Sep 252018

We get a volume of email from sources requesting anonymity, but when it starts out like this:

The Special Enforcement Bureau (SWAT) lost all effectiveness under Sniff. This is because he let the hard-line SWAT purists run the team. Ron Barry and Craig Kilday morphed the team into a professional workout club. All they did was train and never deploy except for “surround and call-out” type missions. In order for someone to receive their services, a captain had to fill out a multi-page questionnaire reference the requested mission. If you answered one of the 30+ questions in the negative, then SEB would advise that the mission did not meet their parameters and therefore they could not participate. The questionnaire appeared to be developed to intentionally prevent the use of SEB.

The behavior of the commanders of the SWAT Team looks a lot like the corrupt Bob Epps total control of the Bomb Squad.

The SWAT Team and Central Homicide Team were started under Sheriff Bob Doyle, and Stan Sniff is reputedly hostile to both teams. (They were not his idea) Sniff also nixed the idea of a criminal investigation team for Internal Affairs. (Imagine that) A recent post I made about Sniff talking openly about disbanding the SWAT Team makes even more sense, and the uselessness of the SWAT Team makes sense because that is the way Sniff wants it.

The leadership of the SWAT Team and their BS request forms has had a serious impact on other parts of the department, as chiefs of police and RSO captains had to use the gang task force teams to serve high risk warrants! This is something that SEB (aka Swat Team) was supposed to do. This created a conflict and the Gang Task Force had to stop serving warrants like this because Chiefs and Captains were using the GTF as a pseudo-SWAT team, something they were not and something they were not trained for.

The long set of request forms still exist to this day because the Sheriff really does not want them (SWAT) for anything other than show. The rank and file members of the SWAT Team resent how they are being used. They want to do their missions, and Sniff has refused to allow for On-Call hours to be in the budget, which further shelves the SWAT Team. 

It seems that Sniff’s only use for the SWAT Team is an excuse for a pretense to go to the range every Friday. Sniff is known to go to the County Rage to fire his automatic weapons (that he may not legally be allowed to possess), under the cover story that he is testing weapons for the SWAT Team. Sniff takes a bay at the range for himself pretty much every Friday for hours.

This is also another explanation for why RSO’s SWAT Team was nowhere to be found when Christopher Dorner was murdering cops on his rampage and why they were not responding to the Terrorist Attack. Beyond Stan Sniff’s orders and refusal to cooperate with others, the SWAT Team themselves had set up their own culture by their Captain Ron Barry (with the blessing of Stan Sniff) of not cooperating either.

It was put to me that some folks met with Ron Barry about the issue of the way the SWAT Team has been rendered useless, but Barry stuck to his guns that missions had to meet their narrowly defined parameters and high risk services of search warrants did not meet them! (are you kidding me???)

I thought the SWAT team was intended to protect police officers and suspect lives by being the best at serving high risk search warrants and similar stuff! These appeals for common sense and sanity fell on deaf ears and I’ve been told that Gang Task Force now does the majority of high risk entries in the county. No wonder why the casualty rate in the RSO is so high! Given Sniff’s Narcissism and hostility to the SWAT Team (because it was created under Doyle), it all makes sense.

In case you’ve not had enough – There is another instance I was told about where the Sheriff’s Office was going to pick up a murder suspect and the SWAT Team refused to come. The Narcotics team had to respond. AN ARMED MURDER SUSPECT. No SWAT Team.

Lastly – there is this:

“Let’s not forget also that Stan Sniff bought the old Hadley Orchard warehouse Main Steet in Cabazon to become SEB/SWAT headquarters, despite SEB/SWAT commander Ron Barry recommending he not do it. Why? The building was incredibly dilapidated and the concrete floors would not support their heavy armored vehicles. The building was purchased for $3 Million and the entity that sold the building to the Sheriff’s Office magically became a campaign donor. Coincidence?” 
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