Aug 092018

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I am learning a lot about the Day-to-Day operations of the Sheriff’s Department that I never thought I’d learn about.

I’ve learned about “Yellow Days” – these are days employees are forced to work that would be their normal days off. Every mainline deputy at Jurupa Valley is getting two Yellow Days a pay period. This means, instead of 4 10-hour shifts a week, they are working 5.

However, most of the time deputies get held over and work 12-16 hours a day and are sometimes brought in for a 6th day due to the shattered morale, tons of people calling in sick and the number of employees that have left the department. I was also told that people call in sick, because that is the only way they don’t have to fill out some sort of stupid report (beyond the mass of reports they have to do).

By the way – people get fired for not doing their reports in a timely manner. When Christian Dekker was promoted, he was something like 50-70 reports behind. Again, the rules don’t apply to Stan’s favorites.

I was also told that at Jurupa valley, even Sergeants are getting Yellow Days. (One per pay period) Sergeants are also being pressed in to patrol duty in some cases as well.

Jurupa Valley manages two important contracts – Norco and Eastvale. Both jurisdictions are consistently not receiving the number of deputies they are paying for. I have been told that shifts are as much as 6 Deputies short.

In the Short term, the Jurupa Valley situation will get worse. 2 more deputies have “lateraled” out of the department. This is a big deal because they take a hit on their benefits to do it. Sometimes, you completely start over at the bottom of the rank scale as well. This is how badly people want to get out of the Riverside Sheriff’s Office.

Captain Daniel Hedge is the Captain of Jurupa Valley. He is rarely seen out of his office and does little or nothing to motivate his troops.

Then Sgt. now Lt. Christian Dekker worked at Jurupa Valley. As recently as July 4th, he was milking overtime doing as little as possible. Hedge did nothing about it.

Lt. Robert Rose, he of the road rage pull the gun on civilians incidents is at Jurupa Valley.

Lt. Kent Werges (who was at Jurupa previously) had Sgt. Brandy Swan sent to Moreno Valley as a result of her calling him out on his bad behavior. The resentments amongst the rank and file exist to this day as Swan is one of the few management level people that the rank and file really loved. But, hey Werges got to assert his authoritah.

When Kent Werges was not covering for the morally corrupt Sgt. Bob Epps – he was retaliating Stan Sniff Style. Not satisfied with getting Sgt. Swan transferred, he also saw to it that she could not come back and assist a deputy she trained in their attempt at a promotion. This would be like punishing the children of a mother. Given what is accepted as the norm in the Riverside Sheriff’s Office (especially against Spouses) Kent Werges’ outrageous behavior was likely encouraged by the “Second Floor”. (Sniff’s senior management)

Lastly – Lt. Mike Lujan was ripped off of the Detective Team and banished to Jurupa Valley to work patrol because of his support of Chad Bianco.

These stories repeat and only the names change. You will never see these in the Riverside Press-Enterprise because their editor is in the bag for Stan Sniff and has never disclosed his friendship with the Sheriff. Inexplicably, the Desert Sun decided to base their endorsement of Stan Sniff on Bianco not being agreeable or kissing their ring. Most all of the local TV Stations (with the exception of KMIR) are also in the bag for Stan Sniff.

I’ve been used to media corruption for years, I have come to rely on cheap shot stories against Republicans, stories engineered to smear the church, covering up bad news against democrats, but what we’ve seen in Riverside County on behalf of Stan Sniff is the Journalistic Malpractice equivalent of a felony.  (And yes, they ignore felonies committed by members of team sniff as well)

It is time to fire Stan Sniff.

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  10 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Jurupa Valley Disaster, Yellow Days, Supervisory Misconduct and Employees Leaving.”

  1. What happened to Brandy Swain at Jurupa Valley also happened at the Lake Elsinore Station. I guess new Lieutenants learn how to screw over their troops at RSO’s Lieutenants school. There was a sergeant at Lake Elsinore that several deputies asked to speak up for them during promotabilities because that piece of work Sgt. Nathan Kaas was gong to intentionally sabotage their chances for promotion. So on the day of the promotion meeting, Lt. Kevin Smith met with to the sergeant and said they were not attending the promotion meeting and was covering patrol. So when the sergeant went 10-8, we ask the sergeant why they were not attending the round table and the sergeant said “because I was told to go 10-8 by Lt. Smith.” So that Sergeant was unavailable to speak up for the troops. I guess Captain Anne and Misty Reynolds have the same management philosophy, they let their Lieutenants do whatever in the hell they want to do because of their rank instead of making sure they are doing the right thing. When you let managers get away with this type of behavior, it undermines your authority and the troops have no confidence in you as a commander. And the “I am holding their feet to the fire” statement is just an excuse for their bad behavior because they can’t justify their actions.

