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Recently, your intrepid blogger was sent a screenshot of now Captain John Shields endorsing Stan Sniff. Given that Shields was recently promoted to Captain and assigned a command, it makes perfect sense why he endorsed the corrupt Sheriff.

Some people got annoyed with me when I lit up John Shields for his command decision for putting the young man who is now a paraplegic on a motorcycle. While I understand the frustration – it is also frustrating to me that I have to draw a diagram sometimes to get people to understand that John Shields was very close to the injured deputy and his judgement was not sound. Since there exists little if any accountability or oversight within the Riverside Sheriff’s Office, Shields made a decision like a friend and not objectively. Terrible command decisions are common.

Now that Shields is reciprocating to Stan Sniff for appointing him a captain it should be clear for everyone that Shields is the latest in a line of Sheriff Sniff “leadership” that have poor judgement. It is the brutal reality.

It has also been relayed to me by several people that Chad Bianco visited the injured deputy before anyone else did and the first second floor visitor was none other than Christopher Brandon Ford who irritated the family as it was clear he was looking for a promotional angle for the Sheriff.

It appears that the young man will soon be used as a political prop by the crooked Sheriff and his butt-monkeys on the second floor similar to McMillan has been and Misha Graves was in the primary election.

I’d remind people that Sniff did not visit McMillan in the Hospital after he got shot, and I’d remind people that the Sheriff has skipped out of three funerals of deceased RSO employees (2 just retired and 1 who died while still active duty) but it would just make everyone mad all over again about the wanton disregard Sniff has for his men.

Did you know that Lt. Aaron Kent is supporting Chad Bianco? This is almost as stunning as Leonard Purvis’ change of heart. Your intrepid blogger is privy to internal details of what happened in both cases and suffice to say the information is so specific and incendiary that it would set fire to the sources. The Second Floor is so spun out of control that they are starting to alienate some that are even in their inner circle. It is the opinion of this blogger, backed up by information that I know (but won’t put in print) that both are sincere and real supporters of Chad Bianco.

The response from Stan Sniff? He has been calling Captains, brow-beating them and demanding loyalty. It sure makes you wonder if the $151K he sandbagged and reported late is not exactly a renewable resource. You also have to ask yourself if Stan Sniff is a raging asshole, insane or is a maniacal villain like Kim Jong Un? (or a combination of all three)

Recently, I’ve been exposing the overtime drama and the day-to-day disaster that are the Jurupa Valley and Moreno Valley Station. In the past, I’ve hammered Palm Desert, Hemet, Lake Elsinore and Thermal Station for a variety of failures as well. Sergeant Johnathan Bodnar has been on a rampage to try to find out who is talking to me. Bodnar should probably concentrate on doing his job and figuring out how to give his employees some sort of relief and down time from the 16 hour days. Irritated employees like to talk a lot, about the immigration status of a man’s girlfriend. In an environment of cops, it is wise to attempt to keep the peace because cops have a way of finding out things (when they are not fixated on the wrong target) and Bodnar has quite a fan club at Moreno Valley. (I’d say he is as loathed as Kurly)

Both Sgt. Bodnar and Lt. Manning who are somewhere around age 40 have a thing for 18-20 year old women. (Speaking of Roy Moore type stuff) Shame on them both. I know a lot of people try to tell me that the cheating and philandering that is rampant in the department is down the list of issues, but every time I look at my wife and think about our relationship, I imagine what it would do to her if I got some 20 something mistress and ran off. Real men don’t pull that crap. Leaders don’t pull that crap. Untrustworthy, morally corrupt, unreliable, selfish adolescents pull that crap. However, almost EVERYONE in Stan Sniff’s leadership team has at least one affair, most with several. Many prey on recruits in the academy who are vulnerable – yet these people are in positions of authority in law enforcement. Who polices the police???

