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Jason Huskey is an embarrassment to law enforcement. At least that is what I think of him and I have laid out a ton of evidence to support that notion. It has been put to me that Sgt Geronimo, Sgt Richard (Beer Bong) Ramirez, Sgt. Robert (Roid Boy, Selfie Boy, Loser, etc…) Garcia and pretty much everyone on a special team in Palm Desert is on pins and needles.

Why? Because the second floor informed them of pending legal action. At least I am drawing this conclusion as I’ve been told of other employment practices lawsuits where medical and personnel files have been shared with Sgt / Lt level people at the field level in order to destroy the complainant. Similar action must be taking place in Palm Desert, that is the only conclusion for the mass panic in Palm Desert.

If Jason Huskey was not such a nimrod, he’d have had the above team of luminaries in check and had a workplace devoid of the retaliation, fear and just plain nastiness (especially true of Garcia) that has infested the department as a whole. Instead, it is the opinion of this blogger that all of the above are just ripping off the taxpayers.

Then, we have Dave Kurylowicz.

He thrust himself in to a small spotlight. Kurly, as I call him, went to the Palm Desert City Council to get his 15 minutes of fame. Similar to the women lying about SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh in an orchestrated attempt to forestall his confirmation until after the election – Kurly threw a Hail Mary on behalf of his benefactor making all sorts of wild and unverifiable claims about Chad Bianco.

Unlike this blog which is based on a ton of Confidential Informants and documentation – Kurly has none of that. Worse, and similar to the accusers of Kavanaugh, once the sensational allegations were vetted, they fell apart.

Kurly only succeeded in getting some press from the Desert Sun. It is my opinion that the Desert Sun libeled this blogger and Chad Bianco as their article was based on Kurly’s garbage. I’ve already forgiven Kurly for his anti-Christian bigotry which I believe was at the core of his psychosis. I also believe that he needs to undergo a thorough psychological evaluation before taking on any future assignment.

Remember – I am not a victim, I play rough in the sandbox. Sometimes, people like Kurly come along and remind us all of what throwing bombs with neither sanity nor a filter causes.

Today, Kurly went to a “Watch 3” Briefing and told all the men gathered there how he fears for his safety. Not a single person there believed any of the near hysterical rants of their Captain. Kurly did buy pizza for the gathering and also informed them that he is gay. I am not sure that was an unknown fact as he has been calling people homophobic as often as democrats accuse conservatives of racism, sexism or related felonies to gain political advantage.

There is a problem for Stan Sniff, Dave Kurly Kurylowicz and others featured on this blog – what I write I believe to be true based on evidence. I’ve corrected myself more than once (see also Misty Reynolds for an example) in order to enhance accuracy. Few if any of the targets have protested their innocence and one target asked me to pull a post because its’ contents were screwing him up on a refinance for a loan. I pulled the post because the goal is defeating Stan Sniff and his minions in senior management and the individual in question was lower rank than Captain.

The reality is sometimes, I want to feel sorry for Stan Sniff and people like Kurly – then I quickly remember what they have done and think of new ways to set fire to their legacies.

It is my opinion that Stan Sniff is a Narcissist (as in NPD) and Dave Kurylowicz is insane. Both need to be far, far away from law enforcement.

To be continued…

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  18 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: As his campaign spirals apart, Kurly Melts Down at Moreno Valley and Palm Desert is Gripped By Panic”

  1. Make no mistake, Kurlmyballsinside is setting himself up for a discriminatory lawsuit. He knows his career is over and any chance of becoming more than a captain with RSO is not going to happen.

    Telling others he’s scared and coming out (how many effing times now, Jeezus!!) are all maneuvers to hire a 1-800 attorney and get a big payday. Wish I was there for the pizza though.

    Glad all the tools of the desert are running scared for all the shit they pulled.

    Keep on keeping on, ROD!!

    VOTE FOR BIANCO – 2018!!

