Sep 202018

Here it is folks, the $45,000 drone. The whole system was over $105,000. It does not work.

Were you aware that Frank”Droneboy” Taylor called out members of his fancy new drone team on Labor Day when the 2 people drowned in the river in Whitewater. When they arrived to assist, the high dollar drone he sold to Sniff wouldn’t even work, so the team was useless. Just more tax dollars wasted on calling employees out on a holiday. Frank Taylor is a buffoon! Another Sniff failure…

Here is a link to the story.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Coroner has identified the victims as 41-year-old David Martinez-Garcia of San Bernardino and his son, 7-year-old David Martinez of San Bernardino. The son died after being transported to Desert Regional Medical.

A father who attempted to save his 7-year-old son from the current of the Whitewater River is dead, as confirmed by Cal Fire. The son was transported to Desert Regional Medical Center in critical condition.

The Drones were deployed and were inoperable. This is our Sheriff’s Department under Stan Sniff.

  7 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update – Frank “Drone Boy Taylor” Can’t get the 45k a piece system he sold the county to find drowning victims much less work…”

  1. Frank Taylor is an embarrassment to the good, competent staff members that work for RSO. Frank Taylor was a stooge that was lucky and got promoted. There are better companies with drones that actually work, unlike Frank Taylor’s expensive, malfunctioning toy. But Sniff is not the only one to blame for this waste of taxpayers money, the executive staff is just as much to blame. Frank Taylor made a presentation to the second floor and if any of the command staff members had any issues with Frank Taylor’s broken toy, they could have raised those issues in the meeting, so they are just as guilty in mismanagement of public funds. Same goes with assignments and promotions. It’s the second floor deviants that puts the promotion list together, so they are to blame as well for the misfits like Aaron Kent, Robert Rose, Christian Dekker, Kent Werges, Kevin Smith, Kurlynads and the rest of the tools that have run the Department into the ground. We can only hope the Justice Department has enough to open an inquiry.

  2. If OLD Stanley keeps loosing lbs on his Daily Diet, maybe Taylor can fly him around to all the stations so he can actually see what a patrol station looks like. It probably would be safer than Jason or Jerry driving him around. Wait, I forgot, Negron has Chauffeur experience, no need to fix the drones.

  3. @Lake the 15, couldn’t have said it any better.

    The sad part is this fool is sucking up retirement and that 960 money too. Taylor, Stanley, Byrd, and the other mooches should be in jail for robbing the county and it’s citizens blind.

    We’ll, come November Stanley and his cabooses gravy train is going off the tracks. They will be derailed by a locomotive named Bianco. They will have to live on their little pensions only.

    Stanley, I hope you have some boxes ready and waiting. You can have Jessica and Yvonne pack your office up for you. On the way out to the car you could stop by the dumpster and drop the boxes in. That’s where they belong. And while you’re there jump in there with the boxes. That’s where you and your failures belong.

    Remember the old saying it takes about 10 atta boys to make up for one mistake. You would need more atta boys then there are hairs on your head.

    Forty years of public service and all you’ll be remembered for is your failures.

    Here’s another movie quotes adapted for Stanley.

    A Bronx Tale:

    (Stanley’s election night loss.)

    Aaron Park and Chad Bianco always said that when the election was over, I would understand. Well, I finally did. I learned something from these two men. I learned to walk with integrity and speak the truth unconditionally. You just have to accept people for what they are, and I learned the greatest gift of all. The saddest thing in life is wasted talent, and the choices that Stanley made will shape what left his legacy forever. But you can ask anybody from RSO, and they’ll tell you this is just another story from the River, a Riverside County story.

  4. Couldn’t they just find a 16 year old geek with a 500 dollar drone to do the job. What a waste of money, Ridiculous. How are they getting away with this shit. This is the kind of stuff that should be investigated. Can’t wait for the corrupt aging sheriff to leave. Vote Bianco 2018, make RSO great again.

  5. All the little piggies eat from the same trough which is why the cronyism isn’t questioned but very obvious. DeYoYo was brought out of retirement, retired captains are getting some sort of “consulting” fee for doing whatever the fuck, and Drone Boy, on top of his consulting fees, is getting rewarded with a contract for something he can’t deliver. I sure hope he gave the money he receives back to the taxpayers. That drone he’s caressing looks like a prop from “Men In Black” and I can’t believe NOT ONE on that floor questioned whether it would work properly.

    Our new sheriff has a lot of cleaning to do. Besides pushing all the piggies from the 2nd Floor, it would be nice to see him get rid of the “hidden fees” Sniffcompoop has for paying the consultants. Our retirement system is stressed enough and we don’t need these fraudsters ruining it for the rest of us.

    VOTE FOR BIANCO – 2018!!

  6. In most contracts there are usually clauses that if the company does not deliver as promised by the contract, they either don’t get paid, or have to give money back (Business Contract requirements). So if the second floor signed a contract without those provisions, that is a form of waste and fraud because who would sign a business contract for services without provisions to protect the funds of public money. I bet they got some form of protection with the KPMG contract. The second floor should be investigated for the abuse of public funds based upon the lack of safeguards in the contract involving Frank Taylor’s drone program, and the executive staff can’t claim ignorance because they are educated professionals with Masters degrees. Only in “Riverside Country” could this be allowed to occur.

  7. @87, you are right regarding contract requirements. With the KPMG study, they had specific requirements that needed to be fulfilled for the contract to be valid, and for them to receive payment. And with the County of Riverside, the requirements for vendors is that they need to register with the county, look for open bids, submit application based upon bid instructions, provide professional services, have a good reputation and maintain stable finances and staff to provide services. And so far, Droneboy Taylor has not lived up to the requirements of his contract because his drone mimics Christian Dekker, and does not function like it should. There is also the question of the number of bids the second floor received before selecting Frank Taylor and his non-functioning drone, which is done to safegraud public funds. I would like to see the other bids, in addition to the original contact awarded to Frank Taylor (and not a back dated one) to see what the requirements were, which I doubt he has fulfilled. What Frank has done (with the help of the second floor), is a legal 211 of taxpayer money for contract services that were never fulfilled. I would also like to see an independent examination of his drone to see if the taxpayers were getting “shaken down” by Frank Taylor in paying for a drone that was so substandard that the contract should never have been awarded to him, which is a form of fraud and deceit, or in a formal setting, deception by omission of facts. Even though the second floor was complicit in this waste of taxpayer money, they will point the finger at a retiring Captain or Lieutenant and said ”they approved the contract” even though it was the executive staff that sat in on the presentation. If this don’t get a formal investigation started, something is definitely wrong here.

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