I’ve written multiple times about Chief Deputy Jason Horton’s alleged DUI that was covered up. While I have no evidence other than a widely held belief, the stories about it persist. I’ve written about many other cover-ups and have had them validated as true time and time again…

… which is why when I heard that Assistant Sheriff Jerry Guitierrez may well have had his own DUI accident that was covered up, I was not surprised at all. Guitierrez’ county vehicle mysteriously showed up with two blown tires on the right side and minor damage to the same side. A “reliable” deputy reputedly was brought up to the second floor to write the accident report. Yes a Monday Morning accident report for a Friday Night Accident. Cozy. Even in my drinkings days, I’d have been completely clear 48 hours later.

I actually had to pay a penalty for my DUI 22 years ago. It must be nice to be a member of senior leadership in the Riverside Sheriff’s Office where you can be a sloppy drunk and damage county property and have it all covered up. While I thank God for my sobriety and that I never hurt anyone all the times I drove drunk – but you have to wonder if these out of control people actually HAVE injured people while on duty!!! There is no accountability for command decisions and screw ups at all!!!

(Now my issue with Shields becomes clearer doesn’t it? Now the story about the Lawsuit against the County that Horton Caused becomes clearer, doesn’t it? Now the story about Wood clipping an unarmed suspect becomes clearer? Huizinga drop-discharging his weapon? Pelato getting canned for beating the mess out of someone? Jailbreaks? Police Brutality in the Jails?)

The brain-drain in the RSO is having real world consequences. The string of morally corrupt people that Stan Sniff favors for management is having real world consequences. The lack of accountability for senior management is having real world consequences. To those of you that are getting tripped up in the personalities, stay focused. Stan Sniff’s legacy is horrifying to this civilian and those around him that have enabled and participated with him should hang with him similar to the Germans and Japanese from WWII. (This is a metaphor, not a literal comparison)

The moral authority of the RSO needs to be restored. Chad Bianco is the start, but Bianco has a 5 star mess on his hands and he is going to have to clean house. Big time.

  30 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: As the Department Spirals, Sniff Demands Loyalty and Key Facts About Several Members of Sniff’s Leadership Team + More Cover-Ups?”

  1. Lt. Aaron (cheating bastard) Kent is a sleazeball that would sell his first, and second born for self enrichment. He don’t care about the morale of the troops, and has no self respect or honor. He has always shown a disregard for probity and will bend his ethics in order to achieve personal gain. That is why he is well liked by the mutants on the second floor because he exhibits the same behavior they do. Lt. Kent, don’t be so touchy when your shortcomings are revealed, your daddy Kevin (I can’t do real police work) Vest will protect you. And as for you supporting Chad, your just another dirty rat abandoning a sinking ship. But Lt. Kent can’t be trusted, after all, you did rat on your best friend Greg Parra and got him fired when at SIB. And what’s worse is you tried to keep it a secret that you ratted him out. You sir are the definition of a low life and are not worthy of the rank you cheated you way to, thanks to Kevin Vest.

  2. J.J. Gutierrez is nothing more than a political appointee, and he was also known as a “Player” when working the jail, (and a certain female C.D. will attest to that). He is also the one that has protected C.Lt. Marty “my wife left me for a Chief Deputy” Tochtrop, instead of holding him accountable for the poor decisions he has made throughout his career. Tochtrop should have been fired for the Drinkwater fiasco, but J.J. Gutierrez was able to keep Tochtrop on the payroll. And if you are wondering how Tochtrop just went to backgrounds, it was J.J. trying to hide his buddy until the election is over. Way to go J.J., we all respect and admire your decision making abilities and leadership skills as much as we do Tochtrop’s management capabilities. You two losers need to go come January.

