: at an average cost of $45 an hour, do the math on the cost of 150% of regular wage for overtime)
Oh, Chief Jason Horton does a great job tooting his own horn.  His favorite theme is “I” and “Look what I have done for you!”  As we sit in briefing we all count how many times he says “I did this”.  His talks always circle back to him and his greatness.
I am just a deputy but if admin truly wanted this to work they would have staffed with enough deputies so I don’t I have to be ordered to come on early or stay late!
The KPMG staff are great, they explained the purpose of the pilot to find ways to reduce response times and justify increase staffing.
Great, they said the Hemet and Lake Elsinore pilot proved they needed more staffing and CSOs. Well no shit we have been saying that for a few years now for free. (Blogger’s note: CSO = Community Service Officer, a less expensive non-sworn officer) 
The bottom line is this, Sheriff Sniff got his endorsement and the lieutenants called weeks ago. Oh lieutenants you might want to close your doors when you talk about stuff, we can hear you.
KPMG got more money to arrive at the same result as Hemet and Lake Elsinore.
Us deputies are now working more and more with no end in sight.
We will continue to call in sick on our yellow days because we need the time off to care for our family and ourselves. We know admin doesn’t give a shit because they are all too busy intimidating us because it is an election year.
I am glad I don’t live in Riverside County. The quality of life is better in my county.  I will likely lateral like several of my fellow deputies did and are going to do because neither Captain Hedge or Chief Jason Horton give a damn.
Authored by:
A Tired Deputy Amongst Many Tired Deputies.

Note that Chief Deputy Jason Horton is alleged to have gotten away with a DUI and his driving habits have the County of Riverside in a personal injury lawsuit. The car Horton totaled was found recently after being hidden for a year. Captain Hedge, by virtue of information provided by our informants, appears to be useless and feckless.

Also, we are being told that Jason Horton is talking openly about running against Chad Bianco in 2022. A couple things, the 2018 election is not complete, and wouldn’t talking about running against Sheriff Bianco imply you know something the rest of us don’t about Stan Sniff’s status?

Perhaps Stan Sniff needs to replace Horton with a conscript from the local zoo.

Oh, and wait for the spin from the Second Floor once the Jurupa Valley audit is completed.

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  3 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: John Taviglione’s Sell-Out KPMG Audit in Jurupa Valley is a Fraud. Sniff’s Participation is a Fraud”

  1. The problem with the KPMG audit is that they continue to push for more CSO’s, but it’s gunfighters (sworn deputies) that we need. When it hits the fan at Mission and Valley, whose going to respond, a CSO. I will be the first to admit we do need more CSO’s on each shift, they are greatly appreciated, but not at the expense of a sworn Deputy. The audit is not worth the money because for KPMG to conduct an accurate audit, they would have to conduct audits on the contract cities, and they can’t because to do so would violate the terms of the contract between the cities and the county. Instead of spending money in the audit, they should have spent it on more staffing. And Jason (and Jackie) are no hero’s to the rank and file, they are only in it for themselves, and when Jason was working on the new report forms, all he kept saying in the briefings was that “It was a lot of work” like he did it himself.

  2. I hope Jackie gets promoted to Captain soon because she will be the only one bringing in a check when Jason gets walked out of his Lemon Street office come January. And I can’t wait for Jason to run for Sheriff so he can be just as popular on ROD like Sniff is right now. Jason, you could have helped out a lot of people, but you didn’t. All you cared about was yourself and to tell anyone that would listen how awesome you were.

    How many deputies did you submit for Department awards as a sergeant? As a Lieutenants? As a Captain? Not many I would venture to say because to do so would take the spotlight off of you, and how awesome you would tell everybody you were.

    Do you really support and defend all the tools that have been promoted under the current regime? Do you really support and defend all the staff members that have been the subject of personnel investigations that were nothing more than retaliation?

    Do you support and defend the disparity in treatment where good staff members were passed over for promotion or special assignments for those less worthy individuals that were the favorites of managers and command staff members?

    Do you support and defend managers that were either self-serving or inept like Kent Werges, Zach Hall, Kevin Smith, Tyler Clark, Aaron Kent, Kevin Lamb, Christian Dekker and Robert Rose?

    Jason, you were given the chance to do the right thing, but only thought of yourself. Being given a command is for the purpose of helping others achieve self-fulfillment and improve their skills and abilities. But you Jason saw advancement as a benefit for self-enrichment at the cost of others. So remember this when you run for Sheriff in 2020 because we will.

  3. Horton Hears a Who wants to be sheriff? He must’ve been a little tipsy when he made that comment because even sober, he come across as a s-s-s-slow child. He cannot even obey the law, apparently.

    Jason, GET OFF THE SAUCE…pull a Ben Affleck and GET HELP!!

    Then maybe you can talk about bigger and better career plans. But wait, didn’t you recently apply with another agency and were turned away?

    Shouldn’t he be promoting Sniffcompoop since he is the guy he shares those Bloody Marys with? It just goes to show, as the S.S. 2nd Floor sinks, this rat is talking about HIMSELF and his plan to run for sheriff.

    “Me, me, me, I, mine, and me!!”

    It’s the same across the board with these misfits. And the shell game they’re playing to show “there’s nothing to see here” with regards to our deputy’s safety…abhorrent!!

    VOTE FOR BIANCO – 2018 AND 2022 (if he runs)!

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