  2. Stan’s command is based upon evil deeds in order to maintain control over the rank and file, and if you look at the people the second floor have promoted, they were selected not for what the executive staff saw in them, it’s what they did not see. Look at the commanders, Queen Anne. Greg Negron, Jason Huskey, Evan Peterson, Kurly toes. Look at the mid-level managers. Aaron Kent, Kevin Smith, Michael Manning, Kent Werges, Tyler Clark, Zach Hall, Robert Rose, Marty Tochtrop, Kevin Lamb. Look at the supervisors, Robert Garcia, Jon Bodnar, Robert Epps, Aaron Martin, Nathan Kaas, Steve Brosche and Robert Cornett, they all lack the intestinal fortitude to become “free thinkers” and the character to do the right thing for the benefit of their fellow man. All they are concerned about is,”what’s in it for me” and have no problem with the executive staff’s “rule by threats and intimidation”’and go along with the “screw the deputy” attitude the second floor has initiated to keep “free thinkers” from outperforming their political appointees.

  3. You forgot to add Christian Dekker to the list of troglodytes that need to be walked out come January. Dekker won’t do the right thing, unless there is money involved, or someone to burn to make himself look good in the eyes of the second floor.

  4. Hey Stan read this you asshole. You’re a FUCKING LIAR! You sack of shit! How could you sit there and lie and keep a straight face? Few more weeks little man. Take eggplant with you. How the fuck do you pay her more than a sworn dep? And you’re bullshit lies about RSA. God damn you fucking lie. You’re something else you piece of little shit. I saw you a few weeks ago. It took everything not to put you on the spot you lying sack of shit. Pack you’re shit, take all those morons with you too. See you on the way out you fuck!

  5. Stan Sniff is a LIAR and he proved it again on his last televised KMIR interview when he told the reporter that arbitrary transfers “freeway therapy” doesn’t exist as well as other unlawful “disciplinary” measures Sniff likes to take, like when he locked Bianco away in the basement and stripped him of all his duties for 799 days. Sniff denies this, but every employee of the sheriff’s department knows Sniff is lying and these things really do happen. Stan Sniff is a LIAR and we must get the truth out to the public because we have to remove him from office and make a change for the better.

    Unfortunately, for another 40 days some of you may have to continue to listen to people like Kurly whine and cry and in an attempt to make you believe the lies are true and convince you they are victims. For the past 11 years everyone in this department has been victimized by Stan Sniff and now the time has finally come to change that and vote a NEW SHERIFF into office. 40 days to freedom! Vote Bianco

  6. And The Black Smoke Rises
    From The Fires We’ve Been Told
    It’s a Sniff Made Crisis
    And We Will Stand Up In The Cold

    Stand Up In The Cold

  7. We need to add Steve Fredricks, John Lenton, and Jon Wade to the list of staff that are no better than Stan Sniff. We can only hope that Bianco cleans house because if he don’t, I am sure the DA will do it for him. Stan you belong in a lock up facility. And I will take a voluntary transfer back to the jail to work F/C just to feed you and your fucked up exexutive statf a sack lunch until you head off to state prison where you belong. You allowed your executive staff and political selections to ruin good people all for the sake of self-gratification. You have lied to the BOS, you have lied to the rank and file, and most of all you have lied to the public, and the second floor went along with your evil scheme as you promoted selfish and ungreatful heathens to positions of authority that did nothing but line their own pockets at the expense of good staff members. Stan Sniff, you and your executive staff (including eggplant) are no better than John Gotti.

  8. Sniff’s criminal enterprise would scare the crap out of organized crime families, and give them a run for their ill gotten gain.

  9. Don’t disrespect John Gotti by comparing him to this pussy coward S/Sniff and his cult followers.

  10. I stand corrected “done wrong.”’

  11. More like the Orphans in the movie The Warriors.

  12. I apologize to the Gotti’s. And I owe them now.

  13. Someday, and that day may never come, I will call upon you to do a service. But until that day, consider this justice for the men and women of RSD.

