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Remember when I nuked Andrew Shouse? Remember when I wrote that it was then LT. Misty Reynolds that was in on the book-cooking and that she threw Shouse under the bus to advance herself?

Somehow, Misty Reynolds was made to look like she had done in Shouse. I learned through various informants over the last 3 months that now Captain Misty Reynolds did indeed end up in a disciplinary hearing because of some of the stuff she knew Shouse was doing. It was, however Lt. Mike Manning that was the catalyst, and the extent of the misdeeds attributed to Reynolds was grossly overblown. If this does not make sense read on.

If you are wondering why this matters at it relates to Stan Sniff, read on, this is the caliber of management he has and the trail of corruption traces right the the office next door to the Sheriff’s.

To get the full picture of who Mike Manning really is, we have to go back a bit to 2014-2015. Mike Manning, who is reputed to be a pretty boy, complete with the self-absorbtion and social climbing pattern, was promoted to Sergeant.

Up to that point Manning was nothing other than a pretty face with an undistinguished record.

Manning is moved to the Media Information Bureau (MIB) and meets none other than Undertaker Diyoyo. (Undersheriff William DiYorio) As reported to your intrepid blogger, Mike Manning becomes a complete lackey of the undersheriff. Remember, William DiYorio is reviled more than Assistant Sheriff Kevin Vest and that is saying something. Manning tried to make himself in the image of his daddy.

As the accounts go, now Lt. Mike Manning is sent out to Thermal Station with a mission to destroy Captain Andrew Shouse. It Looks like then Lt. Reynolds was there when the Shouse hit the fan at Thermal Station, but it was Mike Manning that went over there and ratted out all kinds of people. It also looks like Reynolds was not in on the “Accounting” of Captain Andrew Shouse.

What many people believed for a long time about now Captain Reynolds was just not true. While Andrew Shouse got what he had coming to him, Lt. Mike Manning made sure several other people got caught in the over-spray.

Mike Manning was also the catalyst for the “Challenge Coin” scandal at Thermal Station. The Challenge Coins were made to commemorate a fantastic Gang-Busting investigation that Thermal participated in. They had “187”, a skull and the name of the gang on them.

People got “PERS-ED” over the Challenge Coins… that had Skulls on them. (Think about Ray Wood’s Skull Tatoos) Lyndon Raymond “The Executioner” Wood was one of the loudest critics of the challenge coins and is alleged to have seen to discipline for several people that may have gotten nothing more than a verbal reprimand otherwise.

Mike Manning also screwed over a long time friend who sought his advice as a friend after being told not to talk by the ratt-squad after his interview. Rather than help a long time friend in the department, Manning went to the Ratt Squad after the conversation and nearly cost the now former friend his job. (Name withheld at the request of the sources that are not the affected victim of Manning’s)

Now, if you are not 100% convinced what a slimebag Mike Manning is, in 2017 Cochellafest and Stagecoach are going on as usual.

Indio PD is the Contractor for Security Services at both events. The promoter is an outfit called Golden Voice. Golden Voice pays Indio PD who hires subcontractors – including RSO who up until 2017 used to have the lion’s share of the duties at Cochellafest and Stagecoach.

People within the Riverside Sheriff’s Office were wondering why Indio PD did not have as much of the RSO present in 2017 as in previous years. They should ask Mike Manning, who went to the promoter of the event(s) Golden Voice in an attempt to cut Indio PD out and secure the contract for the RSO directly.

Mike Manning as a Lt. does not have the horsepower to do this. Nor would a Captain. It is clear that Manning was acting with the backing of the second floor, and if you follow the pattern of the entire reign of terror of the Sniff Regime this should not surprise you.

It is the opinion of this blogger that the Undertaker Himself, likely with full knowledge of the corrupt Sheriff sent their butt-monkey Mike Manning on this mission. To the credit of the promoters, they set fire to Manning et. al.

The Indio PD then slashed the RSO’s role in the events, relegating them to lousy assignments (such as holding a beer bong).

Fresh off of his unethical attempt to screw over the Indio PD, Manning is now “Managing” the La Quinta Contract. Enter Captain Misty Reynolds who was moved over from a jail to Thermal Station.

Manning takes off on a vacation (tanning? preening himself?) and the La Quinta contract is being handled by another Lt. La Quinta is so taken aback by being talked to normally versus being talked down to and having balanced and normal interaction with their RSO LT that they formally request this Lt. that covered for Manning be permanently assigned to the contract.

