Sep 122018

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For some reason the Desert Sun does not connect this behavior to a failure of leadership in the department.

It did not surprise me to see the far-left social justice warriors at the Desert Sun not miss a chance to defame the law enforcement profession. They have been quite selective in the stories they have run regarding the Sheriff’s Department.

For example, the have ignored the horrific cover up of the Kevin Duffy Child Molestation Scandal.

They have ignored the Surge in Crime.

They have ignored the mass exodus from the department. Sniff lied in another paper, claiming it is 5%. I personally know of 57 people that have left the department and have been told by people that know – that the department is losing 5 deputies minimum per pay period, some periods as many as 15. In 2017, they lost over 250. NET after the paltry amount of new hires.

But the Desert Sun wrote about 5 terminations in 2017 for abusing the system while ignoring critically low staffing levels because other deputies are fleeing.

If they were doing their job, they’d write about Ocean Watch, an area larger than Rhode Island that often has 2 deputies on the entire beat. This is the unincorporated area around the Palm Desert Station.

In 2017, in Riverside County more law enforcement employees resigned or were fired —  than in any other county in California — for abusing a statewide electronic database that contains people’s personal information collected during routine police work.

Out of 16 investigations, five Riverside County employees resigned or were terminated last year after it was found abuse had occurred, according to data collected by the California Department of Justice.

Law enforcement agencies across the state reported a total of 143 investigations resulting in 22 staff being terminated or resigning in 2017 for abusing the California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (CLETS). Even though Riverside County, with a population of 2.4 million, accounts for about six percent of the total population of California, almost a quarter of all CLETS abuse firings or resignations came from the county.

Perhaps with a little research, the Desert Sun could find out about the lack of training, decimated morale, the brain drain, promotions of corrupt useless people, corruption in senior management, cover-ups, cronyism, mismanagement, crime rate spikes, budgeting disasters and then they would ask the obvious question they did not…

… why is the RSO leading the State in Terminations for Abusing the CLETS system? Perhaps if they did ask that question and get an honest answer to it, they’d no longer endorse Stan Sniff.

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  1. “A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of truth” Albert Einstein

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