    Vote Bianco and take the cannoli.

  14. Here is a major problem that I’m sure Sniff will ignore and not take proper action. He has a captain who has command of the largest and busiest contract city in the county , and that captain has exhibited irrational behavior to the point he is questionably unfit for duty. Now he is bringing his psychological issues back to the station and pouring them out all over the deputies to make them start thinking about his personal problems.

    The deputies deserve much more than to be dumped on because that is HORRIBLE leadership. Even if you’re having a bad day, as a leader you don’t dump it in the laps of the troops to make them suffer. They deserve a lion as a leader, not a sheep.

    Sniff and his brilliant admin people should be taking immediate action after witnessing the mentally unstable behavior that was exhibited to a live and televised audience. Was he offered psychological counseling? I bet not. Were the deputies he dumped his problems on offered any counseling or were they just sent out into battle with all that on their minds? The only thing Sniff cares about is trying to take down Chad Bianco at any cost, because he knows Bianco is going to win the election. I feel bad for the troops who have to deal with all this. Hang in there men, help is on coming.

  15. Come on Kurly, one week ago you say you have evidence of several bullshit, made up allegations and cry victim. A week later you are buying pizza for the troops saying you don’t have evidence. Really Dave, you had to make sure everyone in briefing knows you are “gay” and scared. What in the hell is that about? You are nothing less than an insignificant lying sack of manure, in addition, you’re a weak individual with zero ethics or leadership qualities. I hope you read these replies because you need to know what you really are. We’re waiting for you to take a long leave of absence because you surely know your fragile self can’t handle the stress. Get help with your issues. Regardless, I HOPE YOU ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR LIES. We hope the Moreno Valley City Council gets smart and requests a new Chief, preferably someone that isn’t disloyal and can make sound decisions without trying to promote personal agendas.

    Who’s going to take over MoVal when you leave or get canned? Maybe the self proclaimed man of integrity, lieutenant Clark? Maybe that new guy that thinks he is so badass and better than everyone to the point the doesnt acknowledge anyone with less rank than him, unless it’s a female OA, that puppy lieutenant Lamb? Let’s hope not. There’s only one lieutenant we like at MoVal and he ain’t no Sniff fan.

    Speaking of under qualified individuals, Bodnar, are you listening? Take notes. You are borderline on a “vote of no confidence” because nobody wants to work for a micromanaging brown nose that initiates a PERS on a deputy that did exactly what you did. It’s no secret you snooped around the “shoe” searching and searching. You know the story, we all do. Stop working overtime unless you are going to handle calls for service. We have enough bullshit to deal with and don’t need a subpar sergeant on our ass when there’s 10 pages of pending calls. I know, I know, you Sniff sheep are scratching your heads at MoVal wondering who we are leaking info on this blog. We are a group of the same troops that are held over, told to get reports submitted on time but aren’t given time to write and the very same folks that are voting for Bianco.

    Are we that reply on this blog on patrol, a special team, SRO, a weird traffic guy, SET or POP guy with a matching beard? Maybe I’m a bored investigator or an overworked CSO. Possible a burned out veteran or new guy being proactive instead of handling calls? We could be that cool Sergeant or calldodging corporal or a motivated deputy? Doesn’t matter because you’ll find a majority of each pulling for Chad Bianco to take the helm of this sinking ship of a department.

  16. “Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others.”

    Robert Louis Stevenson

  17. Ben Clark: I loved your response. Yes, Captain Kurly toes needs to be evaluated to see if he is fit for duty. He also needs to be psychological evaluated since the man does display
    emotional distress.

  18. Every time I watch this it becomes more and more convincing that this person is unfit for duty and definitely unfit to command a station. Another complete embarrassment for the entire department and a bunch of obvious politically motivated lies.

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