Sep 162018

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John Dolan is a well-known defense attorney. He defends the worst of the worst in court. While there is a constitutional role for the John Dolan’s of the world, a Sheriff has no business taking campaign cash from him.

Nothing gives your men the finger like taking money from a guy defending a cop killer who murdered the Police Officer Wife of a Riverside Sheriff’s Deputy. (As in one of Stan’s own men)

Read the story here – The Cop-Killer’s defense attorney is John Dolan. The man that Murdered First Jose ‘Gil’ Vega, the beloved veteran. Then Lesley Zerebny, the tough-as-nails rookie is represented by a two-time donor to Stan Sniff.

Lesley’s Husband Zach Zerebny is an RSO Employee, he is a deputy.

Now, we know that Stan Sniff took money TWICE from this defense attorney.

I have been told by insiders that there did not used to be 7 Chief Deputies and 3 Assistant Sheriffs. There were roughly half that number. Each one of these positions is good for 200-250K a year.

Stan Sniff? $385,000 in total comp.

That’s a lot of money folks.



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  6 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Cop-Killer’s ( Murdered Lesley Zerebny Late Wife of Zach Zerebny) Defense Attorney Now a Multiple Sniff Donor!? and Just How Much Did We Pay Sniff in 2017 for His Failures?”

  1. Sniff and his second floor mutants would take money from the devil himself to stay in power. But Stan’s an atheist, so he don’t care where the money comes from. Stan should have returned the money, but he won’t, and the delinquent degenerates (Stan’s executions saff) that sit at his table don’t have the courage to say anything because they care more about their own position, and how much they can put in their own pockets than doing the right thing. The rebellion is in full swing, and the end is near for the second floor (this includes you too eggplant).

  2. It is not a surprise that Stanley takes money from an attorney who is defending a cop killer. Stanley also takes money from shady corrupt business people. He also protects those people and gives them all kinds of special perks. One question people should be asking is why is Fred Noble giving Stanley so much money could be that he is covering up criminal issues for Fred. Another one is fat ass Ali who is being investigated by attorney general regarding his smog business. Stanley has no ethics or integrity. Stanley would Fuck over his own family to put himself ahead of everyone.

    One thing Stanley should realize is that people are tired of him and want him out of office. The corruption that is going on within the sheriffs department should be investigated by the Attorney General.

    I leave you with the Stanley your time is coming you will be voted out of office. You won’t have nothing to do in life, your so-called friends that you cover up for will go away because they don’t need you anymore.

    For a Cocksucker like yourself you won’t be able to handle this type of lifestyle. I predict that you will start cross dressing in women’s clothing (I have a funny feeling that you do this already). You will eventually get caught by your wife dressed in women underwear.

    Goodbye Stanley

  3. Mr or Mrs Cocksucker Stanley,

    Sniff has lost his way, he said when appointed he would be fair and objective but that was just to get appointed by the Board. The truth is has always been known he rules like a communist dictator. Firing thise who have a hint of a different opinon and instilling fear in thise who might speak out.

    As a department member spouse, I hear the threats made and thanks God for RSA! I hear how Chief Ford and Chief Horton had called several employess to lunch to threaten them in supporting Sniff. Not together but in different days and times so they can deny it. Wouldnt want a group banning together as one victimized voice who all attended the same intimidation session.

    I hope the DA or AG or FBI look into the recent text using employees on county time to identify Bianco supporters and PERS them. We used to support Sniff until he ordered his goons the “made men” in his mafia after my husband!

    But this is what I see and again Thank God for RSA. Oh I have say thanks yo Sniff because of him and his staff mismanagement of staffing levels, i got a new car and paid off several bills,

  4. “A man got to have a code”

    Omar, “The Wire”

  5. Fat ass goat lover Ali’s Smog Check investigation file has been sitting on the desk of the DA’s office. Hmmm, someone should ask Mike Hestrin que pasa.?

  6. Does anyone think that the real reason the DA has not initiated criminal proceedings on the Sheriff, Ali, and his executive staff is because he is waiting until after the election so that way there are no allegations of political bias from those losers. Maybe that is why it’s taking so long for something to be done. Just a thought.

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