  3. In a review of Agencyweb, the following had been verified, Lt. Aaron Kent, Lake Elsinore, Lt. Robert Rose, Lake Elsinore, Lt. Kevin Smith, Lake Elsinore, Lt. Christian Dekker, Lake Elsinore, Lt. Kevin Lamb, Lake Elsinore, Sgt. Nathan Kaas, Lake Elsinore, Sgt. Steve Brosche, Lake Elsinore, Master Investigator Robert Cornett, Lake Elsinore, Capt. Evan Peterson, Lake Elsinore, and let’s not forget “Mr. Sexy” Capt. Greg Negron, Lake Elsinore, Is there a disturbing pattern emerging here involving the Lake Elsinore Station, or is this troubling characteristic the result of the less than stellar appointments to rank that have come from one station. There are good people that have come from the Lake Elsinore Station in the past, but the second floor jackasses appeared to have lost their mind in promoting these broken toys into positions of command. Stan Sniff and is band of highwaymen are choosing to destabilize the Department by promoting these political landmines when Bianco takes over. Way to go executive staff.

  4. “In the past…those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger ended up inside”. Sniff and those who believe rank makes them somehow better than the rest have damaged the department beyond repair. Total 100% ethical/corrupt train wreck that it will be known for throughout the law enforcement community across nation. Only way to repair the damage is for the responsible parties going to jail. DOJ will have no problem identifying a clear pattern of criminal acts and Modus Operandi. I mean it’s so blatant and wide spread it’s screaming for an investigation.

  5. Jason Horton and Jerry Gutierrez crashing county units under questionable circumstances is something the second floor can try to hide, but Jason and Jerry can’t hide their truculent behavior from their spouses. And since Jackie is a Department member, when the new Sheriff takes office in January, Jackie could be ordered to give a statement to I.A. about her knowledge of the crash, and Jackie knows this because she use to work I.A., so remember this Jackie when you get called into Sheriff’s Admin. for an interview. And the same thing goes for Kevin Smith, his wife is a Dispatch supervisor (according to Agencyweb), so any alleged misconduct involving Kevin, his wife could be called in as a Department member to give a statement about her knowledge of the alleged incident to I.A. Although Redneck Ray Wood will use his official position to keep Ramie from giving any statement to I.A. about his questionable behavior. All the Second Floor had to do was the right thing, but instead they decided to ignore General Orders for their own benefit as they screwed everyone else.

  6. Jerry G reportedly used to list himself as some sort of street cop with gang unit experience in a now-deleted bio for his position with the city council somewhere in SB County. Also, re: J. Bodnar… maybe do some digging on HOW exactly that guy met said girlfriend. Rumor has it he violated a fraternization policy in doing so.

  7. We can only hope that the Feds. step in and initiate a Christopher Comission type of inquiry into Stan Sniff’s regime because there is more than enough ammunition for them to look into the questionable policies, procedures, practices, promotion and discipline processes of RSO. And there will not be a shortage of current and retired staff members that would be more than willing to give testimony. Although no one would be surprised when the second floor initiates late night document shredding efforts similar to Enron.

  8. Feds have enough problems of their own, it’s a pipe dream to think they will do shit. Here it plain and fucking simple. All you pansy ass wimps wearing the uniform of my beloved department need to get off your ass and fucking put some skin in the game. Bitching in the locker room and briefing and fucking when your other pussy ass partner is pulled up next to you doesn’t do shit.

    It’s time to ducking stand up for yourself. I’m sick of hearing people bitch and when I ask them if they have donated money or time to Bianco the first words out of their slimy mouth is “no I’m scared” fuck that shit die on your feet is better than dying on your knees unless you are a bitch like my Captain.

    Wake the fuck up this election isn’t about the votes inside of RSO it’s about the votes outside and there is no telling what those fucking voters will do. .

  9. Jerry G tried out for Rialto City Council. As for the rest the stories speak for themselves. Corruption abounds in the River. These turds will be flushed in November.

