Sep 142018

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Now – this is even more amazing considering that he has the editor of the Press-Enterprise in his back pocket and other outlets are afraid of him. You will note that all of these headlines are in the Desert Sun (Who, amazingly endorsed Sniff for re-election!)

Sniff Short $59 Million
DS 7/5/17
Violent crime was up 6.3%
DS 8/2/15
The largest shortfall was in Sheriff Stan Sniff’s budget which is estimated at $40 million in the red. DS 2/11/15
Largest gap [is] in the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department which is in a $19.4 million deficit.
DS 2/5/17
Audit: $100M deficit points to sheriff’s office in Riverside County
DS 3/25/13 (headline)
the sheriff’s department is staring at a $43 million deficit. DS 11/5/14
Violent crime -including homicide, rape, robbery and aggravated assault – climbed 3.5%. DS 2/27/15
In the past 2 1/2 years, 21,824 inmates have been released before completing their sentences or having their cases adjudicated, according to Sheriff Stan Sniff Jr.
DS 7/3/14
Sniff short $50M
DS. 7/5/17
Sniff said he has dissolved the Cold Case Homicide Team, cut staff dedicated to auto theft, off-road details and permitted patrol operations in unincorporated to whither. DS 6/20/17
He [Sniff] said without increased outlays, the department will have no choice but to partially or fully close stations or other facilities…
DS 6/29/17
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  7 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: A Sampling of Local Media Headlines During His Tenure #EPICFAIL”

  1. What all of the men and women who work for the Sheriff’s Department have learned is that Stan Sniff is a LIAR. He has proven it over and over through his deceitful words and actions. The time has come to vote Sniff out of office and get new leadership in place who can change the course and culture of the Sheriff’s Department and steer it in the right direction.

    Vote CHAD BIANCO for Sheriff

  2. “He who has lost honor can lose nothing more” except the election.

    “Son, the greatest trick the Devil pulled was convincing the world there was only one of him.”

    S/Sniff you’re embarrassing yourself and your family, leave voluntarily.

  3. So grotesque to look at. I know what’s causing such deterioration, the devil in you and all who you have wronged is eating you alive from the inside out. You look like Maummar Gaddafi as the mob of his victims were closing in on him to oust him from office. S/Sniff you failed miserably. Rot slowly.

    These are the feelings from someone who was done wrong so you future leaders remember what you do to people. It never goes away.

  4. Let’s not forget about Sniff’s band of cutthroats (his executive staff), they need to go as well. They have done nothing other than fill their own pockets, and ruined the reputations of good cops in order to make themselves look superior in the eyes of their boss. This “den of thieves” promoted incompetent tools they could manipulate into their own skewed way of thinking, and management by threats and intimidation, and in the process caused the collapse of the Department. The second floor needs to take a hard look at Carona and Baca because they are next in line.

  5. No one likes or respects you Stan the Scam. Even those you think do, do not. Oh, they act as if they do to your face, but like you, they have their own agendas and are concerned about their survival. Most of them don’t know what they are going to do when they no longer have their little perches on the second floor. They worry that what they saw happen to numerous other of their brothers and sisters (including Bianco) when you were “appointed” will now happen to them. Rightfully so, they should worry. Their only safe bet is to publicly denounce you and pledge their allegiance to the Department, the County, and America as a whole. As Bianco has said, there is no longer a need for people of this Department to pledge an allegiance to any man individually. You are washed up.

  6. This man looks sick… Skin Cancer.? His dental insurance should cover for some veneers for this teeth.

  7. These are just the stories that made it to the light of day. If all of the stories from Right On Daily made it to the masses, imagine the outrage from the public. I tell everyone I can to come on her to see what Satan and his second floor demons have done. Admin can not contain the truth. No matter how many time they try. Even in the darkest night you can see a glimmer of light.

    Keep it up Aaron. You are that glimmer of light in the darkness of RSO.

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