Aug 062018

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Since Captain Dave “Kurly” Kurylowicz loves to call people he disagrees with Homophobic, I figured I’d get some mileage out of getting smeared. Thank you to the deputies for their submissions.

You may recall that Moreno Valley Station has been the scene of some serious leadership disasters, team Stan Sniff, baby.

P.S. This comment was left on another post about Moreno Valley Station:

So today I was driving Cactus St in Moreno Valley. As I approach the intersection of Perris Blvd and Cactus next to a Riverside Sheriff patrol vehicle I noticed how bald the tires of the vehicle were. In addition, the vehicle was so dirty. It gave me the impression I was in Tijuana, Mexico. I can’t fathom seeing a patrol vehicle in that condition in Corona, Newport Beach or hell Perris. I wrote to Chief Kurly and I am still awaiting for a response.

  2 Responses to “Moreno Valley Update: More Meme Submissions”

  1. Moreno Valley use to be a good station, but it’s turned into a hot mess (similar to what the Lake Elsinore Station is right now with all that’s going on). We use to have good people in command, but with the likes of Ontiveros, Kurly and Hall, we have gone down hill. A lot of people like Kurly as a person, but that’s how far we will go with him. And Zack Hall is for Zach Hall and nobody else matters, thank goodness he left when he did. Werges was no better when he was at Mo. Val., and a we all wondered how worthless got promoted, thank goodness he’s gone too. But with Tyler Clark, he don’t care about the troops and building up the station and morale. All he cares about is making himself look good with the second floor by trying to find fault in others and reporting alleged, and imagined misconduct. Tyler Clark is a cancer we don’t need at any level within the Department.

  2. One thing they all (Ontiveros, Hall, Clark, kurylowicz) have in common is the lack of leadership, lack of decision-making, doing the right things for the troops. They are not just a cancer at Moreno Valley station but they are cancer for the department.

    Ontiveros did the right thing and retired after realizing they used him as a clown.
    The other three guys are too stupid to realize it.

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