Sep 292018

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  4 Responses to “As seen in an RSO Station. Buy Boy Scout Popcorn Or Face the Wrath of the Blog”

  1. That popcorn is $14 a bag by the way. No wonder you have to threaten people to buy it. Vote Bianco


  2. That must be some Sniffy pop. It’s just standard popcorn that’s made out to be special, to justify the cost. Kind of like how Sniffy deals with contract cities and their fees for police service. You get the basics, but he charges you the premium price.

  3. Fly on the wall: Moreno Valley’s Riverside Sheriff contract per year for 2018/19 is… $ 44.5 million.

  4. I would rather buy the popcorn that to be fed what Kurly fries is trying to feed us.

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