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Look close. Anyone that reads any of my stuff for any length of time knows I am easily to the right of most all sane Americans. I would not align myself with a Union (or in this case several Police and Fire Unions) under normal circumstances, if ever.

Chad Bianco is Pro-Life. He is a “Shall Issue” CCW guy. He is a traditional values Evangelical Christian. He is a prototypical Conservative Republican candidate. He is also endorsed by a slew of Law-Enforcement Unions.

The race between Stan Sniff and Chad Bianco for Riverside County Sheriff is one of stark contrasts. Even the photo of Chad Bianco with his wife speaks to one of the biggest moral contrasts – Stan Sniff is rumored to have slept with several staff members of RSO and even if the rumors of infidelity are false, he has been featured on this blog in a slew of inappropriate photos for a married man. You don’t hear about Chad Bianco leaving his office in an unmarked Crown Victoria with his arm around another man’s wife.

Chad Bianco is an Evangelical Christian. Stan Sniff is an Athiest.

Chad Bianco supports strong borders and ICE. Stan Sniff ended cooperation with ICE in 2013.

Chad Bianco wants to solve the Early Release of Felons crisis. Stan Sniff has complained about it for years and when he had a chance to do something, he sided with the NIMBYS and donors in the desert (and the feckless late John Benoit) in torpedoing a 6,000+ bed jail.

Chad Bianco wants to restore integrity to the Sheriff’s Department.

Stan Sniff has covered up Kevin Duffy’s serial child molestation, Jailbreaks, DUI’s on Duty, felonies committed by special team leaders, massive cheating on advancement exams, sexual dalliances department wide and is currently trying to scuttle a transparency audit by KPMG.

Chad Bianco has endured years of retaliation because he had the temerity to run against Stan Sniff in 2014. Bianco is not alone, your intrepid blogger is aware of at least 5 employment practices lawsuits and I have over 20 sources requesting anonymity who have all detailed dozens of cases of retaliation. This is why I name names of supervisor level employees – these are the minions of Stan Sniff that are either acting on direct orders or conversely are doing it because they are not being supervised.

One of Stan Sniff’s first acts as Sheriff was to retaliate against Chief Deputy Randy Throne.

Chad Bianco has earned the loyalty of the rank and file Sheriff Deputies. Stan Sniff demands it.

Chad Bianco wants to restore the SWAT Team to it’s original purpose and make sure teams like the Bomb Squad have the best people on them – not tyrannical cronies. Sniff’s legacy has been to subjugate and decimate things that were not his idea.

The equipment of the Riverside Sheriff’s Office and Department is dilapidated and in disrepair.

The Worker’s Comp System is being abused repeatedly by the Stan Sniff regime who are devoid of reason and discard injured employees playing an actuarial game to shave pennies off of claims – only to pay out 10 times as much in the resulting lawsuits.

A lot of people in the Riverside Sheriff’s Association (that is the Deputy’s Union) have a lot of skin in the game. They are desperate for change. They call me telling me about their cancelled vacations, “Yellow Days”, Double Shifts, arbitrary actions of management, injuries where treatment is being denied, legal games, retaliatory discipline, cover-ups for Stan Sniff loyalists, couples being broken up, families being retaliated against, gestapo-like surveillance or computer snooping, and the list goes on and on and on.

My wife has been attacked by Sniff and Crew. My Brother has. My Insurance Business Has. Some of my best sources have come forward once it was known I was paying a personal price for taking on Sheriff Stan Sniff. I am aware of at least 2 instances of private investigators looking in to my personal affairs. I’ve had more than one person tell me to look over my shoulder as they fear Stan Sniff so much they think he’d have people try and physically harm me.

Any idiot who stays fixated on who I know (or take photos with) or which mythical figure is paying me is involved in the corruption. No sane person could read everything posted on this blog about Stan Sniff and ignore it or dismiss it otherwise. This is the moral compromise required to swim in the corruption of Stan Sniff.

Chad Bianco represents more than a Sheriff Candidate – he represents the hope of a generation of good cops hanging on to their original passion for law enforcement. He also represents the hope for the beleaguered people in Riverside County suffering from the effects of feckless law enforcement. He represents the hope of a future generation of Police that want to pick up the pieces of the Riverside Sheriff’s Office and restore law enforcement.

Chad Bianco is fighting against a political establishment that prefers inertia and the status quo in a numb comfortable bubble. He just so happens to be the most conservative candidate that ran for sheriff. It is those clear values that make him stand out so much.

I do not regret for a second getting in the middle of the Riverside County Sheriff’s race. The more I talk to people and the more I learn about the situation – the more I am convinced I made the right choice.

(Pictured: In the Black / Blue Flannel… Chad Bianco Praying at a gathering with other men.)

Chad Bianco will inherit a colossal mess. It is being made worse daily by Stan Sniff as he is in a Narcissistic Rage as he sees his tenure slipping away and his legacy has been shattered. Sniff is promoting cronies, not based on merit, but because he can. Sniff is playing games with Staffing, not to actually improve police service – but rather to circumvent the KPMG Audit. Sniff and crew are actively snooping on the computers and desks of people they think are supporting Chad Bianco in order to terminate them. They are transferring people in a time honored practice known as “Freeway Therapy” to try and get them to quit.

