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Stan Sniff didn’t plan to fail. He Failed to Plan.

Witness a story from a media outlet usually in the Bag for him. Note – KSEQ refused to air the real story about the Kevin Duffy Serial Child Molestor Cover-Up, instead choosing to air a lie-infested response from the Sheriff. This makes this piece even more remarkable.

3,108 lower-risk individuals have been released from Riverside County jails so far this year [2015].  That’s compared with 10,895 in all of 2014.

Riverside County has a jail bed capacity of 3,914, which includes five locations: Blythe, Banning, Indio, Riverside and Murrieta.

When deciding who to release early as part of the federal mandate to prevent overcrowding, Riverside County Assistant Sheriff Jerry Gutierrez says “We take a look at who’s the best of the worst.  Obviously we don’t want to release anyone early, but we’re under a federal court order to do so, and we have no choice.”

Although those numbers appear to show a significantly fewer number of Riverside County inmates are being released early compared with last year, Gutierrez says the implementation of Proposition 47 brought a change across the state. He California jails have seen an average of 15 percent reduction in bookings.  This could be attributed to several things, including the classification of crimes as misdemeanors that were previously felonies, which allows for in-the-field citations written.

“We released fewer, but the population has still remained at max population because of realignment,” says Gutierrez  “A good percentage of our beds are occupied by the realignment population… The jail population also reduced to mirror that population,” says Gutierrez.  “Except in Riverside County, because we have fewer jail beds, so we’re still at maximum capacity.”

#Serialburglar Ernie Couto was “fed-kicked” at least three times since his first arrest in November 2014.  He bailed out at least three times, and was “cite-released” at the jail twice.  He was also issued additional citations that did not involve any time spent in jail.

Yesterday, we told you about the folowing:

According to the CEO’s office, in 2013, the sheriff released 9,286 inmates because of space limitations. That compares to what Sheriff Stan Sniff described as an unprecedented number in 2012 — 6,990.

And remember, the Sniffmeister is threatening to leave the new jail empty as leverage in negotiations. He has also left jail space empty in the past. Meantime, there are ghastly county maintenance contracts and mass abuses of overtime that could be reigned in freeing up millions to fix some of the budget problems. Sniff could not be bothered.

While KSEQ was focused on one case of a serial Car Thief, but dropped all kinds of statistics that they may not have realized set fire to Stan Sniff:

How much money gets spent to “put away” a career criminal?  What’s the cost to victims and taxpayers?

  • Riverside County’s daily jail rate is $142.42

  • Ernie Couto spent 60 days in jail between November 2014 and August 21, 2015 and prior to sentencing on October 8.

  • In one case which was adjudicated on June 29, 2015, Couto was ordered to pay $13,360 in restitution to his victims.

  • Palm Springs Police Department detectives make an average of roughly $40/hour, with variables including qualifications, experience and education.  Lt. Mike Kovaleff estimates at least 100 hours were spent by detectives investigating crimes involving Couto.  Palm Springs patrol officers were called to handle issues with Couto at least eight times between March and August, including two times in May.  Each time they spent at least 40 minutes, and sometimes upwards of two hours handling the calls.

  • Couto was also contacted by officers from the Cathedral City, Indio and Palm Desert police departments.

  • Public defenders in Riverside County make between $4,430.76 and $7,354.08 per month.

  • Deputy District Attorneys in Riverside County make a minimum of $5,428.70 and a maximum of $16,062.06 per month depending on their level of experience and position.

  • In one case involving a car theft from March, which was adjudicated on June 29, 2015, prosecutors and public defenders made at least 18 appearances in court related to Couto, including petitions to revoke his probation, and allegations of  violations of his mandatory supervision.

  • Riverside County Probation costs are billed to the offender at ranges from $16.42-$104.00 per month.  In addition, they’re billed for required urine tests.

  • A deputy probation officer 2 with a four-year degree and one year of probation experience starts out at $25.59 per hour in Riverside County.  After three or four years of experience, that individual will top out at $35.27 per hour.

  • Beth Stevens, Probation Division Director for Riverside County says “defendants do make payments.  However victims and restitution fines are paid first, and receive the greatest allocation.  The cost of probation is one of the last things paid off.”  Probation officers encourage probationers to get jobs so they can pay fines and victims restitution, however, it’s challenging to find employers willing to take risks on individuals with criminal backgrounds.

  • In another case, Couto was also ordered to pay for mandatory supervision at a cost of between $591.12 and $3,744.

This is stuff you never hear Sniff talking about. His script are dog whistle soundbytes related to AB109. However, Sniff never demonstrates any interest or knowledge of dealing with the underlying issues. Meantime damn near 30,000 criminals got Fed-Kicked from 2012-mid 2015.

As you continue reading this series, you will learn about several things Sniff did to make the problem even worse.

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  2 Responses to “Stan Sniff #EPICFAIL: KSEQ Lit him up for a “Catch and release” jail system that puts repeat criminals on the streets”

  1. The problem with Jerry is that he was never a real cop, and never did a true criminal investigation. Jerry does not understand the time and effort required to put a case together, going out and talking to victims, witnesses, writing search warrants and gathering evidence and generating reports just so someone can get fed kicked. All this does is encourage ongoing criminals behavior because the bad guys know Jerry is just going to kick them lose. The second floor had the money for the hub jail, but they did not go through with the plans and raided the accounts for their own projects, which is a gross example of mismanagement by Sniff and his band of profiteers.

  2. It’s not any better with Misha Graves, she has no real world experience as a cop in any sense of the word, so she has no idea what we do as gunfighters when we go after criminals in order to keep the good people of our communities safe. Yet as part of the command staff Misha Graves has the opportunity to provide input as to who stays behind bars and who gets to walk the streets and continue to victimize society. If Jerry Gutierrez and Misha Graves really wanted to wear the badge, they should have strapped on a 6-shooter like the rest of us and go 10-8 to go after the outlaws that plague our streets. Then maybe they would have the respect their positions entitle them to.

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