Captain Reynolds accommodates the City of La Quinta and assigns Lt. Mike Manning to patrol.

Manning then feigns illness and while out “sick” is reputed to have called his daddy Diyorio for help. Recently, Lt. Manning was returned to the 2nd floor cesspool.

Tired of the corruption? Fire Stan Sniff and it will take Take Wood and DiYorio out with him. Mike Manning? Maybe he will experience the joy of a PERS in 2019.

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  12 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Lt. Mike Manning and Undersheriff Diyorio’s unholy alliance of corruption (Capt. Misty Reynolds Vindicated of Many Rumored Issues)”

  1. Manning has always been a douche-bag and obviously still is as he carries around DiYoyo’s jock strap. He used to live with that filthy bitch Knudson (formerly known as Captain Chlamydia) and her chicken shit husband. Of course that was back when he dumped his wife for the younger chick. Manning is DiYoyo’s little bitch and he thinks he has lots of juice because of it. He is another example of Sniff’s corrupt, power hungry morons. Hopefully, the new sheriff will find a good place to send Manning after he takes over in January. Yes Manning, your days of treating people like trash because you are DiYoyo’s bitch will soon be over and you will be brought back down to reality. There is plenty more dirt on you that I’m sure will be covered in the days to come, so stand by.

  2. Mike Manning is an elitist who thinks he’s better than everyone else, including the second floor executive staff. He had dirt on P.K., which is how he got promoted. Mike Manning did nothing in his career and got by on his looks. He never helped anybody out, other than himself, and thinks he is entitled to the special assignments he has been given. He dumped his wife and kids and married a 19-year old subordinate because he felt he was entitled to abandon his family for something younger. Additionally he showed how flexible his ethics were by ordering a deputy to arrest his ex-wife, which is an integrity issue, but the second floor protected him instead of holding him accountable for his actions. We can only hope a grand jury inquiry is initiated soon because Mike Manning will be the first one to point the finger at the command staff for their behavior. I am not defending Misty Reynolds, but Mike Manning is a cancer that needs to be removed.

  3. Lt. Manning is a very selfish, and self-centered individual, which is why he is being welcomed with open arms on the second floor, and comes from the same mold as Christian Dekker, Nathan Kaas, Kevin Smith and Robert Epps. Lt. Manning only has one view, and that is upward and screw everyone else. He won’t offer help to any of what he considers as the “lower classes” (AKA deputies), and should never have been promoted. He was a lackluster Deputy on patrol, and was proud of doing nothing while on G.T.F., and was uninspiring as a Sergeant and spent most of his time at Norco on the phone with his new “playtoy” (his teenage bride). But I will give it to Lt. Manning, she was a 10+ as eye candy, so playtime was good for him. Lt. Manning has no honor or self-respect and would stab anyone in the back for self-gratification (ask his ex-wife and daughters who he abandoned) Lt. Manning’s only claim to fame is that he has a degree in English (as if) which he feels entitles him to a command. Chad needs to clean house of the village idiots that the second floor has promoted to positions of authority come January. Mike, you talked all kinds of junk about your ex-wife during the divorce, and what a bitch she was going to be when it came to property division, well I hope it was worth selling your soul for self-enrichment in your personal life, as well as your chosen vocation my friend.

  4. DiYorio uses Mike Manning as the tool he is, and manipulates him into doing his dirty work because he knew Mike Manning was pretty much a weasel at heart (so what does that say about Mike Manning as a man?). The problem is that Mike Manning can’t keep his mouth shut, so everybody knows who he is working for, and he also spilled the beans on the Patty Knudsen connection as well. Most egotistical individuals can’t help themselves and reveal their true benefactors, that is how Lt. Manning got the PIO position over everyone else. He only wanted the position to get out of patrol, and was mediocre at a patrol sergeant, and faired no better as the PIO. Lt. Manning not only destroyed his personal life, but also causes damage to morale whereever he is assigned, unlike Lt. Worthless who caused a half-million dollar deficit, in addition to three units he damaged. And these are the morons the second floor see’s fit to promote, and they wonder what there is a revolt on their hands.