  10. Jerry was never a gang cop, never did a gang investigation, never wrote a search warrant, and can’t file gang enhancements because he’s non-sworn, aka a civilian with no POST certificate. So what’s a civilian doing on the second floor in charge of the corrections division? Can someone (with a POST certificate) please tell me, why? Same thing with Misha Graves, she never made an arrest, never filed a case, and never testified as an expert on anything involving law enforcement operations. And to add insult to injury, Marty Tochtrop attempted to get Correctional Deputies to apply for a specialized POST certificate similar to what CHP has during the 1970’s.

  11. I say give all the Correctional Deputies specialized POST certificates, and then send them 10-8 to a Station and they can all thank Correctional Lieutenant Martin Tochtrop when they fail training.

  12. Don’t forget many of the CDs were deputies who decided pushing a sled was too much work. Granted, the job isn’t for everyone. Better to own up to that in the beginning than get yourself out your partners hurt.

    But many have a chip on their shoulders, Jerry included. Why else would he boast being a gang expert(?) when he isn’t? Many “walk the walk,” but can’t because they’re only turnkeys who have (sadly) a large voice with RSA. Fucking whiners.

    Back in the day, Jerry was a player to the sworn and non-sworn females, but he was single and it’s a free country. Never known him to pull what Pecker Ray has, with his canoodling behind his wife’s back, bragging about his escapades and describing how tight (or loose) his conquest were.

    But I digress.

    I understand the need for some CD representation in the executive ranks, but Sniffcompoop has taken the 2nd Floor to a whole new level pulling his cronies outta retirement, creating more positions that do nothing more than create a huge burden for taxpayers and CalPers, and dividing the department with the “us vs. them” strategy.

    None of these turds really “work” for the department anymore. It’s pretty obvious they’re biding their time until the retirement jackpot can be had. Really, what do they do? Doe the department need so many 200K managers?

    Would be nice to see a lighter 2nd Floor and one where they are held accountable for their malfeasance.



  13. It’s all about ethical behavior that people are getting at with Jerry and Ray, granted they both have a “history,” but they can’t hold people accountable for their mistakes when they made the same mistakes, but are given a pass because they are second floor misfits. Jerry and Ray did a lot of shady shit, but they are the first ones to point the finger at the lower ranks and chastise them for the same nonsense they did. I just wonder if the city of Rialto knows about Jerry’s history like we at RSO do?

  14. That’s right, Jerry chastised a sworn sergeant that was sent to corrections for questionable behavior that was similar in nature that Jerry exhibited when he worked the jail. Jerry is a big proponent of “Do as I say, but not as I do” like the rest of the freak show acts on the second floor.

  15. Aaron, Chad Bianco was not the first visitor to see Jay, nor the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, or seventh. I know, because I was there. Chad did see Jay, but only because he wanted to use him as a political pawn. Just so you know, Jay was selected for the motor position because of his hard work and productivity. He rode better than most of the other candidates, and his work ethic clearly surpassed them. As far as supporting the Sheriff, I was supporting him before my promotion, and still support him whether promoted or not. That is because I know that Chad Bianco is not qualified to be Sheriff. You can spread all the lies and half-truths all you want, but they will not change Chad’s qualifications or character.

    Blogger’s Note: Hi John – you are entitled to your opinion and version of events. You are also entitled to believe I am lying. It is awesome, however to know you and other Sniff supporters are reading. There are still 11 weeks to go. Buckle Up.

  16. John Shields you are a lying sack of shit. Stan Sniff went and visited the injured Dep then immediately turned around and put it on his social media page and made sure his bitches at the PE wrote about it . Bianco visited the deputy and NOTHING about the visit was posted on his campaign page. So who in the fuck exactly is using him as a political pawn? IYou are a fucking limp dick liar and disgust me. No wonder you support Sniff.

