Sep 152018

Stress Leave?

Yup – Hard-Core Stan Sniff supporter, internet troll and “Master Investigator” Tony Pelato is out on Sick Leave. This is conveniently timed as Pelato is under fire for his well known (but not well documented) use of the N-Word and hostility toward minorities. It is also a fairly well-known rumor that another team Sniff Member, Robert Cornett is on his way to Sick Leave. It is now being widely discussed that both men are “Brady Listed”

The “Brady List” is a list of law enforcement officers with a documented pattern of dishonesty. As you recall, Cornett was spared anything more than a hand-slap in the massive cheating scandal he was in the middle of.

Another fundraiser fail:

Stan Sniff had a fundraiser event at Mohammad Ali Mazarei’s house. It was not well attended and the 24 hour report that followed said fundraiser was anemic.

$5000 from Carmen Mariscal, his Barber whose brother and business partner is a convicted felon.

$2500 from Undertaker DiYoyo – suggesting DiYoyo is in line to be Sniff’s anointed heir should he get re-elected. (Another rumor is that Sniff is going to tap out medically)

$1000 from a previous donor known for giving Sniff rather large checks. This time it is a paltry $1000.

Mohammad Ali Mazarei’s last event for Sniff was attended by something like 200+ people and raised an alleged $50K+

Stan Sniff Refused a Federal Grant for Body Armor? 

This information is from another former deputy. The former deputy wanted the truth about Sniff to come out. This is first hand knowledge. Here it goes.
An unnamed deputy worked to acquire military grade ballistic vest, aka, “Body Armor”, for all the Department members. The body armor was lighter, and capable of defending a rifle round. Unlike the current ballistic vest issued to deputies, which are heavier, and are not designed to defend a rifle round. If a deputy wants the higher level ballistic vest the deputy has to pay the difference. The deputy worked with Congress man Raul Ruiz, who represents the eastern part of Riverside County, to get a grant to fund the equipment. Raul Ruiz obtained the funds to purchase the upgraded vest. The deputy just needed to get Stanley to sign off on the grant. When Stanley found out the grant was from Raul Ruiz, a democrat, Stanley said, I am a republican, I don’t work with democrats, and denied the grant.
Stanley put politics in front of the safety of his deputies.
So – I am not a fan of Raul Ruiz, I’d like to see him get unseated because he is a staunch opponent of many things I believe in. However, Ruiz is not always wrong and if he came to me offering federal money for upgraded and modern equipment I’D TAKE IT AND THANK HIM FOR DOING IT!!!!
The bottom line – this is exactly the same as Sniff ordering his men NOT to cooperate with other agencies on the Christopher Dorner rampage (actually ordering a team in route to return to base) and ordering people not to “Self Deploy” to San Bernardino after the terrorist attack.
This guy is a disaster, Fire Sniff.
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  4 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Inside Info, Sniff Refused Federal Grant for Body Armor??? Another Fundraiser Fail and Convenient Stress Leave…”

  1. Fellatio’s moral compass broke a long time ago…all the way back to his days with LASD as a correctional officer and they wouldn’t hire him as a sworn deputy due to not passing the psych.

    Seems RSO had lower standards as he got picked up, but…oops, was terminated for a use of force beef which depleted his pension to survive the storm. Eventually he was reinstated for a technicality in the PERS.

    This little man was at a perfect height to kiss a lot of butts…promoting up the ranks and honing his internet troll technical skills whilst at CATCH. I heard he even enjoyed some of that porn he watched.

    This guy likes to lead his peers to believe he has the pull to help your career…spewing lies like, “I told so and so you’d be a good fit,” or, “So and so didn’t want you here but I convinced them you’re a good person.” True lies just to make himself seem taller.

    Now fast forward to present day. Seems like karma (a lot of it going around now) has caught up to his true nature, what with being labeled a liar, racist, and all around lazy, good-for-nothing police. Shoulda just remained a CD, Fellatio…look at your reputation now.

    Better hope you’re not terminated again…but history has a way of repeating itself when you cannot maintain walking straight and getting that compass fixed every so often.

    All these turds who support Der Fürher are being exposed one by one. Run but cannot hide.

    VOTE FOR BIANCO – 2018!!

  2. Looks like one of those before and after drug use posters. All you losers who did dirty deeds for this piece of shit should be feeling ashamed of yourself. Some of you might even be worried about jail time. If you felt proud and important when you were assigned S/Sniff’s dirty deed duty you’re lacking something in your life that is visible to all. Beware everyone, these scumbags are on your shift and will do you bad with a smile on their face.

  3. If Pelato and Cornett go out of FMLA, does that mean Sgt’s Steve Brosche and John Lenton will testify since they both reviewed the reports? Or will the DA drop the case, which means Brooks will get his job back. “As sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives.” I hope the second floor has a check ready for Brooks because your “favorites” you thought so highly of and took care of just screwed you.

  4. ROD, let’s back up a few months prior to the hard armor plates Congressman Ruiz attempted to donate “free” to all the deputies working in the field. Congress Ruiz first attempted to donate the same amount of funding toward the Indo Jail build. All Stanley had to do was hire the personnel to run it, but he refused that donation too. So why not accept body armor to help saves Deputies lives ?
    This is just another example of how funding is presented to the Riverside Sheriff’s Department, and the failures to accept it.
    The Riverside Sheriff’s Department has lost out on millions of Federal Grant monies due the the Executive Staff’s pior decisions. Another lost, “funded project” was left over grant money which another agency could not spend. The requirement for accepting these monies was it had to be spent in 30 days. Once the Sheriff’s Department accepted the grant, they were told by the Executive staff to give it back. Why you ask, because it wasn’t their idea and they wanted to vote on it first. In other words, it did not benefit anyone ideas on the 2nd floor.
    All these missed opportunities to better the Department have been wasted by the current administration. Let’s find a different direction. The Riverside Sheriff’s Department needs it.

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