Sniff has played budget magic “finding” money hidden in years of cooked books, but none of the money is spent actually trying to improve conditions or service levels. The money is being spent trying to put political band-aids on a decade of failure. The last 60 days of the Sniff regime will be a manic rampage as will the lame duck period through the day Chad Bianco is sworn in (if Bianco wins).

This is the time to re-double your efforts and sustain it through election day. Ballots will be in the mail in about 5 weeks.

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  7 Responses to “It’s Labor Day, and Here I Am “Helping a Union” Take Out a Corrupt Sheriff… A Conservative’s Case for Chad Bianco”

  1. “Strong leaders cannot tolerate weak leaders above them.”

  2. Denise Bianco is a very classy and decent women who’s been a pillar of strength for Chad. Behind a great man is a great woman. The way this man takes care of his wife is a great example as to how he will take care of my community.

  3. This message is for Denise Bianco. Denise, I’m sure this election like the last has been very difficult for you. To watch the man you love be attacked and ridiculed by an evil and immoral administration must be incredibly hard. Just know that you both have an army behind you and we cannot wait for Election Day. Thank you for sharing Chad with RSO and for sacrificing so much. As the “First Lady Of RSO” I’m sure you will show more caring and compassion for your husbands employees than Stan Sniff ever did. God bless you both.

  4. There is no grey area between these two candidates. Sniffcompoop has had a decade to bring RSO to greatness. Instead, good deputies have left to greener pastures, the department’s reputation is in the trash, and the so-called leadership eat from gold plated dishes whilst the others are left scraps. Sniffcompoop has proven he doesn’t give a care for his department or the troops.

    I’ve said it before: anyone still supporting Sniffcompoop, you’re either promised a promotion before this election, you’re NEVER disciplined and are part of the golden crew, or you’re just plain s-s-s-slow and still ride the short bus.

    This department has much to gain with new leadership. Bianco has outlined his plan to make RSO GREAT AGAIN! He knows first hand what the current leadership’s antics are and he will not lead this way. Fairness across the board.

    I agree with the saying, “Behind every good man is a greater woman.” And the respect he has for his wife is an example of the compassion, vigor, and stability Chad has to lead this department.

    Keep the momentum going for Bianco. Two months is all we have left to spread the word to others who we need for our next sheriff.


  5. I can’t wait until the day KurlyQueen sees his daddy Sniffles lose the election. Now Kurly is borderline calling Bianco a liar with the shit he’s sharing on his “Tribute to Sniff” Facebook page. When KurkyQueen refused to shake The RSA President’s hand,saying he didn’t trust Mr. Young, that showed me Kurly’s true rainbow colors. Kurly, I hope your failure as a cop catches up to you, again, and you get reassigned to count sack lunches in some desert correctional facility. You sir are a joke of a “cough” man. I bet your station looks at you like the citizens of Moreno Valley do, as a puppet for Sniff. You’ve done nothing of any significance since taking over as captain of MV. Do like Fat Panda did and go away. My city needs someone that will fit the needs of the city, not Sheriff’s admin. Us voters in Moreno Valley are praying Bianco sends you elsewhere.

  6. Aaron, your tenacity is commendable. However, for a man like Chad that claims “Evangelical” etc to allow the posts you host, and shame on you too, is nothing less than despicable. It used to be that “mud slinging” was an unfortunate part of an election, yet held some truth however painful. Claims like, “Endorsed by the rank and file” could easily be proven by simply taking a vote of the Deputies, yet all efforts to make this happen only results in name calling, threats by yourself to “Blog about them” ie a personal attack. Then there’s the million dollars spent on the campaign. When in your lifetime have you ever seen that kind of money spent on this type of election? And almost all from a Union? Wow, a Union take over is not a new thing, yet little mention is made of that possibility. Is there any hope of honesty and transparency when beginning with misleading statements on campaign posters? CBS taught us with Bill Clinton, the value of falsehoods like these as it’s been shown that people want to say that they voted for the winner… Let’s see what the deputies really want, not just what Masson and Sean want. And for pity’s sake, filter your posts… “Cocksucker” is not fit for print, especially by folks hiding behind a screen name so their shame is hidden. Maybe we just let qualifications decide the election, and stop trying to ruin people and the Department as well?

    Blogger’s Note: If indeed Matt Johnson is your real name, please note that Sniff has raised $900K himself, with Almost $200K from one developer and another $100k from another wealthy business owner. Sniff’s donors also consist of several people he has promoted. There goes the yooooooonyun canard…

    The rest of your comment is the usual pablum about how mean I am and how dare Chad Bianco let me be mean, yawn. It is called a campaign. I am called an independent blogger for a reason. You may need to re-do investigator school to learn that concept again.

    Given that fact the most all Sniff supporters hurl bombs from the cover of cowardly anonymity (including attacking my wife) I feel no compunction or reason to edit the comments of people. Deal with it.

  7. Matt Johnson you really believe only two people want Sniff gone? Bwaaaahaaaahaaaahaaaaaaa. Your post lost all credibility right then and there! Every deputy I work with wants Sniff booted out of that office and Bianco to take over like yesterday! By the way you are probably a cocksucker and that’s why you don’t like the word.

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