  5. Michael Manning was never view by the troops as a true leader of men. He did not have the skills, or the concepts of what true leadership was all about. Lt. Manning was promoted beyond his abilities (much like I hear Captain Anne and Lt. Smith were at the Lake Elsinore Station through ROD) and it shows in his decision making abilities, and his lack of foresight as a Lieutenant. Maybe that is why the second floor is shielding Lt. Manning from his poor leadership skills and bad decision making abilities by sending him downtown to an administrative position, away from the true gunfighters that can actually do the job. Look at the decisions he makes, he dumped his wife, who was a Secret Service Agent with her own retirement, her own medical care, and other benefits to babysit a 19-year old wife that brings nothing to the table. How can the executive staff think that he will make better decisions when he goes to the second floor? Mike Manning did nothing in his career, other than to use DiYorio and P.K. as a springboard for his own selfish desires for personal enrichment. So who do you really blame, the opportunistic Mike Manning and his desire to self-gratification at any cost, or the second floor for promoting him beyond his skill set, and the other tools that don’t belong in a position of command?

  6. Misty Reynolds allowed Mike Manning’s bad behavior toward the troops, and lack of leadership to continue without putting him in check, which contributed to the mess that is the Thermal Station today. Granted it was Lt. Manning’s “I am better than all of you” attitude that alienated the rank and file, but the problem is when a Captain supports and defends their Lieutenants bad behavior because of their rank, that Captain also fails as a leader of men. And don’t think that the troops don’t see this as well, and recognize the “us vs them”’mentally of management because all it does is undermine your command Misty. You should have done something about Lt. Manning treating deputies like crap instead of supporting him because of his rank. So you have no one to blame but yourself when your command fails. Mike Manning should never have been promoted to a manager because all he has done is destroy morale as he seeks the next level of management.

  7. Manning has always been a piece of shit and obviously still is. Pretty much sucks dick every chance he gets, he can be found under several desks on the second floor. DiYoyo abuse and used him to spy on everyone. Manning loved every minute of it because he knew he was going to get promoted.

    Oh well what can you expect from a guy Who lived with Patty Knudsen who gave half of Riverside station STD back in the day and continue throughout her whole career. The health department should’ve shut that bitch down. As for her husband David he should have been fired for the dog shooting incident, but I guess Patty took care of some of the Chiefs like she always did so he kept his job.

    This is Just another example of Sniff’s corrupt, morons. Yes Manning there is plenty more shit on you that I have, I’ll make sure it comes out in the near future

  8. Lt. Manning knows how people should be treated, but ignores good manners and treats the troops like serfs than a valuable resource. Lt. Manning has his nose so far up DiYorio’s ass that DiYorio won’t need a colonoscopy for the next five years. Lt. Manning only thinks of himself and “what’s in it for me” and nobody else matters. Lt. Manning is so full of himself that he has no room in his heart for anybody else. But the Second Floor (and Misty Reynolds) either don’t see it, or they just don’t care as Lt. Manning runs morale into the ground with his antics. And he intentionally misstated the facts when he told his ex-wife he was not attending their kids event at their school, then showed up to allege a TRO violation and ordered a deputy to arrest his ex-wife. Additionally, the staff members at RPDC heard then Sgt. Manning call jail deputies “losers” when in the Sergeants office. Well Lt. Manning, I would tell you what the deputies think of you and your leadership, but good etiquette dictates I not use such harsh language on a public website. Your behavior is an indication of what history will say about you, and right now history will not look kindly upon the name of Mike Manning.

  9. There’s a rumor going around that Lt. Manning is getting a divorce from his new wife, which is why he is asking to come back to the west end. Can anyone verify that?

  10. I watched as Lt. Manning lasted only ten months in La Quinta before he was cast aside. Didn’t he start with a meritorious service awarded La Quinta SET unit? 2016 Volunteer of the year? Cutting edge traffic unit? Award-winning crime prevention unit? I suppose management isn’t Lt. Manning’s strong suit.

  11. Law enforcement is not Mike Manning’s forte, let alone leadership in managing staff members (in addition to family loyalty). Although being a political appointee is his strongest aptitude, and engaging in a relationship with a subordinate as he screws over deputies is a solid talent he has mastered. If there was a Department award for being a brown noser, Mike Manning would be given the award by the Second Floor. Lt. Manning, I just wonder if your ex-wife ever found out the number of times you bought your then girlfriend red roses and would knock it out before going home and doing the family thing with the wife and kids?

  12. Desert Cop you could give Manning Seal Team 6 and he would dick it up.

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