  2. Werges is a clown. Looks like a clown and acts like one. This guy should hang up his belt and go away. Dekker is an embarrassment to law enforcement. Swan is cool and people like her. As a sergeant, she could run circles around those two imbeciles. Swan would be a great lieutenant in my book. Hedge is meh. Not sure how he promoted to captain but whatever. Obviously Daniel has no nads to deal with numbnuts Dekker. Sniff is a shell of a little boy who wouldn’t of made any rank if he was active duty military.

  3. Felonies,,,,,, the Rubidoux Motel 6 sign should be hanging from the sheriff’s admin building.

  4. Well said Glen Ivy. The problem is when the executive staff promotes someone that is clearly out of their element, (felony stupid), instead of admitting to the mistake, they decide to cover up their mistake by supporting the village idiots they promoted that are “stuck on stupid” because to do otherwise would mean they would have to admit to their shortcomings, and as we all know, the second floor does not make mistakes. And this behavior works it’s way down to the Captain level, which means that instead of the Station Commander being a competent leader, they just allow their Lieutenants, and some Sergeants, to “do their own thing” with devastating results because they feel they have to support these idiots on their management team. All this does is destroy your image as a leader and the rank and file will no longer trust your decisions, and your command.

  5. Done Wrong At Perris Station – Loved your Motel 6 comment.!

  6. Many more at MoVal station are borderline at leaving or putting in a transfer. Why? Well Sgt. Jonnyboy Bodnar. He’s bullying deputies on CAD mail, unit radio and in briefing. All is happening unchecked by station admin, meaning Captain Kurly isn’t deterring his bullying of deputies. Hey Jon, just let us do our job please. Your shift is always short staffed because no one wants to work for you. The other sergeants at MoVal let us be cops, why don’t you? Stop looking to burn the troops and leave us alone. Thank you to the majority of sergeants out there that lead by example. We need more of you and less of, well, you know.

  7. It is sad that certain members of management in the Sheriff’s Department think they can disrespect staff and victimize those they have a personal vendetta against. This happens when deputy stand up for what is right but management wants to act selfishly, ignoring their oath.

    There are equal if not more managers that are fair and don’t hold grudges. This why everyone who wants change, change for the better need to vote on November 6, 2018.

    The repeated attacks with the truth i read don’t matter because those supervisors and managers identified don’t care. Arrogance runs deep in administration, to point they think being unethical can be rationalized as just.

    The course correction for the Sheriff’s Department is new leadership..

  8. I remember seeing Bodnar leaving the parking garage when he was at PSB. That guys drives like an asshole. I looked over at him, in his wrinkled, 250 pound chewed up piece of gum in a 50 pound sack, and that cock thought he could stare me down. Piss off assclown.

  9. 10-60, many at MV feel that Bodnar getting MV patrol right off the bat after promoting was a bit suspect. It seems the catalyst for the behavior outlined is because he’s simply become too comfortable there. Word is, he came back to MV after his promotion with some sort of vendetta against certain deputies (allegedly this was spoken openly). But it appears he’s just become the type of supervisor even he wouldn’t want to work for, and he has alienated his deputies more than he realizes.

    Maybe instead of seeing this as being “snitch” behavior or whatever you want to call it, perhaps he and all those named in this blog can have the maturity to self-reflect on what they can do to fix the crappy behavior which draws them ire. BTW the anonymous commenting isn’t out of cowardice, it’s self preservation because this department is known for underhanded retaliation in response to legitimate criticism.

  10. Bodnar is a solid 300 lbs of lard . Guy has always been a loudmouth chump. What’s with Sniffs recent promotions, they all look like a bag of ass. Mix in a salad and get your uniforms fitted. Sniff is shitting on us on his way out.

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