Aug 192018

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Deputies Cheating on Advancement Exams.

Senior Management getting a DUI and getting away with it

Sexual Misconduct Across the Ranks

Documented Evidence of Felonies committed by management staff

Covering up as many as 300 children who were raped and abused.

The Second Floor making sure County Admin abuses the process on Worker’s Comp Claims

Arbitrary applications of general orders to terminate employees

Managerial incompetence

Dilapidated Equipment

Millions of dollars wasted on Overtime due to critically short staffing

Hundreds of employees of RSO leaving for other agencies

Yet a photo of myself and Robert Masson meeting in person for the first time is a department-wide topic of discussion??? Masson is not even on the force anymore.

Please note that This was the first time Robert and myself have met in person.

If you’re focused on this rather than the above list, then you may be part of the problem that has beset RSO. It is when things like this happen that I despair that Chad Bianco can fix the RSO…

  4 Responses to “Weekend Update: If you care more about this photo than (fill in the scandal here) then YOU are part of the problem”

  1. Great photo. It’s a joy to see to good dudes enjoying life. God bless and keep up the good work.

  2. The only thing I don’t like about the photo is I am not in it too!! I see Robert still associates with good people in his retirement as he did on the job. Way to go, boys!!

  3. I am jealous Robert. Keep up the good work Aaron in exposing the corruption and neglect management on the second floor. We at Mo. Val. appreciate your hard work.

  4. Masson worked hard his entire career, but he didn’t kneel to the Sheriff. He fought for the employees right granted by the law and was crucified for it. The Sheriff didnt even present him with a retirement badge. All the Sheriff supporters who retired received a badge and wallet.

    Masson you did an outstanding job serving the public, the Department and the members of RSA!

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