Sep 252018

Remember how we told you about the deputy that got suspended for two weeks for taking a picture of himself in uniform with a Chad Bianco Sign?

Remember how we told you about the widely known allegations of two members of Sniff’s Senior Management getting away with a DUI?

Remember all the instances of one friend of Stan after another getting away with ripping off overtime? Bob Epps and his alleged felonies?

Meet Correctional Deputy Matthew Currier.

He got popped for Shoplifting in San Bernardino County.

He was on job probation no less (in the first 18 months of his hire) and could have been let go with no recourse.

Nothing happened.

Then his co-workers started mocking and ridiculing him causing him to quit about a week later. They did what Sheriff Sniff and the so-called Professional Standards Bureau refused to do so many other times… hold someone accountable for committing a crime.

This is just another in the long list of Stan Sniff Cover-Ups.

P.S. Sworn Deputies derisively refer to Correctional Deputies as “Potatos”. This term made for a funny headline, as I respect both professions and would do neither of them no matter what the pay and bloated benefits were.

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  10 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: BAD POTATO! Another Jail Cover-Up – Correctional Deputy Gets Popped for Shoplifting and Keeps His Job!”

  1. “Police internal affairs is amongst the most corrupt departments that you will find in governments.”
    ― Steven Magee

  2. REMINDER: TODAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR VOTER REGISTRATION. If you know someone who hasn’t yet registered to vote, remind them to register and reming to vote for CHAD BIANCO for SHERIFF

    Sniff is CORRUPT and we have to vote him out of office, so we can start the healing process of this entire organization.

    Kurylowicz, you are a worthless disgrace to this profession, YOU are a liar and You should resign!!

    BLOGGER’S NOTE: The Registration Deadline is actually 15 days before election day.

  3. BOYCOTT THIS YEAR’S PICNIC!!! LET THE LIARS AND CHEATERS ATTEND BY THEMSELVES!!! We will have a real picnic/party after CHAD BIANCO is elected Sheriff!

    Let’s show them how outraged we are about Sniff’s and Kurylowicz’ lies and all the scandalous shit Sniff’s administration is responsible for!

  4. Don’t boycott the picnic. Go. Bring your friends and family…..and wear Bianco swag!

  5. To “Deputy pushing sled” (and anyone else reading this) please note, citizens may register to vote for an upcoming election up to 15 days before the election.

    Please remind your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to make sure they not only register to vote, but that they also cast a ballot for the November election and vote for Bianco.

  6. Captain David Kurlyowicz of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, and Moreno Valley Station Commander has made history. Between the two blogs, he has received at grand total of 57 postings, the most postings any one Stan Sniff “yes man” has even received on ROD. Congratulations Dave, you beat out Sergeant Robert “sleaze ball” Epps, which was very hard to do, and Sergeant Epps is very greatful for this. Although it won’t help him out much when the AG comes a calling. You could have had a great career Kurly, and we liked you as a person, but not anymore. You threw it all away for a selfish old man that only cared about staying in power, at any cost.

  7. Sorry, that should have been addressed to “Disgusted in RSO”

  8. I hope Kurkynads does attend the picnic so I can look his straight in his eyes and see what the soul of a loser looks like. You should hang your head in shame Kurly.

  9. Please do boycott the Riverside Sheriff picnic… Go to a different venue and have a pre-celebration for Chad’s victory out-come.

  10. I just wanted to say good morning everyone!!!!

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