  17. Bianco is way more qualified to handle the job of Sheriff than Shields is to be captain of the jail. Nothing but another hatchet man for Sniff. Yeah Shields you showed up to see the Dep and we all know how close the two of you are. Sniff wasn’t even the first Sheriff to see Jay. Sheriff McMahon was. Explain to me why the Sheriff of another county beat Jays own Sheriff to the bedside? Oh yeah that’s right Sniff doesn’t give a FUCK about his cops unless he can use them. Shields you are a pussy and a disgrace to the badge. Lame ass do-nothings like you make me sick. Figure out how to teach that w traffic class instead of posting here. God knows you need to tune it up because it’s awful.

  18. John “I’m four promotions above my ability” Shields is questioning Biancos qualifications?!?!? Stan and his morons just don’t get it. It’s about leadership. The department needs a leader. It’s no surprise the likes of Shields, both husky’s, kurlylowitz, entire second floor, and Stanley himself don’t get it. They wouldn’t know a leader if he jumped up and demolished stan in the polls…. oh wait. Shields is the bottom of the barrel captain promotion because there is no one left. It didn’t hurt that he pimped out his Facebook page for Stanley’s ego months and months ago. Apparently Shields is also a Democrat like Stanley in that they repeat their bullshit lies over and over again hoping someone believes it. John you know you dont deserve to be promoted when even Decker saw it and said WTF!!!!

  19. John Shields you fuck stick

    John John John no why would you even stick your head out from underneath the sheriffs desk to make a dumbass comment you dumb fuck.

    First of all you’re responsible for your troops so if you sent someone to class not prepared it’s on you dumbass. You would not know anything about leadership because you’re not a leader you are a typical stanley’s promoted supervisor, who suck cock through out your career. I guess that puts you in the same category as dumb shit Kurylowicz.

    Second dumb fuck Stanley couldn’t wait to post on his Facebook and make Jay’s incident political for himself.

    Third you don’t have the qualifications to be a Captain, you can’t make decisions, you cannot lead,
    all the troops hate you because you have no leadership abilities.

    Fourth you talk about character qualifications. Take a good look in the mirror you piece of shit…….

    Bottom line the Sheriff needs to go he has ruined this department, the County of Riverside, and the morale.

    John you should crawl back under that desk and take a big swallow you cock sucker.

  20. Shields comment is completely false. The fact he felt the need to come on the blog and comment means the blog is absolutely living rent free in his empty head. As for YB he crashed due to lack of skill and because Shields is too much of a pussy to tell him he needed more practice. Supporting Sniff is career and integrity suicide but after January Shileds will have to work and no more hours long lunches and not wearing a full uniform when it’s hot AF out. And just maybe you’ll be blessed with a long ass drive to work. Whatever lie you have to tell yourself so you can sleep at night is ok but we all know the truth. And news flash the entire department supports Bianco because they want change not a promotion. Standby Shields shit eating grin as captain will change in January.

  21. Bianco is going to win the election, Period. Doesn’t matter who amongst he upper ranks say in their desperate attempt to change it. Pimping Sniff’s dumbass agendas and almost dead reelection campaign seems to be the normal routine on several Facebook pages of these piss poor so called, administrative types. Kurlynads’ page is a joke. Again KurlyQ, why don’t you promote some of your hard working deputies accomplishments or try to say something meaningful about your sinking ship of a station instead of stroking Sniff and Ali’s ego. Hell, what’s your next post on Facebook going to be, a story to try and pimp Johnny-boy Bodnar as a good supervisor and mentor to the patrol deputies? Or how about you do something about holding over the overworked officers every shift and let them have a life. Or are you too busy hanging out with your husband and Stalin? Another thing Kurlyboy, it must be nice to be allowed to keep the tinted windows on your plug-in $80k personal car. Tell your better half that it’s a violation of the CVC and Perris PD deputies were ordered to remove the tint off their cars. We are tired AF with all the BS going on. To all you upper ranking RSD staff members, do the right thing for the department and stop with the nonsense.

  22. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to tell this to one of Stan’s piece of shit administrators so Shields pay attention this one is for you…”Fuck off and go choke yourself”.

