Aug 172018

Did you know that there are only two ranges in Riverside County where you can go for your CCW Training? That’s right, just two. One is owned by my new friend Chris Raahague who is a good dude and gets a bit of business from the CCW Program. The other?

None other than Matt Johnson, owner of Wren Ranch. According to sources, Wren Ranch is the preferred location and the 4(!) authorized CCW Trainers almost all use Wren Ranch exclusively. That’s right, just 4 people and 2 locations for a county of 2.4 Million.

So, when Mr. Johnson took to Facebook to bemoan the eeeeeeeeeeevil yooooooooooonyuns over the Sheriff’s Race, his message was simple:

The Corruption does not matter

The fiscal mismanagement does not matter

The broken equipment does not matter

The mass exodus of employees does not matter

The early releases of felons does not matter

The covered up scandals do not matter

Heck, even the CCW issue (or lack thereof) does not matter…

… it is all about the yooooooooooonyun!

Matt Johnson needs a few fact checks – the meme he is referring to depicting Mohammad Ali Mazarei as a puppet of Stan Sniff is on another page. Had Johnson taken a moment to exhale, he’d realize that I HAVE ENDORSED MOHAMMAD ALI MAZAREI for AD61. Mazarei is running against Jose Medina who has voted for some of the most vile, evil legislation to come out of Sacramento in a generation and Mazarei deserves credit for taking him on, regardless of his chances of winning.

Mr. Johnson stands to lose a ton of money if Stan Sniff loses the election. His stranglehold on the CCW permit training range hours will be crushed.

This is what I refer to as a lie of omission as committed by Mr. Johnson.

Now, let’s dive in to the remainder of his screed, shall we?

Johnson was attempting to persuade someone against endorsing Chad Bianco, after disregarding the cover up of a serial child molester (Kevin Duffy). This is the moral compromise required to support the corrupt sheriff – and see the above list as well.

The only part of Johnson’s screed that is partly true is the last part – Stan Sniff has retaliated against people for 11 years. Only now has the rightondaily blog leveled the playing field. This is of course why I am highlighting the gun range owner’s conflict of interest as it completely changes the paradigm of his comments.

It is no mystery that I have declared open season on Stan Sniff and his management team. They will continue to get hammered at a time of my choosing and how I choose to for reasons I choose. There is nothing Mr. Johnson can do about it except that he has now been added to the list of features of the Right on Daily Blog, that is how it works.

Now, will Mr. Johnson come clean about how much money he makes off of being damn near the exclusive vendor of CCW Range Training Services in Riverside County? (I am sure it is not as much as the towing company gets from their deal, but I digress…)

BTW – I’d like to thank Johnson for spelling my name right.

  4 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: His Primary CCW Vendor Launches Social Media Screed and Fails to Mention His Conflict of Interest”

  1. Mr. Matt Johnson, we realize that you have a financial interest in trying to keep Sniff in office, but you know absolutely nothing about how this department works other than what Sniff and his puppets have told you. You say that you’ve personally fired people for less than the truth that was spoken, that says quite a bit about your character. The Riverside Sheriff’s Association is comprised of all the boots on the ground (line staff), the people that do the “core work” of the entire organization. When you make derogatory comments about the Association (or union as you insist on calling it), you are making derogatory comments about ALL of the men and women who actually do the core work of the entire organization, the same people who keep your streets safe so you can sleep at night. When the RSA representatives from all across the county got together and UNANIMOUSLY voted to support new leadership for their department, it was an epic decision that was representative of the entire department. Even the vast majority of the command staff agree that it is time for new leadership. And, as you will see in the days to come, the vast majority of city and county leaders also agree that the sheriff’s department needs new leadership.

  2. Larry Smith, us “boot on the ground” RSA members concur with you. Thank you

  3. Are you kidding me Matt Johnson? “Experience should be the deciding factor in any election?” It’s misinformed people like you that have caused us to be stuck with the likes of Pelosi and Feinstein all these years, because they have “experience.” Please do us all a favor and just don’t vote in any election!

  4. Mr Johnson. Back in my early days on the streets of Brooklyn. You’re what we would call a “MOOK”.

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