    Blogger’s Note: I interpret this comment to be a reference to choking the chicken, not an actual invitation for Mr. Shields to commit suicide…

  23. Kurly has to be one of the dumbest people on the planet and now it appears John Shields is a close number 2. Kurly how do you not understand that your sharing and blasting of this blog site on your “Fanboy Of Stan” Page is just proliferating what is being said here? How fucking stupid. Your page has zero substance and is only directing people here where they will find out what Sniff is all about. Way to market the fuck out of this blog you fool. Keep it up because you are one of the Bianco For Sheriff MVP’s!

  24. To all the people blasting Shields, bravo. I guess John Shields didn’t get the message sent to Jimmy Miller about coming to the wolves den. You’re free to speak up for yourself, but you better be prepared for the truth bombs to rain down on you.

    Bianco is more than qualified to be sheriff. He has two qualities you and Stanley lack, leadership and integrity. Hope you have you fork and plate ready for November. Bianco is going to be serving up big old pieces of humble pie.

  25. Shields, good for you that you support Sniff and have for some time. But what about Chad Bianco’s character and/or qualifications make him a poor choice for Sheriff? You said it, I think it’s fair to back up that statement with some facts that the rest of us may not know. Let’s hear it.

  26. Your missing the point John, being a commander means making impartial decisions (compared to how the second floor makes their fucked up decisions), but in this case, it appears your decisiion was based upon emotional sentimentality instead of giving your selection a hard look at his abilities. But don’t feel bad John because the commander at the Perris Station was told to not approve a Deputy for a motor position, but because he was fond of the staff member, he still gave him the approval. The Deputy did pass the motor school, but we all knew he was going to crash, but the commander would not listen to us. Well about a month on the motor, the Deputy had a horrible crash and broke both arms and almost killed himself. I feel bad for the Deputy, and mean no disrespect, but did he really have the abilities to work a motor unit, or were you hoping he would develope the skills in time? John, you only had one year on patrol, and three years on traffic before being promoted, so we all know why you are defending the Sniff regime. We are all very disappointed in you John. By the way John, the Perris command staff blamed the motor officers for passing the Deputy that almost killed himself saying “they should have failed him” (putting the blame on someone else).

  27. We all see how certain people get privileged assignments, better promotability scores and special treatment. No disrespect but just because someone has a nice smile and a 5200 ID number shouldn’t mean shit but the the worst available RDO’s and last to get the vacation book, like the old days. These days it’s all about who’s getting screwed and by who. Sad to see experience and tenure take a backseat to a millennial with a masters degree.

  28. @Scratching the surface: How date you blame a whole generation that is entitled because we have so much confidence in ourselves (I have many “participation” trophies to prove my worth too).

    We are the best of the best and screw the rest.

    Keep in mind, we will be in charge someday. Sniffcompoop likes us because of our hard bodies, and soft and so sensitive minds. It is not our intellect even though we have bought our degrees from the new click and order institions for higher learning proving, again, how superior we are, just like my bestie mom told me I’d be.

    Now, I must tighten my man bun and get back to my coffee at Starbucks while I dream of making my first million before I’m 35 (I’m 30, BTW).

  29. Btw John we are aware that Deputy Doyle placed first during motor testing and Jay finished dead last. Why again was Doyle passed up and given the spot? Fucking liar.

  30. The reason was because the decision was already made as to who was going to motor school. Years ago the bomb squad held try outs for the team and establish an eligibility list. But they did not pick anyone from that list and six months later they conducted try outs again, and then made their selection for the team from the new list. So what does that say about the selection process, besides being skewed with political appointees that are lacking the abilities for the position. So John, his blood is on your hands, along with the second floor sharing the blame for this to have occurred. Unless the Chief Deputy, who you have publicly supported throws you under the bus and blames you for the selection of this Deputy for motor school. Or are you going to pull a page from the Second Floor’s leadership book and blame the motor deputies and say it was their fault for not failing him out of the course before the tragic accident occurred.

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